Dracula 2012: Chapter 6

Dracula held the vampiress known as Katherine Pierce with his right hand pinning her up against the cold metal wall.

“I hope you have a reasonable explanation for your intrusion upon my quarters Miss. Petrova.” Dracula uses her real name staring down at her for a reply. It took Katherine a moment to get her bearings. She was usually ready for when other vampires or even were wolves would try to get the drop on her but she had always remained one step ahead of him. But this man was even faster and stronger than Klaus and he was now a hybrid. Katherine smirked back at the vampire before her. She came here to get answers and he was no different than any other male vampire that she had seduced or trick. She looked inside his deep blue eyes and almost got lost. His eyes were beautiful, no incredible. It’s like she was almost being compelled. She had to look away to regain herself. She shook her head to clear it of the effects his eyes had on her. That only amused Dracula as he watched her curiously.

“I am waiting my dear.” Dracula spoke once more. Though he did not mind her company seeing how attractive she was, he was still rather famished from his awakening and just wished to get some rest. After all, being what he would call “neutered.” gave a crushing blow to his pride as a vampire so he just wanted rest. Finally getting ahold of herself, Katherine smirked through his hold on her neck.

“Curiosity, nostalgia, etc,ect.” She remarked smirking with deviousness. Dracula actually let out a chuckle. This Katherine Pierce was quite entertaining even though she was clearly trying to be a nuisance. Releasing the hold on her throat Dracula turns around and walks backwards. He then faces her again with his arms behind his back.

“You may be one for mind games my dear Katerina and believe me any other time I would be more than happy to oblige you. But alas this is not one of those times so I shall ask once more and if it is not answered then… Well I’ll let you be the judge of that.” Dracula smirks stepping towards her. Katherine who is taken aback by his implication unknowingly quivers. She looks at his blood red lips to avoid looking in to his eyes. She then looks up in to them for a brief second and smirks.

“And hear I thought Dracula was supposed to be a gentleman vampire.” She pouts. “Guess that proves that Coulson is not who he says you are.” She bravely steps up to him. Dracula who had taken a minor interest in Katherine on first glance was now beginning to become more and more interested with each word she spoke. Though she was wrong about him Katherine had a certain way with words and meanings that impressed the prince of darkness. Dracula smirks and raises his index and middle fingers together to gently stroke the hair on the right side of Katherine’s head.

“I am exactly who Coulson says I am my dear there is no mistake about that.” Dracula says softly. Katherine closes her eyes in pleasure at his touch. “But you are correct in assuming that I am a supposed to be a gentleman.” Dracula looks away as if in sorrow. He looks back at Katherine who now has her eyes open and is looking at him in wonder and curiosity. He smiles and coups her chin.

“It’s just tonight has been very confusing as well as exhausting, and like any good vampire I need my rest.” He says leaning in closely. Katherine leans in to his touch; she bites down to stop a moan from escaping her lips. His touch was ecstasy personified.

“But if you desire my company that much….” He is silenced as Katherine crashes her lips down on to his. Dracula is surprised at first but quickly recuperates the kiss while quickly pressing her to a wall. Katherine lifts her legs up and wraps them around Dracula’s waist, she holds on to the back of his neck as they are locked in a fiery embrace. Both sets of fangs protrude as they become their true selves. Their eyes change from their normal colors to blood red save for the black retna’s. Black wavy veins sway just under their eyelids in unison. They pulled a part and looked in to each other’s eye beautiful brown and blue eyes. Desire filled them both, Dracula because of having longed for the touch of a woman sense his imprisonment, and Katherine for the rejection of every male she had ever loved. But most of all, they were drawn to one another like a bee to a pollen. As they were about to sink their fangs in to one another to engage in the sacred bond of blood sharing Coulson’s irritating voice entered their minds.

“Dracula, and Agent Pierce, kindly join the rest of the team in the debriefing room.” Coulson ordered. Dracula was the first to pull away wondering how Coulson had gotten inside his head. He reverted back to normal followed suit by Katherine. She unwrapped her legs from him as he set her gently back on the floor.

“Did you hear that?” Dracula asked with a curious eyebrow raised. Katherine who was still recovering from their passionate kiss looked over at Dracula and smirked.

“The chip or in your case Chips have little radio’s installed in them that allow for you to hear Coulson and for Coulson to hear you.” Katherine explained while heading towards the door.

“Are you coming?” She playfully smiled before exiting his room and walking off in the direction of the debriefing room.” Dracula’s lips curved in to a devious smile.

“This just might work.” The Lord of the Dead smirks to himself before following after her

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Dracula:2012 Chapter 5

15 minutes, and a lot of shouting from Mr. Sheppard later, Dracula was being escorted to his room by four Initiative guards. Though he didn’t say anything, Dracula was also not happy about having Simon as his Liaison. Dracula didn’t know what a Liaison was but something about it told him that he would be spending a lot of time with the man who helped re-imprison him for almost a decade. They arrived at a room with a sliding door, one of the guards handed Dracula a card. “Just type that in to the key pad inside your room. And the voice command will activate. Speak anything and it will automatically a tune to your voice and your voice only sir.” The Agent said keeping a calm voice even though he was petrified of the vampire standing in front of him. Dracula could scent the fear all over them. He would have played at it had it not been for the inhibitor chips inside his head. “Thank you, but I can take it from here.” Dracula tried using compulsion but the inhibitor chips shocked him. “Gah!!” He clutched his head. “Curse these blasted inhibitor chips.” He yelled going in to his vampire state. The Agents took a few steps back and pointed their guns at him ready to shoot. Dracula looked at the agents baring his fangs. “Give it your best shot gentlemen.” He taunts them while smirking arrogantly. They are about to open fire when a familiar British accent screams out “Stop!!!” everyone including Dracula looked over to see Mary Van Helsing rushing to place herself between the agents and Dracula. She holds out her hand to the agents signaling them to lower their weapons.

“At ease Gentlemen, he can do you no harm.” She says easing the tension. “Director Coulson would not be too happy with you if he found out his newest recruit was attacked by fellow agents.” The agents seemed to back down while saying this. She looked to Dracula who was breathing deeply trying to calm down. She looked back to the agents.

