Chapter 1

In the ruins of the once great Mt. Othrys home of the Mighty Titans until they were cast in the deepest darkest pits of Tartarus; the the base of the volcanic Mt. Etna. A lone tall imposing muscular figure sat on a fallen column. He wore no upper part of his tunic which did well to show off his in tuned body. He did wear a short like tunic that’s stylized as white with golden flames. A gold and white belt with half of one side being gold and the other half being white, and at the center was a half-moon half-sun which connected like a piece of a puzzle. His cothumus or sandals which rose to the middle of his legs were dark black. Last of his attire was unlike any other clothing. A black metallic half mask covered the left side of his face; it appeared as if it was a part of him. No mortal or beast knows why he wears it. Some say it’s because the left side if his face is so horribly disfigured that even the God’s couldn’t stand to look at it. Others say that the mask is actually part of him. No one except the bearer and the God’s known why he wears the half mask. Leaning against the side of the fallen column were his weapons. For a defense weapon he bore a long wide rectangular shield which bore his family emblem of the half-moon half-sun located on the center of the shield. The shield was made from the mineral of Mt. Etna, the very mountain Zeus struck with his master bolt to keep the Titans trapped within the darkest pit of Tartarus. Zeus threw the bolt so hard that it blew the mountain top of Mt. Etna right off, which in turned sealed the entrance to the pit of Tartarus off forever. Next was his Gladius. A short sword to him but a large sword compared to mortals. The sword was made from the uru of Olympus. Finally was his most famous and favored weapon, his giant sledge Hammer. Legend has it that his power was so great that even the God’s feared it. So when he was still a baby Zeus, the King of The Olympians locked away a very great portion of his power in a giant sledge hammer made from the very core of Mt. Othrys itself. That hammer would come to be known as The Hammer of The Titans. To make sure that power could not fall in to the hands of those who would abuse it; Zeus bound the sledge hammer to him by blood, making it so that only he or Zeus who had the Cyclops’s craft all of the figures weapons. They even crafted his half mask not knowing its true purpose.

After hours of sitting the figure finally stood but not before praying to the God’s. After his ritual prayer, He slid his arms in to the arm straps of his Shield and gently placed it back on his back where on his back for the time being. Next he sheathed his sword on the inside of his shield which held spaces for his sword and hammer. The figure kept out his sledge hammer and raised it in the air. Suddenly storm clouds swept in, thunder roared and lightning struck. Rain poured heavily. However the most violent of it all was the velocity of the wind and the speed in which kept dangerously increasing until finally a Twister formed. It lifted the figure up and inside of it. The Last of the Titans; Warathusis Helioson son of Helios Titan of the Sun and Selene Titaness of the moon was off to seek the council of Zeus, his adoptive father.


OMNI: Chapter 2

The Auditorium burst into chaos as a loud boom filled the room, the kids began to panic and run for any exit they could find. Adrien, who had knocked himself out after taking piece of wall debris to the head awoke and began to slowly get up off the ground. Smoke and debris dust began to fill the room; Adrien who had regained his senses looked at his right hand to see that it had returned to normal.

‘I have no idea what that was, and I’m not sure I want to know.’ Adrien thought to himself.

‘Wait! Where’s Alina?’ Adrien had been so focused on what happened he almost forgot about her.

“ALINA?” Adrien yelled hoping for a reply but got nothing. It was strange he had only just met her a little while ago but here he was concerned and looking for her like they were childhood best friends. He searched everywhere but couldn’t find her. He was about to continue searching for her until the fire fighters entered and escorted him outside with everyone else. Adrien looked for Alina among the crowd but could not find her at all. After an hour the fire fighters came back out, luckily Adrien was standing nearby as one of the fire fighters began talking to the Principal. “Thankfully nobody was found injured in there; however we are having a hard time determining what started the explosion.” The fire fighter explained. Adrien just stood there too nervous to even move.

‘What if someone saw that it was me who caused it?’ Adrien thought nervously to himself.

‘I don’t even know what the hell it was that I did!’ Adrien looked around to see if anyone was watching him.

‘But I intend to find out.’ With that Adrien slipped away from the crowed and the school. He was heading to the abandoned forest that no one ever went into, so he could figure things out.

