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@Kellar21: well to be fair Alot of the fights in avx were bad writing too,

magneto getting beaten by iron man

namor losing to thing (under water)

colossus holding back resulting in rulk owning him

daredevil not getting one shotted by psylocke

hawkeye's bs victory against angel & psylocke

ect... it was horribly off balance not saying the x men should have won all the fights but... they should have won most of them just looking at there ability's of course this was with morals so I suppose that also played a role...

but overall mutants & superhumans have different types of powers

superhumans are more

super strength, durability, energy projection, speed...

mutants are more

reality warping, weather manipulation, time travel, molecular control... shutting thousands of minds down with a single thought type abiltys...

though all of them don't have abiltys like this alot of them do superhumans would be more suited to handle physical situations like dealing with sentential's true but mutants powers by far a more superior

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@HellionVulcan: True it just looks like that.. lol since mystique & azazel seem to be starting there own school, they need student's & kid gladiator as much as i love his character seems like the type for it due to his lust for violence. but aye only time will tell

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@Kellar21: Mutants are alot stronger than superhumans & even they have trouble with sentential's

Nimrods for example

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@time: If he hadn't done what he did they wouldn't have even gotten to that point....

without Cyke the avengers would have took hope off world that would have led to multiple problems

wolverine could have killed her,

that planet that they took her too would have blown up & been destroyed & hope wouldn't have gotten that ''letting go'' speech from wanda which resulted in more mutants....

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@BlackWind: not to my knowledge I believe its a preview of a future arc

apparently mystique is building her own school & Azazel has some part in it

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Oh boy...


Well.... lol

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@HellionVulcan: yeah I read up on a few things it turns out no hes not gone... hes just doesn't look like hes a hero anymore tho

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@BlackWind: you have a point there...either way though

Oh boy...

Im glad to see his return...

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@Postacrat said:

If they continue to tread down the weak path for mutant salvation basically allowing the world to spit in their faces while the keep saying thank you more please, in a feeble attempt to live in harmony with a world that fears and hates them still they will come off as diluted fools to me. Who ever doesn't support cyclops in my eyes is a traitor to their race. Magneto and Cyclops may be extremists to similar extent, however Magneto was willing to mass murder humans in favor of mutant kind and that is the opposite of Cyclops. I'm glad he toughened up because for once I can like Cyclops, and I feel like he should be supported especially by his fellow X-men. I just do not like Wolverine in this whole thing, his morality is all over this place. As much as I love Logan I don't see how a mutant Berserk killer can suddenly be so morally sound and wise and judgmental when he's done far worse than Cyclops.

I agree with this 100%

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I wanna say... Thor.. cause of his ability to freeze time, god blast, earth manipulation, planet wide storm manipulation.. ect