“Best be going about your business then.” She told them, her British accent showing thick. Agents nodded before turning around to head back to wherever it was they needed to be after dropping Dracula off at his room. She turned around once more only to find Dracula standing over her back to his normal human state gazing down on her with his intense blue eyes.

“Mary…” He said looking down on her. “Appearance wise you haven’t changed. How can this be? I released you.” He stated studying her. She looked away from him and crossed her arms. “You released me from becoming a vampire, however you can’t forget that your blood runs through me as well, it keeps me young, for how long? That we do not know.” She says explaining to him. “We?” Dracula ask in confusion. “Simon and I.” She says scratching her right cheek in awkwardness. “Ah.” Dracula smiled cockily. “So you and Simon huh???” He asked with a smirk plastered on his face. It was Mary’s turn to look confused; however she caught on to his meaning a moment later. “That is none of your business!” She exclaims. Dracula chuckles in amusement. “Ah I have seen this love story before. The beautiful young girl falls in love with the handsome hero who saved her from the clutches of the evil tyrant. However those stories never really had a happy ending when I was involved.” He smiled a sly smile. “Until 12 years ago that is.” He adds in while taking out his room key that he had stuffed in his inside coat pocket while confronting the agents. He studied it curiously wondering how this little piece of plastic could open a solid steel door. Mary rolled her eyes and took the key card out of his hands and slid it through the key hole on the side of the metal wall.

“In case the Voice command doesn’t work or you are just too lazy to say anything this is your second key to getting in.” She says stuffing it in his front black trench coat pocket. “Do not lose or misplace it, know where it is at all times.” She warns before turning around and walking away. Dracula watched her go, he studied every inch of her.

‘My have we matured Mary?’ He thought to himself smugly while staring at her ass. ‘Matured indeed.’ He confirmed to himself before stepping inside his “room.” He instantly knew that something had entered with him as he stepped in to the room. And it smelt a lot like lemons. Going in to his vampire state he quickly grabbed the throat of the intruder and pinned them up against the solid metal wall. Darkness was like light to Dracula he could see clearly who he had pinned.

“So I am not the only one who likes to play rough, am I?” The familiar slutry voice of Katherine Pierce asked.

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Dracula:2012 Chapter 4

Dracula watched curiously as four individuals walked in to the glass room escorted by more Initiative. The first to walk in was a man who wasn’t that out of shape and looked to be in his late 40’s earlier 50’s. You could tell by his eyes that he had seen a great deal of things. After him came a red headed short haired girl. She smelled of nature and Dracula knew that smell all too well, she was a witch. She was much younger than the man but her eyes showed experience as well. Next a tall muscular tan man in his late 20’s who also had a beard walked in. He smelled of dog, and Dracula knew only of one being who smelled like dog, and that was a Were Wolf. Finally the last to walk in was… Dracula paused his eyes widening in surprise. “Tatia?” He whispered breathlessly. The woman just looked at him and smiled with a hint of a smirk. She smelt of Vampire. But Tatia had died at the sacrifice. Dracula had watched it with his own eyes.

“No actually, I’m Katherine.” She introduced herself flirtatiously. Dracula’s hope dropped. This must be the doppelganger turned Vampire that Klaus was obsessing over in the 1500’s.

“Dracula I would like to introduce you to the team, meet Bobby Singer Hunter in all things Supernatural, Willow Rosenberg our resident Witch in all things magic, Alcede, our own Were Wolf and tracker, and finally Katherine Pierce also known as Katerina Petrova, doppelganger turned Vampire. Katherine pulls her shirt up an inch bowing mockingly. “Mi’lord” She says sarcastically. “It’s an honor to meet you Lord Dracula, though truthfully I thought you a myth.” Dracula did not know whether to kill her or to fuck her. Maybe he could do both. She was nothing like her great grandmother. She was a Slut, though Tatia also never managed to stay tide down to one man, at least she didn’t act like first class bitch.

“Katherine is that any way to treat our newest addition to the team? Director Coulson scolded her. He then looked to at Dracula.

“You enjoy the thrill of the hunt Dracula, so I offer you this. Join us as an agent of The Initiative and as a member of this team. Do this and I shall let you hunt all the Supernaturals that you want and supply you with all the blood bags that you will need to sustain yourself. You may not be able to hunt and feed off of humans anymore. But at least this way you can sustain your need for the hunt and the kill by killing the monsters that you created as well as the other ones that threaten the safety of humans. Consider this a chance to atone for your sins.” Coulson finished. Dracula knew one thing and that this man was good with words. He may not be Shakespear or Abraham Lincoln but he could talk and make you believe what he has to say none the less. So he had two choices. Agree to the humans terms and work for the Government in killing Vampires and other monsters that threaten their race. Or try and kill them all even though the chips in his head prevent that from happening. Hmm decisions decisions. He began weighting the pros and cons. One pro was that he could still hunt; one con was that it could not be humans, another pro was that even supernaturals had blood, another con was that human blood was the best, another pro was that he would be supplied with blood bags, another con was that it wouldn’t be from the source, but who cares, blood was blood and there was nothing more Dracula cared about than his own survival. Dracula looked up at Director Coulson, his same arrogant smirk still plastered on his face.

“I guess I have no other choice Director, besides something tells me you would not take “no” for an answer.” It was Director Coulson’s turn to smirk.

“No I would not.” Coulson admitted. Dracula chuckled at being right.

“Then I guess the Lord of Vampires is with you Phillip Coulson” Dracula says using Coulson’s full name. Coulson only smirked at that.

“Then welcome to Task-Force S, Judas Iscariot.” Coulson fired back. The other four members looked at Dracula in shock, for they did not know that he was the Fallen Apostle, the betrayer of Jesus.