“I am starting to get why they call it the “abandoned forest”.” Adrien said to himself while getting deeper in to the woods. The abandoned forest looks like something out of a nightmare. The trees are all dead, and its only inhabitants are insects and spiders. That didn’t stop Adrien though; he preferred the solitude of the dead forest. It was the only place that he could come to clear his head and think. Once he was deep into the heart of the forest he sat down on a log and looked at his right hand.

“You are not going to try destroying your favorite place now are you?” Adrien looked up to see a boy about a year or two older than him, with brunette long hair and brown earthly eyes walking towards him. Adrien immediately jumped to his feet.

“Who are you?” Adrien asked getting into a defensive stance in case the stranger attacked him.

“Easy Adrien, I am a friend.” The boy said while holding up his hands.

“How do you know my name?” Adrien was on high alert now.

“I know everything there is to know about you Adrien. I know about how when you were in the 4 grade you cried when the school bully took your favorite pencil and wouldn’t give it back.” Adrien’s jaw dropped.

‘How did he know about that?’ he thought to himself while listening to the stranger tell him what he knows about his life.

“I know that you have never had a girlfriend, never been out on a date, and haven’t even kissed a girl yet.” Adrien’s jaw hit the ground after the stranger just told him that he knew about his embarrassing secret. The stranger came closer to Adrien, but stopped and sat on the log that Adrien was on a few moments ago. He patted the spot next to him.

“Come sit next to me and I’ll tell you what else I know.” The boy looked at Adrien patiently waiting for an answer. Adrien looked to the boy and then to the spot next to him, then back at the boy and back to the spot again. He hesitantly sat down next to the stranger. The boy spoke again.

“Finally I know about the incident at the high school and I know that you are the one who caused it.” The stranger finished. Adrien’s eyes went wide.

‘Who the hell is this kid?’ He thought to himself while studying the stranger.

“I know what’s happening with you Adrien and I can help.” The boy offers with one of the most sincere voices Adrien has ever heard.

“H-How?” Adrien hesitantly asked. The boy smiled and then began to answer.

“Much like the “Superheroes” you read about in today’s comics, you have special powers growing inside of you; but you don’t know how to control them. If you are going to learn to control them you’ll first have to learn what powers you have.”

“Well if you’re the expert why don’t you show me what your powers are? Maybe then I’ll believe you.” Adrien said defiantly, he got up to leave when he heard the sound of a finger snap. Suddenly a bright golden light engulfed Adrien, the boy, and the entire forest. Adrien had to shield his eyes because of how bright the light was. After it was gone Adrien slowly removed his hands from his face and opened his eyes. What he saw was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. The once dead abandoned forest was now flowing with life. The trees and grass were green. Animals such as deer, birds, squirrels, and other creatures of the forest now populated this one. Adrien stood there shocked beyond all belief and looked back over to the boy who was petting a deer that had come up to him. The boy looked to Adrien, a smile plastered on his face.

“Do you believe me now?”




By David Hutchinson

Chapter 1

Adrien James Hinson walked into the entrance of Magdalene high located in the city of Magdalene, Pennsylvania. He along with his other fellow former 8 grade classmates started their first day as freshmen. Adrien had visited the high school during the summer when they held freshmen orientation, so he had memorized all of the wings of the high school and he knew exactly where to go when he got his schedule. He noticed a whole bunch of other students lining up at tables to get their schedules. He walked towards the table with the sign above that read

“freshmen” as he was about to get in line he accidently bumped into this pretty girl with glasses, knocking over her bag which spilled most of its contents.

“Oh!” gasped the girl.

“I am so sorry!” Adrien apologized. They both bent down, the girl to pick her stuff up and Adrien to help. They bent down at the same time which resulted in them bumping heads.

“Ouch!” They both yelped. They rubbed the spots on their heads that took the brunt of the attack. Adrien was the first to actually make eye contact out of the two. Even though she wore glasses, the girl was exceptionally beautiful. Finally the girl made eye contact with Adrien and she was just taken back. Sure he wasn’t that muscular and he didn’t look anything like a male super model but he was extremely handsome. They kneeled there for two minutes staring into each other’s eyes. Adrien’s eyes were sky blue while the girl’s eyes were a dark chocolaty brown. The girl was the first to snap out of their daze.

