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more power & Optic shielding...

even though there both immune old cyke stomps lol

I can't help but be excited about this! Extinction Teams' book is coming back((again....O_o)) Cykes is getting a power-boost, new team members, new home base, and Wolverine and his squad are looking like inert goons in the process!

This is starting to stand out to me. In ANX 1, we saw him shoot blasts that look nothing like that. This image makes it look like his power is catching him off guard, as if he didn't know he could do something like this. Also, there is an explosion with what looks like fire. Do his blasts now have heat? it was always just a concussive blast but is that changing?

Couldn't give you a definite answer cause it has to be explained but based off of my own speculation yes it is catching him off guard im assuming this is the first time his powers awakened/change since the phoenix so hes probably gonna have trouble until he gets a handle on it.. as far as heat goes possibly it sure looks that way now.. he seems to have alot of changes to his abiltys

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@One_Eye: Im excited too

@royers13 said:

@One_Eye: How much of a power boost are we talking? and where did you hear he was getting one. I've only found forums rumoring it and i want to know if there is something that solidly states it.

In an interview about All new x men it was mentioned that due to the phoenix the hosts power was altered a little

how much of a power boost? don't know we have to see next issue but from that scan it seems like cyke has gained defensive powers making his beams surround him like a force field or something

Also.. in one of the cable & x force solicits it showed something was up with colossus's powers, All new x men 3 something is up with cykes powers hardly a coincidence...

Cyke, magik, emma, colossus & namor should be getting boosted

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@McKlayn: your welcome

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@DATNIGGA: what is that from? And what's the upgrade I can't tell.

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@TheCrowbar said:

@DATNIGGA: what is that from? And what's the upgrade I can't tell.

Same here..I have no clue what's going on in that scan.

Its From all new x men 3 thats coming out next week


thats the full pic not cropped

basically from what I can tell is cyke's blasts are alot stronger now hes having difficulty controlling them

but if you notice he can now surround himself with the beams sort of like a shield so this upgrade gives him defensive properties

there might be more to this but.. we have to wait & see how his powers turn out

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@McKlayn: I randomly reply to people sometimes lol

this is the preview pages for ANXM 3


they have previews for all of them up to 5 currently I think

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more power & Optic shielding...

even though there both immune old cyke stomps lol

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@lade said:

Since his introduction, cyclops is the only mutant I can think of that hasn't undergone any significant growth of expansion in mutant ability or a lack of variance in what his powers can offer him, though with him finally gaining control of his mutant ability that may change.I have several theories on possible expansions in power if not versatility for him.

-he gains control of his apertures(his true power, to explore a possible connection he has to the universe he derives his energy blasts from)

-explore how his body metabolizes energy

-shift the point of manifestation of the blasts to his hands or other parts of his body.

These are just suggestions, what do you think?

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they recently upgraded him

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Wolverine & Mystique's schools are fighting... i predict this

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@Kellar21 said:


superhumans are more

super strength, durability, energy projection, speed...

mutants are more

reality warping, weather manipulation(Thor and he's better a it), time travel(Who?), molecular control(Molecular Man,Silver Surfer)... shutting thousands of minds down with a single thought type abiltys...

That's a very biased comparison, there are heroes on both sides that can do all of these and more,and as you said few mutants have those,most of them have more "normal" powers.

of course he is & Im referring to superhumans not Gods or cosmics so Thor & Silver surfer aren't in this

Time travel, Cable, Nate grey, Legion, Rachel grey, Trevor Fitzroy & a many others go into time manipulation like Sway, Eva, Velocidad ect

Most superhumans have powers like that though enhanced human abiltys & yes there are plenty of mutants that have normal but majority of them do have powerful/weird/different ability's they call em Homo superior for a reason you know

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Its Miguel