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@v_scarlotte_rose: If they were to expand. The difference would still lie in what they do as a team. Exploring/Dealing with aliens ect..... part of the problem is though the avengers have expanded in to every category everywhere. be it mutant problems (x men) or extra terrestrial scientific (fantastic 4) and has collectively taken many of the fantastic 4's enemies as well.

this whole thing the avengers are currently dealing with. BIO evolution bombs set off by the alein god ex nihilo that is literally RIGHT up the fantastic 4's alley. but where are they? in space....

whither they expand or remain 4 they just need to be bad ass superhero's again. not just a super family that baby sits a child that doesn't grow up. if superheros aren't doings bad ass things well... things get boring after awhile. and that seems to have happened cause without good villains or a constant purpose a story can't possibly hope to hold up

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@v_scarlotte_rose: I think they should've used the concept of the Future foundation to open up the possibility of adding new unique characters to the franchise. Namorita a kree another alien maybe teenaged fraklin (with a secondary mutation thats not so overpowered) or something of that nature... making the team more than 4 making them expand to bigger and better things.

The avengers are expanding through out the marvel Universe

the x men are split up again. but all doing interesting things with the return of mutants

and spiderman is superior and is getting his own band of minions soon

everybody is growing and expanding except the Fantastic 4

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@night_thrasher: The fantastic 4 Are Iconic no doubt. but whenever I read about them Idk its boring to me some how....

The issues ive liked have been the ones involving certain guest appearances. Like Dr Doom (cause hes a boss) the avengers, x men, spiderman, ect.... they work good in dynamic with another no so much by themselves in my opinion.

by themselves its like...

Human tourch and & thing fight/play with each other while reed is studying/analyzing something and Sue is baby sitting franklin (who's been a incompetent child since the onslaught saga)

so without someone stealing there kid, galactus showing up or them doing something remotely interesting.... they suck most of the time.

I liked hickmans run tho for some reason...

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@dernman said:

Rangarok is one of the most over used things when dealing with anything Thor.

Yeah, I remember a few years ago, they played straight with the Ragnarok concept on Thor comics. The main villains were "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow", and it was revealed that the Thor we know is not the first Thor, and "our" Asgard is not the first Asgard. Countless Asgards had been destroyed before in other Ragnaroks. It was an endless cycle created by Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, who drawed energy from the deaths. Then our Thor, who had something different from all the others (the uniqueness of experience among humans) was able to finally put an end on the Ragnaroks. Why I am talking about that? Because it was the best Thor story I have ever read.

I loved that comic it was so epic

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Mos def





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@Arkhamc1tizen: Indeed

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Angels kids....

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@Power NeXus: omg wow where are those scans from?

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@RawrImADragon: Wolverine was gonna kill him the last time he tried and now jublee is with the forgiven & soon to join the x men up again so.... i dunno lol