“Oh and just to make sure you stay in line, Simon Sheppard will be your Liaison so Miss. Van Helsing knows you are staying in line.” Coulson added. Simon who was in the room as well let out an outraged


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Dracula 2012: Chapter 3

Dracula sat in a giant glass room his arms and legs bound by silver. His flesh burned at its touch but he had lived for over 2,000 years which gave him time to help build up a tolerance of its pain. It still burned but not as much as it used to. He looked around at the Agents placed strategically around the inside and outside of the glass room. He then looked over at the man who had awoken him and placed these very annoying chips inside his head that hurt every time he thought about ripping out everyone’s throats and basking in their blood. He finally looked over to the two very familiar faces placed on both sides of Director Coulson. Mary Van Helsing and Simon Sheppard, both played a major part in his apparent death. He felt nothing towards them which was a sign that he had moved from his interest of Mary making her nothing but a mere human to him. And there was of course Simon Sheppard who he would love nothing more but to impale him on a pike the size of a skyscraper. Dracula had been killed in 2000 at its earliest which meant he had been dead for 11 years not counting 2012 because the year had not ended. Apparently many things change faster in the 21 century then they do in past centuries. Now they had all this technology, very advanced technology that could even be used to take down creatures of the night such as him. He listened on and on to Coulson’s detailed explanation of how much time has passed and the major changes the world has went through in just eleven years. Apparently humans with extraordinary abilities were beginning to emerge. He even told him of this alien who looked human but had the powers of a god. What Dracula would give to sample his blood, be not for the chips and the chains that bind him. Next was Coulson’s agency the Initiative which dealt with the supernatural, mainly Vampires, Were Wolves etc…etc. The most intriguing part was the end where Coulson finished off with.

“We would like you to join a team that we are putting together a team of supernaturals, and we would like you to be a part of that team.” Coulson said while looking to him for a response. Dracula only smirked and looked at him.

“And why would I join this team of yours? From what you are telling me I would be forced to kill my own kind. That is exactly the opposite of my goals… Phil.” Dracula mocked using his first name. “I am the First Vampire, turned by the Lord himself. My power is unequaled and unmatched. I could kill you before you could even blink. Tell me why it is I shouldn’t be gutting you or the two on either side of you hmm? After all they are the ones who nearly succeeded in killing me permanently.” He looked to Simon and then to Mary, his eyes lingering on her to make her feel very uncomfortable. She scowled at him and looked away. Dracula would call that a victory for now.

“ Because Mr. Iscariot.” Phil taunted right back gaining Dracula’s attention again. “We have the one thing you desire most.” Dracula tilted his head as Director Coulson.

‘The one thing I desire most?’ Dracula repeated inside his head. He smirked thinking of the answer which no doubt this Coulson has come to the same conclusion.

“Blood, you have blood.” Dracula said looking at him.

“Yes we have blood, your life essence. With the violence inhibitors implanted in your brain, you are not allowed to feed off or attack humans. So how will you get your blood?” Coulson asked rhetorically. “Sure you could feed off of animals, but everyone knows that the “Great Count Dracula” is too proud to feed on a lesser food source. “ Dracula didn’t like the tone in Coulson’s voice. He was too arrogant for his own good.

“What are you getting at Director?” He asked while changing names for him.

“The Initiative has hospitals all over the country that supply us with blood bags. You work for us and we will supply you with all the blood that you need to sustain yourself.” Dracula though skeptical was intrigued by this man’s offer, though he still would rather enjoy the thrill of the hunt and of the kill. However with these violent inhibitor chips in his head that was next to impossible.

“Your offer is generous and fair Coulson, but I am an old fashion vampire, the old fashioned vampire to be exact. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt but most of all, I relish in the kill. What will you do about that?” Dracula ask waiting to hear Coulson’s response. Coulson got up from his chair and placed his hands on the table. He looked down at the seated Dracula and formed a light smirk.

“I was hoping you would ask that.” He says to him before holding his middle and index fingers up to his left ear.

“Send them in.”

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Dracula 2012: Chapter 2

Director Coulson stood inside the Lab observation room, watching as the scientist and doctors implanted the four Violence inhibitor chips inside the cerebral cortex of Dracula’s corpse. The reason they were implanting 4 instead of just one is the fact that Dracula is the First Vampire, predating the Originals by a thousand years. Yes The Initiative knew all about The Originals Elijah, Klaus, Finn, Kol, Rebekah and the Original witch Esther. Mikael and Finn were confirmed to be deceased, while the rest however remained unconfirmed. The Initiative even knew all about the Vampires of Sunnydale on account of having dealings with them most notably the Vampire known as “William the Bloody. “Or as he goes by now; Spike, there was little The Initiative did not know on about the Supernatural and it’s creatures on account of having S.H.I.E.L.D’s resources at their disposal. Coulson used to be an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D until he was killed by the Norse God Loki during the Chitauri invasion. However he was mysterious brought back by an unknown being to begin preparing for a new threat that was coming. However instead of returning as an Agent to S.H.I.E.L.D he was made the Director of a secret government organization that was about to be scrapped because of it having been compromised first by The Slayer, then by a Cyborg demon that almost destroyed the world. It was saved thankfully by funding from Tony Stark, in order to help out his friend who had recently returned from the dead. Coulson did not know anything about Dracula till security footage was brought to his attention upon his first week as Director of The Initiative. The footage was brought to his attention courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D. security footage all over the world. It only showed when Mary and Simon battled Dracula and his three brides atop of the church and the eventual hanging and burning of Dracula by Mary Van Helsing. After learning this new information Colson began pondering on what to do with it. Should he leave the world’s first and most dangerous Vampire in the hands of the Vampire Hunting family whose sole purpose was to destroy Dracula or do what the Initiative did with Spike and plant violence inhibitor chips in his head to keep him from harming humans but this time use him to fight the very things Dracula advocates. Though it would be a tremendous risk Coulson decided to go with the second option of using the Prince of Darkness to fight against his own kind. So he approached Miss.Van Helsing only to have her at first deny it, but Coulson showed her the security tapes of her and Dracula. That in turn led to the previous night’s events.

