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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

@DATNIGGA: did he get that power from the life seed?????

Yep... he can make energy blasts, energy sword, he can use it to amplify his flight speed & he brought a dog back to life

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@OmegaHans said:

I never quite understood where The Evolutionaries fit in between the Celestials and their experiments on humans to create mutants. Are they the minions of the Celestials? How exactly are they helping to shape the future of mutants on Earth?

there the minions of the eternals... whether or not they know of the celestials is up in the air they were brought to power by phastos

since he was the one who had mercy on there kind & built them cosmic suits, they probably only know of the eternals & not there higher ups but thats just me taking an educated guess

and basically mutant kind was close to being extinct so they wanted to kill the humans so that they would no longer threaten the mutant race & they where going to destroy cyke & replace him as leader cause they didn't like his leadership over mutant kind

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@TheCrowbar said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Psht hes not even a HIGH Evolutionary

If they fight in Seattle he can be.

Or Cali

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@Arkhamc1tizen: they haven't dealt with the Phoenix since avx tho

@CerealKiller said:

He looks like Tron meets osmosis jones

Yeah he does but hes pretty strong the x men wouldn't have beat him with out the machine beast made

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@VeganDiet said:

I don't get the whole "Cyclops was Right. Cyclops saved the mutants" thing. No, he didn't. Hope did. She's the one who gave up her phoenix powers to help mutant kind. Cyclops kept his when, apparently, he could have sacrificed the power to reactivate the x-gene the world over.

Sounds a lot more like a selfish prick than a savior to me.

Cykes action upon saving the mutant race don't just stop at AvX it was before that... Dark reign, decimation Cykes leader ship & tough decisions kept them alive... when the purifiers, bastion & infinite nimrods descended on utopia's mutants...

& yes hope did save the mutant race... however she would have never got to that point had Cyke not resisted & fought the avengers. because there plan would have resulted in things spinning out of control. Cyke knew that the Phoenix was there to resurrect mutants the avengers thought it was there to destroy the world... the avengers then tryed to take hope off world (a place where she wouldnt have been able to save the mutant race) & ironman proceeded to blow the PF up which resulted in the main problem of AVX the P5....

basically... if the avengers would have worked with Cyke (a guy who was once married to the phoenix) instead of wolverine (a guy who still has a grudge cause he didn't get his way in schism) this would have came out better than it did....

over all Cyke is a hero.. hes just not looking that way cause he fought marvels leading team

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@dondave: Naw magik took them away... but since the phoenix fives powers where altered be the phoenix its possible his powers different we have to see

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@kid Apollo said:

is anyone else starting to not like Havok? he's become a bit of a preachy douche. it's easy to call people out on the decisions they made under pressure, but considering he wasn't there and didn't have to make the tough decisions i think he should shut his mouth.

where was he during the House of M? where was he during the Messiah Complex? Messiah War? Necrosha? 2nd Coming?

shut up and go back to space jail

I agree with this fully... Havok is just being an angry little brother

tbh if he had to make have the decisions cyke had to make he wouldnt even be the way he is now

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@CircularLogic: there is cyclops...yeah i know hes looked at as a villain now but namor flooded wakanda & they forgave him quickly

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That is one powerful team

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@royers13 said:

@One_Eye said:



more power & Optic shielding...

even though there both immune old cyke stomps lol

I can't help but be excited about this! Extinction Teams' book is coming back((again....O_o)) Cykes is getting a power-boost, new team members, new home base, and Wolverine and his squad are looking like inert goons in the process!

This is starting to stand out to me. In ANX 1, we saw him shoot blasts that look nothing like that. This image makes it look like his power is catching him off guard, as if he didn't know he could do something like this. Also, there is an explosion with what looks like fire. Do his blasts now have heat? it was always just a concussive blast but is that changing?

Couldn't give you a definite answer cause it has to be explained but based off of my own speculation yes it is catching him off guard im assuming this is the first time his powers awakened/change since the phoenix so hes probably gonna have trouble until he gets a handle on it.. as far as heat goes possibly it sure looks that way now.. he seems to have alot of changes to his abiltys