“Uh hi I’m Alina.” The girl now known as Alina introduced herself. Adrien snapped out of his daze and also introduced himself.

“Uh I’m Adrien it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Adrien realized her spilled stuff was still on the ground so he began picking it up for her. She also noticed and began putting the stuff back in her bag. Once all of Alina’s stuff was back in her hand bag they both stood up.

“Well thanks for helping me pick my stuff up.” Alina thanked Adrien while smiling a 100 kilowatt smile. Adrien practically melted inside.

“Hey, I was the one who knocked your bag down by accident, it was the least I could do.” Adrien humbly admitted. Alina smiled at his sincerity.

“So uh are you a sophomore or a junior?” To Alina he didn’t seem like he was a freshman.

“Nope I’m a freshman, how about you?” Well Alina has been wrong before.

“The same actually.” The day just got a little better for Adrien. Remembering what he was doing before he met Alina, Adrien quickly looked over to the Freshman Schedule line to see that it was getting longer. Alina must have noticed too because she asked.

“Did you get your schedule yet?” Adrien hearing the question looked back at her and answered

“I was just on my way to get in line to get it actually.”

“Well I already got mine but if you want I can wait over by the auditorium doors so we can sit together?” Alina realized what she asked and did an “Oh” shape with her mouth. Adrien was shocked at first because no girl had ever asked to wait for him after only just meeting, but then he smiled.

“Sure, I’ll go get my schedule but I’ll definitely meet you at the Auditorium doors.” Adrien excused himself. Alina watched him go to the freshman line; a small smile crept on to her face.

After Adrien gets his schedule he makes his way over to the Auditorium doors which were a little bit difficult because the freshmen who already have their schedules began making their way over into the Auditorium. Adrien sees Alina casually leaning up against the wall of the right side door, so with a bit of shoving and a lot of “excuse me’s” he eventually made his way over to her

“Hey.” Alina shyly greeted.

“Hey. So you ready to go in?” Adrien motioned towards the Auditorium doors.

“Yeah, let’s go” They waited for the people ahead of them before entering the Auditorium.

“So where do you want to sit?” Adrien asked looking for two empty seats.

“You pick, I’m not really good with decisions.” Alina honestly admitted. Aiden raised his left eyebrow at that but decided not to press the issue.

“Um alright.” Adrien answered while scanning the rows of seats. He found two empty seats in the middle row on the right end near the wall.

“I found some perfect seats, follow me.” Adrien instinctively grabbed her hand and began making his way to the seats. Alina blushed as soon as Adrien grabbed her hand.

“Uh Adrien?” Adrien turned back around to Alina to see what was wrong.

“Yes Alina?”

“Uh?” Alina head motioned towards their hands. Adrien noticing that his hand had grabbed hers, he instantly jumped back in surprise.

“Alina, I am so sorry I didn’t even know that I was...” Adrien began to ramble. Alina laughed at his awkwardness.

“Oh it’s fine, let’s just sit down okay?” Alina asked walking towards the seats Adrien was leading them to.

“Uh, yeah sure why not?” Adrien followed after her. Alina took the inside seat while Adrien took the outside one. As the entire Freshman class took their seats, a heavy set man in his early to mid-40 came on to the stage and picked up the mic.

“Welcome every one my name is Mr. Hable and I am the Principal of Magdalene High.” The Principal introduced himself and then began to speak about what it means to be a freshman.

‘Man this is so boring; can’t we just head to our first class or something?’ Adrien thought to himself while shifting in his seat to get more comfortable.

Ten minutes went by and the Principal was still talking. Adrien began impatiently tapping his right index finger on the right side of his head, waiting for Mr. Hable to finish his “Welcoming Speech.” Out of the corner of his eye Adrien noticed something glowing very close to his head. Adrien whipped his head around to see where it was coming from but it had vanished.

‘Must have been my imagination?’ Adrien turned back around and began listening back to what the Principal was saying. That is until the glowing reappeared. This time it was coming from his lap. He looked down to see that his right hand began glowing.

“What the…?” Adrien said while holding his hand up, palm facing the wall. It began glowing even brighter and then suddenly,


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