The surgeons who were operating on the Lord of Vampires began to stich up his head after having finished implanting the violence inhibitor chips in to his corpse’s cerebral cortex. Seeing the charred corpse made some of the surgeons doubt whether or not he was still alive. After all, no normal vampire could survive being burned alive in the day. However if this vampire truly was Dracula then there is a good chance that he did. The surgeon in charge of safely cleaning and putting the operating tools away, was about to place the surgical knife in with the rest of the operating tools when he accidently dropped it. As the knife made it’s decent its sharp edge cut across the surgeon’s wrist. Blood began to seep out of. Even though he was a doctor the cut still surprised him. The surgeon clutched at his hand before holding it away to reach for a rag to use to stop the blood flow. The surgeon failed to realize that he was holding his blood dripping wrist over Dracula’s corpsy mouth. The blood dripped down from his wrist and in to the King of Vampires mouth. Blood was not food to vampires but life. So as those drops of blood dripped in to the mouth of The Impaler and down his throat and in to his stomach, Dracula’s body began to revive.

“Dr. look out!” The voice of Mary Van Helsing came over the intercom, but it was too late. By the time the Surgeon knew what he was doing, the corpse of Dracula shot up with fangs extended, it ripped in to the surgeons bleeding wrist and began sucking it dry. Though startled the Initiative Agents sprang in to action holding out their silver stakes ready to attack the Unholy Vampire. However Dracula’s senses seemed to have revived as well because he was now alert to all of his surroundings. His blood red eyes looked all around at the Agents surrounding him. Dracula knew the danger the silver stakes posed but he did not care. He needed more blood the fully rejuvenate himself. He could already feel himself turning from corpse to his chalk white hair looking self. Just a little more blood and he would be back to his full powerful beautiful black haired self. His vampiric hearing picked up the ound of someone moving towards him from behind. Dracula who still had a tight vice grip on the surgeon sent a right side kick to the stomach of the agent who dared approached him. The agent went flying in to the wall. He slumped down to the floor his body aching like hell. Dracula took another quick bite for even more strength. Just one more taste of blood and Dracula would be fully returned. However this time all the agents sprang at him in hopes of catching him off guard, but Dracula was not so easily fooled. He shot up in to the air causing the Agents to collide in to one another. Dracula floated in the air with the surgeon held towards him. The Surgeon looked in to the eyes of the Lord of Vampires, he was about to cry when the index finger of Dracula came to his lips.

“Dignity Doctor.” Dracula smirked as the Doctor let out a terrified scream. Dracula sunk his fangs deep in to the surgeons neck right in to a vein. He sucked in his life essence, Dracula felt himself transform back in to his beautiful human looking self. His power now restored. Dracula was about to finish the surgeon off when this horrific pain hot all throughout his brain. Dracula let go of the surgeon and clutched his head trying mentally to top the pain. Two of the Intiative Agents caught the falling Doctor and set him gently on the ground. They looked up at the lord of Vampires who was clutching his head in agony and roaring in pain. Finally Dracula dropped to the ground. Agents surrounded him as Director Coulson stopped in front of Dracula who was now on his knees at Coulson’s feet. “I wouldn’t try that again if I were you.” Coulson warned as Dracula looked up at him snarling.

“What have you done to me?” Dracula asked angrily wanting nothing more than to rip out Coulson’s throat.

“It’s called insurance Mr. Iscariot.” Coulson used Dracula’s true identity which was that of the traitorous apostle Judas Iscariot. Dracula snarled at Coulson for using his real name, the agents brought their silver stakes even closer to Dracula, daring him to even try to make a move on the Director.

“As long as we have our insurance planted inside your cerebral cortex, you cannot harm a single innocent soul, which means your food supply just narrowed down by a lot so I suggest you listen to what I have to say Mr. Iscariot.” Coulson explained while using Dracula’s human name once more. Dracula though still outraged that humans mere humans had found a way to keep the Prince of Darkness at bay. Even the single thought about harming them seemed to hurt Dracula. So seeing no alternative on account of being surrounded by humans armed with silver stakes, Dracula looked up at Coulson now more calm and answered.

“I am listening.”


OMNI: Chapter 6

Adrien sat on his bed lost in thought. It had been 2 hours since he told JC that he wasn’t going to train under him until he explained just who he was. It wasn’t too much to ask seeing how JC ‘knew everything about Adrien.

‘He was definitely hiding something.’ Adrien thought to himself. He began to throw an old tennis ball in the air to help pass the time to dinner, but time just wasn’t moving fast enough for Adrien. It seemed that since discovering what he is and that he has powers; time began to move even slower for him.

“Omni?” Adrien said aloud to himself.

“I’ve heard of Vampires, Were Wolves, Angels, Demons, and even the Gods. But not once have I ever heard of a supernatural being called an Omni?” Adrien set the ball that he had been tossing around, down. He walked over to his plugged in Laptop and typed “Omni” into Google. The only thing’s he found relating to “Omni” was things like “Omniscient “or “Omnipotent.” He came up with zip on beings called Omni’s.

“I need to go out and think.” Adrien reached for his black & white flannel jacket. Pulling open his window, Adrien stepped out on to his roof and climbed down the houses fancy white fence with vines sprouting from it. Jumping a few feet from the fence, Adrien landed both feet safely on the ground.

‘Been awhile since I did this!’ Adrien excitedly thought to himself. Whenever he needed to either clear his head or think, Adrien would always sneak out of the house and go walk around the town. Just because he is kind of a geek doesn’t mean he always obeys his parents and his curfew.

Adrien decided to head to a party that a friend had told him about. It was being held at “The Point” which was a place in the woods (not the abandoned forest) that teenagers threw parties at. One of the great things about “The Point” is that it is close to the lake in case anyone wants to go for a night swim. Adrien could see the cars of teens parked all around the entrance to “The Point” and the music was blaring so loud that you could hear it from the parking area. Following behind some teens that were already starting to drink, Adrien made his way into the party that was just kicking off. He saw a lot of familiar faces, most from school, and the rest from around town. The song “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback was blasting all throughout the party. A huge bonfire burned at the center of “The Point” with sitting logs surrounding it for seats. All around people were drinking and socializing. Adrien recognized only a few people, the rest he did not know. He made his way over to a vacant log and sat down. All around people seemed to be enjoying themselves.

