How weird would it be if... (SPOILERS)

Warren was an actual angel? like a real one lol ive had this thought before but that might actually be the case...

Act: 1 sees dead dog lays & lays hands on it

Act 2 dog gets up and starts walking

Sooo... since he can now perform miracals what else do you think angelic warren can do? is he immortal can he take life like he gives it back?

whatever the life seed did to him he is really something divine

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Yeah, I thought that was really cool. If I remember correctly, Warren (and supposedly Icarus and the Guthrie family) are descendants of the Cheyarafim. During Chuck Austen's run on "The Draco," he established that they were a group of angelic mutants from biblical times that warred with the Neyafem who were demonic-looking. The Cheyarafim somehow and for some reason banished them to the Brimstone Dimension where Nightcrawler teleports to and where Azazel (Nightcrawler's father) supposedly holds dominion.

It would be cool if the guys at Marvel would do something creative and outlandish with these guys because their oft-hand mention was kinda lame. Given that dark side, AOA Nightcrawler is also at the JG Institute it would be cool to see his reaction to 616 Azazel. I digress...

But yeah, he is (or may be becoming) an actual angel. I wonder did the Celestial Life Seed wipe away the drive for survival of the fittest? What is the extent of new Warren's powers? Will he change his code name? If he could bring the dog back to life, what's to stop him from bringing back a human... or mutant? I think Sam and Paige would welcome Icarus.

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What would be interesting if the cheyarafim were descended of angels who and children with humans (which happened in the bible) so he was actually part angel and the Neyaphem were the same accept with demons.

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@AmazingFantasy15: that would be an interesting concept

@TheOlympian: AOA night crawler could bring out azazel we havent seen him in a while anyway.... but im really interested as to wat warren can do now or how powerful he might have become altho they migt have a hard time trying to get him to fight he seems REALLY peaceful now

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@AmazingFantasy15: That would be cool to given that there are actual angels in the Marvel U. Since it seems that Marvel is aiming to assimilate the X-teams into the larger universe, I would love to see some kind of connection between Warren and Ghost Rider (since he is an angel now) if the cheyarafim are human branch of angels.

@DATNIGGA: I would think that Warren is like stupid powerful now. Maybe he is like a reverse Apocalypse without the added celestial technology. The control over life is interesting, but does he renew the soul too? If that's the case then he can help out Strong Guy. He'll def be made an omega-class mutant (like every other X-man). I say he'll possess physical and mental healing, life renewal/bestowal, angelic dupes, flight (obviously), and maybe at some later point he'll create his own dimension for his angelic dupes or maybe revive the Cheyarafim. Maybe he could make Cannonball and Husk into his Horsemen, Peace and Love. :P

I may be wrong, but by going by Remender's Apocalypse mythology the Death Seed was used for a chosen heir of Apocalypse and when he died the acting Death would ascend. Maybe its the same for the Life Seed. Thing is, there is no "Apocalypse" to replace. Aside from the powers, the Death seed mostly changed the apparent Death's personality and outlook on life. Maybe a bigger, overreaching question would be to ask what are New Warren's motives.

Also, what about his baby with Ichisumi? You think it will rear its head anytime soon in the comics? Will he/she have any powers similar to Old Warren? Will New Warren heal him/her?

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eventually we'll have to stop referring to the thing in Wolverine and the X-men as Warren

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@TheOlympian: yep hes gotta be really strong right now i wonder if he can fight toe to toe with thor lol that would be somthing but tbh Omega level mutant used to be somthing special now its like... smh everyone is one like you said but the child should rear its head eventually after dark beast finishes corrupting it & if im not mistaking is the clan akkiba & the kid still in the AOA world?

@danhimself: he might rename himself Gabriel or Mikel soon lol

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- I really think this is a sign that no one knows what to do with him, which is strange as his turn back ot archangel made him interesting for the first time in years and years

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Where is this from?

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@daak1212: Wolverine & the X men

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I don't think we can call him Warren anymore...

Marvel needs to be very careful when it comes to overpowering their heroes and/or villains. Look at what's happened and what's happening to DC: it's about to be completely revamped. Why? Because the stories have become so convulted because everyone is their own Galactus.

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@Titan3510: that true however with overpowered good guys you just have to make overpowered bad guys. Glactus even has other abstracts that give him problems.

for every superman there is a doomsday & for every thor there is a desak.

altho i personally feel marvels powerlevels are too low

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I think Marvel's power-levels are fine because they're realistic (or as realistic as possible when it comes to comic books)...

It's like everyone in DC is either indestructible or they have more lives than a cat. When you make overpowered good guys, yes, you do make overpowered bad guys. But eventually you're going to run out of stories because everyone is uber-powerful....

All I'm saying is that they need to define what it is that Angel can do with this "miracle power"...quickly....

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@Titan3510: he probably can just bring stuff back to life without the soul or somthing like that go toe to toe with demons or somthin like that & hes probably got the lifespan of Apocalypse or something

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I feel like he brought that dog back but without it's soul, like some pet semetary stuff. Warren i don't believe is as angelic as he is coming off

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It seems the seed transformed him into an Eternal

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@Thunderscream: seriously? hes an eternal now?

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@DATNIGGA: Seems fitting since the Life Seed contained Celestial coding and the Celestials created the Eternals as the first ultra-powered humanoids....I think he's surpassed just being a mutant. (but that's just my opinion, it's nothing official or anything)

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@Thunderscream: mabey he is good prediction