‘Wish I could be as happy as everyone here.’ Adrien sadly thought to himself.

“You look like a guy who could use a drink my friend?” Startled Adrien jumped up and looked down to his right to see a boy with icy blue eyes and jet black hair smirking up at him from the log that he was sitting on. The kid who looked to be in his about the same age or a year older than him held, he out a plastic cup full of beer for Adrien to take.

“Geez, you startled me!” Adrien exclaimed trying to regain his breath. The guy just smirked some more and held the cup of beer higher for Adrien to take.

“Here it will help loosen you up a bit.” The guy insisted. Adrien looked from the drink to the guy.

“Uh, no thanks, I’m not much of a drinker.” Adrien politely declined. The guy just laughed.

“Neither is anyone else here kid, well except me of course.” The guy cockily said while winking at Adrien. Adrien raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, some of the kids here have been drinking since they were 10 or 11, Adrien said looking around at some of the people here. The guy rolled his eyes unimpressed.

“I’ve been doing it a lot longer than they have.” The guy mumbled to himself while taking a drink of the beer he originally offered Adrien.

“I’m sorry did you say something?” Adrien asked confused if the guy had said something to him or if he was just talking to himself.

“Nope, not a thing.” The guy smugly responded while taking another drink.

“Oh, okay.” Adrien sighed. The two sat in silence for a few minutes not knowing how to continue with their small talk. Adrien decided to break the silence by introducing himself.

“Hi I’m Adrien, Adrien Hinson.” Adrien introduced holding out his hand for a handshake.

The boy looked at it for a few moments before returning the shake; he let out a small smirk.


Adrien waited for the guy to say his last name but it never came.

“Don’t you have a last name?”

“Nope.” Samuel winked. Adrien was getting a little annoyed at Samuel’s wink.

“Oh come on, everyone has a last name!” Adrien exclaimed. Samuel smirked and took a drink.

“Well, I am not everyone.” Samuel simply stated. Adrien raised his eyebrow at him.

‘Tell that to all the bad boy’s from TV and books that you are ripping off with the way you dress and act.’ Adrien humorously thought to himself. Unbeknownst to Adrien, Samuel rolled his eyes.

“I am like you Adrien.” Samuel stated with the most seriousness he had ever used.

“You’re a geek too?!” Adrien asked shocked as someone as cool as he looked was secretly a geek. Samuel widened his eyes and raised his right eyebrow.

“What?! God no!” Samuel exclaimed.

‘Do I look like I could be a geek?’ Samuel mentally asked himself.

“Well, then I don’t get it. How are you like me?” Adrien asked genuine confused and curious about Samuel’s answer.

“Well for one, you and I are both part of the Omniverse.” Samuel finished his beer as the color from Adrien’s face drained.

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OMNI: Chapter 5

JC stared into those famous icy blue eyes. Samuel was 5’9 with jet black hair; he appeared to be in his early teens like Adrien and JC. His skin color is Caucasian with a little bit of a tan and he wore all black.

“What are you doing here, Samuel?” JC questioned, not taking his eyes off of Samuel for even a second. Samuel smirked.

“Can’t a guy just visit an old friend?” Samuel asked innocently. JC rolled his eyes but quickly refocused them on Samuel.

“No, now I’ll ask again. What are you doing here?”

Samuel smirked at JC’s question. He began to circle around him.

“You and I both know the answer to that.” Samuel glanced at Adrien’s house, which didn’t go unnoticed to JC.

“Adrien.” JC whispered but was still heard by Samuel.

“Yup.” Samuel said popping the “p”. He stopped when he came face to face with JC.

“Leave Adrien alone Samuel, he has nothing to do with us.”

“Correction, he has become an Omni so now he has everything to do with us.” Samuel stepped closer to JC.

“Doesn’t he JC?” He asked cockily. They held each other’s calculating stares for a few moments until finally,

“He’s never going to join you or your Dark Omni’s Samuel; he’s different than the type of people you recruit.” JC angrily said. Samuel chuckled.

“He may be different than other Omni’s but he’s still a human, and like all humans, even Adrien can be tempted.” Samuel cockily spat. JC had had enough, and raising his right hand he blasted Samuel with a teleportation beam.

Samuel, caught off guard, was hit by the beam and teleported back to the forest where Adrien and JC met. Not long after JC appeared also.

“I am warning you Samuel, stay away from Adrien, he wants nothing to do with people like you!” JC spat.

‘Finally after all these years you let your anger show, JC.’ Samuel thought to himself while chuckling.

“What is so funny?” JC asked agitatedly towards Samuel. Samuel just smirked at the fact that he was getting under JC’s skin after so long.

“It’s nothing, just, well it’s been awhile since I was able to get any emotional reaction from you, so then that means you must really care for Adrien’s wellbeing.” Samuel deduced like an inspector would if he was figuring out a suspect’s motive.

“I care about all the Omni’s that I take under my wing, you know that Samuel.” JC now began to scold. Samuel rolled his eyes and threw red fiery ball of energy at JC. The energy struck JC, sending him flying into a nearby group of trees.

JC got up and brushed himself off casually, and looked at Samuel with a “Did you really just do that?” look. Samuel smirks at him. Taking the smirk as an opportunity, JC shot a light energy beam at him. Seeing the beam coming, Samuel dodged to the right and sent his own red beam of energy at JC. Planting his feet, JC held out his right hand and caught Samuel’s attack. He redirected it. The blast blew away a small portion of the forest. JC raised his eyebrow towards Samuel.

“Why are you holding back Samuel?” JC questioned.

“Because JC, I am not here to fight you. I’m simply here to raise hell and steal your new protégé.” Samuel smugly answered. JC frowned at his answer. Samuel smirked and began to tease him.

“Smile more JC, you’ll live longer.” Samuel winked with hidden meaning.

“You’re not funny Samuel.”

“It’s not that I’m not funny, it’s more like you have no sense of humor, JC.” One of Samuel’s favorite things was pointing out other’s flaws, especially if they are JC’s.

“No, I just have no sense of Samuel humor.” JC corrected smiling victoriously. Samuel smirked

“Aw, but Samuel humor is the best kind of humor!” Samuel whined and made a puppy dog face. JC did his usual eye roll which was surprisingly starting to get on Samuel’s nerves.

“Yeah, I’m sure killing and hurting innocent people is everyone’s idea of a good laugh” JC said with much sarcasm.

“Oh come on, JC they are just humans!” Samuel yelled humorously. Anger surged through JC, he decked Samuel which made him slide across the grass, leaving a trail of dirt behind him.

“No, you are wrong Samuel! They are beings with thoughts and feelings; they have nothing to do with us!” JC pleaded to his old friend. Samuel got up off the ground and blurred up to JC.

“I know that, I just love to use them for my own personal goals and needs. One of which is tempting Adrien over to my side.” Samuel winked and smiled sadistically.

“Samuel please, you don’t have to do this!” JC tried pleading some more but Samuel refused to listen.

“See that’s where you are wrong old friend. I do have to do this, not just for myself but for everyone else out there that’s a pawn in both our fathers plan, and you and I both know that Adrien is the key to their plans!” Samuel blurred in front of JC.

“I along with Adrien and the Dark Omni’s at my side will begin a New Universal Order that will be better than what your father and mine have planned out for this Universe. I gave you, my one and only best friend the chance to join me so we could stop them, but what did you do?!” Samuel screamed. JC looked down in shame.

“I betrayed you, and joined my father’s side.” JC shamefully admitted. Samuel smirked evilly.

“Damn right you did. You know what our fathers plan to do yet you still stick by your father’s side? That is why I hate you more than you can ever know, because no matter how terrible your father’s plan turns out to be, you still stick by him after everything that it is going to do to, not just to ours but to everyone and everything’s existence. That, JC is why I hate you.” Samuel waved his hand causing a reddish, blackish portal to appear.

“Be seeing you JC” Samuel winked and then stepped into the portal which closed after he stepped all the way through.

‘Samuel, if only you knew the wonderful feeling of a father’s love.’

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OMNI: Chapter 4

“Now that you know my name, it’s time to begin your training my young friend.” JC said while standing up from the log that he had previously been sitting on. Adrien also stood up, ignoring the fact that he was calling him young even though JC was only like one year older than him.

“What do I have to do?” Adrien asked ready to do whatever JC instructed.

“In order to learn control over your powers you will first have manifest your Darkness power. So close your eyes and focus on bringing that power to the surface.” JC instructed. Adrien nodded in confirmation and did as instructed. He closed his eyes and concentrated on bringing his undiscovered power to the surface but to no avail.

“Concentrate Adrien, you can do it.” JC encouraged. So Adrien thought harder to make his Darkness power surface but still nothing.

“Just clear your mind and think only about Darkness and its power to absorb.” JC added. Suddenly it clicked, Adrien was only thinking about bringing it to the surface. He wasn’t thinking about what Darkness had the power to do.

‘Absorption.’ Adrien thought hard to himself. ‘Darkness has the power to absorb and you have the power to bring forth what lies within you.’ Adrien’s conscience encouraged.

The wind around JC and Adrien began to pick up. JC looked around as leaves began to fly and trees began to shake.

‘Darkness, Absorption, Darkness, Absorption.’ Adrien repeatedly thought to himself. A dark black light slowly began to emit from Adrien.

‘Darkness, Absorption Darkness, ABSORPTION!!!’ A bright dark black light erupted from Adrien and engulfed him. It died down to look like a fiery black energy was surging from his body. Adrien began to feel as if he was getting stronger and stronger. He opened his eyes to see that his Darkness power had emerged. JC stood there with a huge smile on his face.

‘He’s progressing faster than anticipated.’ JC thought to himself.

Adrien never looked so proud of himself in his life. He turned to JC who was smiling at him.

“You did it, Adrien!” JC congratulated while walking over to him. His smile faltered however when he saw the forest begin to die around them. Acting quickly JC told Adrien how to turn off his power.

“Now all you have to do to stop that power is to think about it going back inside you.” JC instructed while stopping a few feet from him. Adrien nodded and began to think of what JC had told him to do. Though it took a few minutes the Darkness power died down until it was no longer emitting from Adrien.

“Oh my God, that was so cool!” Adrien exclaimed. JC nodded in agreement. Adrien was obvious to the fact that he was slowly killing the forest when his Darkness power was brought out.

“Yes it was, now that that power has emerged and you have learned to summon it, it’s now time to learn to call upon your Light power.” Understanding, Adrien closed his eyes and began working on summoning the power of Light.

“Remember this time you need to think of Lights power to reflect.”

“I got this JC, don’t worry.” Adrien confidently reassured JC.

‘Light, Reflect,’ Adrien began to think to himself. Again the wind picked up, leaves blew all around, and the trees began to shake.

‘He’s summoning this one much faster than the other one. Which is strange because this power should be a bit more difficult to summon? Then again he did accidently summon it to blow a hole in his school’s auditorium wall without any knowledge that he is an Omni… What other surprises are you full of Adrien?’ JC thought to himself while he watched Adrien try to summon the power of Light.

Slowly but surely a bright white light began to glow from Adrien. It kept getting bigger and bigger by the minute. As he did this life began to flow back in to the forest again.

‘Light, reflect, light reflect, light reflect, LIGHT REFLECT!’ Adrien screamed in his mind. Just as the Darkness power engulfed Adrien so did the Light power, except this time it looked like a white fiery energy was emitting from Adrien. JC clapped his hands together.

“Adrien, you learned to summon your powers faster than any other Omni that I have ever come across!” JC praised. Adrien opened his eyes to see that he was surrounded by a white energy which he could only assume was his Light power. It took a little longer for the Light power to die down.

“You are progressing well Adrien, but I am afraid we must wrap up for today.” JC regrettably told him. Adrien looked at him with confusion plastered on his face.

“What? Why? You haven’t even gotten to the part where you teach me how to use my powers!” Adrien whined, which for some reason just made JC chuckle.

“I will teach you more things about your powers tomorrow, but for today we are done. It’s getting late and you’re going to need your rest if you want to learn to use and control your powers.” Now that Adrien thought about it, it was starting to get pretty dark out.

“Let’s get going.” JC started to walk until he saw Adrien sitting back down on the log. Confused JC walked back over to him.

“Is something wrong, Adrien?” Adrien looked up to see JC looking down on him worriedly.

“Yeah, I don’t want to walk all the way back out of this forest!” Adrien whined. JC stared blankly at him for a few seconds and then let out a loud laugh.

“You must be tired from using your powers for the very first time. Don’t worry; everyone is after their first use.”

“That and I just really don’t feel like walking all the way home!” Adrien complained. Though Adrien didn’t see it, JC smiled knowingly. He walked right up to Adrien. Noticing, Adrien looked up to see JC smiling from some reason that was unknown to him.

“What?” Adrien asked getting a little creped out by JC’s smiling and staring down at him.

“What if I said we didn’t have to walk to get you home?” JC asked with a mysterious tone. Raising an eyebrow Adrien decided to ask how that was possible.

“And how are we going to do that exactly? It’s not like we can just teleport out of here!” Adrien said, (sarcasm clearly plastered in his tone). He looked up to see that JC’s smile had grown bigger. Realizing that’s what JC was implying, Adrien jumped to his feet.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa JC let’s think about this!” Adrien had never teleported before and he wasn’t going to take the chance that something might go wrong, like his molecules being scrambled! JC ignored Adrien and stepped closer to him. Adrien tried maneuvering around him, but to no avail.

“Can’t we talk about this!?” Adrien exasperated.

“Nope, just trust me.” JC grabbed Adrien’s shoulder. A bright white light engulfed the two.

A few moments later the bright light disappeared which allowed Adrien to open his eyes after previously shutting them, the first thing he did was check his body over to see if he was missing anything. Thankfully he wasn’t. Adrien turned to glare at JC but stopped when he noticed what house was behind JC.

‘He teleported us right in front of my house.’ Adrien bewilderingly thought to himself.

‘He can’t know everything about me, can he?’ JC waited patiently for Adrien to finish being amazed before he teleported himself to his own house.

“Th-thanks for bringing me home JC.” Adrien backed cautiously towards his house. JC tilted his head to the right.

“Adrien, is something wrong?” JC asked taking a step forward. Adrien took two more steps back.

“Yeah, the fact that you claim to know everything about me and that you also teleported us to where I live, would be classified as “something wrong”!” Adrien was in his driveway now.

“Adrien, I thought we established that I am here to help you?”

“Yeah, well it would be easier if I knew more about you seeing how you know all about me!” Adrien exclaimed.

“Adrien I-”

“I appreciate all the help you have given me JC but until you are ready to tell me more about who you are, I can’t train under you!” Adrien sprinted inside his house

“Well that went well JC.” A new mischievous voice appeared. JC knew that voice extremely well

“Samuel!” JC said with vigilance.

“It’s been a while.... Cousin.” Samuel smirked.

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Dracula: 2012

(In the office of Mary Van Helsing

Carlfax Abbey; London, England.)

“Absolutely not!” Mary Van Helsing daughter of the famous Dr. Abraham Van Helsing protested in outrage.

“You cannot be serious about reviving that- that monster!” She exclaimed now standing out of her comfortable office chair. Her hands were placed flat on her rectangular office desk. Her knuckles were showing white in agitation. The man seated across from her remained calm, he sighed standing up. He adjusted the buttons on his suit before placing his hands on the desk across from her while looking Mary stone faced in the eyes.

“That is exactly what I am suggesting Miss. Van Helsing.” Director Phil Coulson of the UN sanctioned supernatural agency known only as The Initiative, spoke with authority.

“In case you haven’t noticed but the world around you is changing. Meta’s and Mutants are coming out of the woodwork and on top of those monsters from fairy tales are increasingly being spotted all over the world. It can only mean that something big is happening and we need to be prepared for it.” Coulson finished with his speech. Mary sighed in frustration.

“Mary you can’t be considering this?” The voice of Simon Sheppard, the man who helped Mary defeat the Prince of Darkness spoke up.

“We are talking about awakening the greatest evil of all time with no means of controlling him.” Simon protested.” Can you not find someone, anyone else but him?” He walks over to Mary. “Thank about all he has done and all the lives he has ruined.” He looks in to her eyes. “Do you really want to risk it? Risk all the countless more lives if their solution their way of controlling him does not work?” Mary thought about Simon’s words. Could she live with herself if they were truly able to revive him but could not control him? She looked around to her eyes fell on the framed picture of the Jesus sign that Mary had taken as a reminder of why she chose to carry on her father’s work. She turns back to face Simon.

“It’s what The Lord would want.” She turns to face Director Coulson. “You and your team may retrieve the coffin at sunrise tomorrow.” She says in her business tone. “But any innocent blood spilled will be all on you.” She warned before holding out her hand for a handshake. Coulson nodded and shook her hand.

“Thank you and believe me when I say this that he won’t be able to harm the hair on any innocence after we are done inserting the chips. But as a precaution we will have our best agents equipped with silver stakes for when Dracula awakens.”


OMNI: Chapter 3

Adrien looked back at the boy who was patiently waiting for an answer. Adrien just nodded his head.

“Now are you ready to discover your powers?” Adrien nods still unable to speak. The stranger walked over to Adrien and picked up his left hand and placed it between his two hands, his left on top and right on bottom. The stranger closed his eyes.

“Umm, what are you doing?” Adrien asked getting a little creeped out that the boy was practically holding his hand.

“I am analyzing your Omgi to determine what powers you have.” The Stranger answered while continuing to read Adrien.

“Wait hold on? What’s Omgi? Adrien asked confused. The Stranger smirked.

“Omgi is the energy that people like you give off. I am one of the few that can read Omgi to tell me what type of powers lie inside you.” Though the stranger explained it, Adrien was still a bit confused as to what Omgi was? The boy’s eyes opened as he released Adrien’s hand. A smile plastered clear on his face.

“Please tell me you are smiling because you found out that I don’t have some weird powers, and that I am a perfectly normal teenager?” Adrien asked hoping that this was hopefully just a dream and that he would wake up in the school auditorium to the principal’s lame speech.

“No Adrien, The reason I am smiling is because I have never read someone’s Omgi that is as unique and powerful as yours.”

“So what, I’m a freak?” Adrien asked not realizing the boy meant it as a good thing.

“No Adrien, you are special, your powers are unlike anything the Omniverse has ever seen.”

‘What the heck is an “Omniverse”?’ Adrien thought to himself while still listening to the Stranger.

“The Omniverse is a universe where everything you thought couldn’t exist, does.”

‘Everything I thought couldn’t exist does? Now what does that mean?’ So far all Adrien was getting out of this man were more questions than answers.

“Can you elaborate on that please?” Adrien asked getting ready to pay close attention. The boy smiled at Adrien’s interest.

“Now that you have become part of the Omniverse you will be able to see and hear things that ordinary humans cannot, things such as Ghost, Vampires, Were Wolves, Angels, Demons, and Immortals.” The stranger said that like he’d seen them 24/7.

‘I like this less and less as he goes on. And when you say see?’ Adrien nervously thought to himself.

“You will be able to pick up on their presence, humans can see vampires and were wolves but cannot detect them, Omni’s have this an Omnisense that allows you to detect other Omni’s and other creatures around you. .But in order to do that you will have to master your powers’.” The boy added in. Adrien did a double take.

“Wait, powers, as in more than one?” He asked confused.

“Yes, when I was reading your Omgi I detected not one but two powers inside of you. One was the power you accidently used to blow a hole in your school’s auditorium. The other has yet to exhibit itself.” The boy explained. Adrien was baffled.

‘How can I have two powers? I am barely able to wrap my head around having the one!’

“What are my powers since you clearly seem to have me all figured out?” Adrien asked, not hiding the sarcastic tone in his voice. The boy smiled knowingly.

“As a matter of fact I do Adrien.” Adrien’s mouth dropped but he quickly recomposed himself.

“Well are you going to tell me what they are?” Adrien asked hoping for a “yes”.

“Why does every Omni want me to tell them what their powers are?” The boy asked aloud.

“Maybe because they’re a little freaked out and want to know everything that’s going on so that they don’t have a panic attack!” Adrien practically yelled out the last part. The boy just chuckled.

“What is so funny?” Adrien asked. The boy stopped chuckling and faced Adrien.

“That was a rhetorical question my young friend.” The boy slightly chuckled again. Adrien lost it.

“Dude you are like one year older than me!” He yells out in frustration. The boy smiles back and says mysteriously.

“That is what you think Adrien.” Putting his left hand on his face Adrien dragged it down in annoyance. “Look are you going to tell me what my powers are or not?” Adrien asked. He was starting to get really frustrated at this guy constantly beating around the bush.

“I believe that there is a word used when you want something from somebody else.” The boy asked while looking at Adrien expectantly. Adrien rolling his eyes knew what word he was referring to.

“Can you please tell me what my powers are?” Adrien asked politeness also filling his voice. The boy smiled and nodded. He retook his seat on the long and patted for Adrien to come sit back down with him.

“Adrien the powers that lie within you are the powers of Light & Darkness.” The boy told him not taking his eyes off of Adrien. Adrien looked a little confused at what he had just been told.

“So what? I can control good and evil?” Adrien asked really not getting the guy’s answer. The boy laughed.

“No Adrien, you can’t control that, no one can. What I mean by Light & Darkness is that you have Light’s power to reflect and Darkness’s power to absorb.” That made more sense than the power to control good and evil explanation that Adrien came up with but it still didn’t make any sense to Adrien. When he blew that hole into the Auditorium that wasn’t reflecting or absorption that was shooting a beam of light out of his hand that had a physical effect on something.

“I’m sorry but I still do not get what you mean. How is blowing a hole in a wall by shooting it with a beam of light, reflecting?”

“Let me explain further.” The man could tell Adrien was still confused so he knew he had to explain it in much more depth.

“When I say reflect I really mean you have the power to take light and give it physical form like shooting beams of light from your hands, and it’s not just that. You can do more with the power of Light than just shooting beams of white. For example you can make your hands and feet emit light and use them to defend or attack someone. There are numerous possibilities with the power of Light that you can use in the future.” The boy finished his explanation of the power of Light. Adrien actually seemed to get it, but confusion was still on his face.

“But what about the power of Darkness what does that do? I mean that one hasn’t even shown itself yet.” Adrien who had been trying so hard to believe that all this wasn’t real began to take an interest into the powers that he had. Maybe he could finally accept that what was going on with him was indeed real.

“It will, don’t worry. But to answer your question, the Darkness power has the ability to absorb energy all around you and turn it into your Light power to make it even more powerful. It can also be used physically on someone else but Adrien trust me you do not want to do that.” The boy finished. Adrien seemed to finally understand what the stranger was saying, although he wanted to know why using the power of Darkness on someone else was so bad?

“Why not? I am not saying that I am ever going to use these powers on another person but why can’t you use the power of Darkness on someone?” The boy sighed at Adrien’s question but decided to answer it.

“Because the Darkness power is a life sucking force. It not only absorbs and takes in energy; it weakens your opponents making them lose a little bit of their life.” Adriens eyes widened at that. A very awkward silence followed suit till Adrien decided to change the subject. “So how will I control these powers?” Adrien asked finally accepting what he was even though the power of Darkness still worried him.

“I will help you to learn how, if you will let me?” The stranger offered. Adrien was about to accept the offer until he realized something… Out of the whole time they had been talking the boy had yet to tell Adrien his name.

“Before I accept your offer I have to know one more thing first, what is your name?” The boy smiled because he also remembered that he had yet to introduce himself.

“I am JC.”

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