Did science make spiderman? or did magic?

in the original story they kept it scientific but as i read more into it there appears to be alot of mystical aspects of his ability as well

in grim hunt spiderman states that all of the spiders that you see were chosen by some big spider goddess.

at first i didnt really wanna by it cause spidermans orgin was heavily based on science & the fact that all the spider girls the clone & events in his life were predestined by some magic goddess... idk it feels like im reading docter strange

but when you take into account of madame web

the psychic that is connected to ''the web'' & Ezekiel

you get the feeling that spiderman's entire story is magical.

Its interesting but it seems to take away from the story in my opinion what happened to the regular teenaged boy who ACCIDENTALLY got bitten by a radio active spider? now it seems like were left with a warrior chosen by the gods... I believe that's Hercules's story line

what are your feelings on this?

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Posted by danhimself

I really don't care for the magical stuff...I didn't like it in The Other and I haven't liked it since

Posted by Archlord

@danhimself: The Other did have some magical aspects, such as Morlun, but I got the impression that Spidey's death and dying again was through the radioactive spider that bit him.

Yes, Spiderman's origin should say science, they way Steve Ditko and Stan Lee would like it.

Posted by fodigg

I don't mind the hand of fate taking part in Peter Parker's origins, but I would hate to get away from the scientific background of his origins. In fact, I'm even a little sad when they get too far away from straight "radiation" as the source of his power. I like that he's a post-birth radioactive mutant.

Thankfully, even when hip-deep in the mystical side of Spider-Man lore, this fact isn't always forgotten. For example, Parker ultimately defeated Morlun:

--by embracing the sci-fi aspects of his origins and irradiating himself to high heaven, thereby turning himself into a lethal poison Morlun couldn't feed on.
Posted by Strider92

Well all this began when Ezekiel turned up and then the attack from Shathra. In my opinion they should have kept to the science aspect of it and never introduced the magical side. If they had to give Peter his "Other" powers (which to be honest I quite liked) they should have used science.

Posted by RedK

the mystical nature is also dealt with in Spider-man Fever, personally i like like both aspects of it, i'm not a big fan of magic in comics or alot of magic characters, but i like the idea that spider-man was chosen to receive his abilitys but that science was used as the method to give him his powers, sort of adding to some great heroic mission that he's destined for

Posted by mewmdude77

I don't care for the magic portion, just keep going with science

Posted by Gambit1024


Spider-Man was a product of funk.

Posted by Amanthine

That's Chameleon or Mysterio, can't remember... but that don't matter.

My personal take on the matter is that Peter was irradiated by the the spider and, due to comic book rules, became Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, he became the perfect "totem" for Anansi and... related mystical spider things. So it wasn't predetermined by magical wazoo that he would become Spider-Man, but because he was already Spider-Man that all that The Other and Ezekiel stuff seemed to congregate around him.

Then again I also don't care for his parents being super spies, and that whole business that Peter's blood was already special before he was bitten, and that's why the spider bite gave him powers instead of cancer, or whatever.

Posted by SpidermanWins

The idea of him being like Hercules is cool but he was made of science, not magic. Until it is confirmed that the mystical realm played a part in his creation, it is science that directly gave him his abilities. Perhaps his choosing was destiny but I'm not sure about magically linked. Doctor Strange would know.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

The mystical approach was really just a lazy way to augment his abilities.

Posted by zombietag

i hated the other, i try to ignore it

Posted by Hazlenaut

I like the idea of him being an avatar of chaos since it goes with him being unexpected. He did give birth to himself when he died. He is an Ouroboros so magic is part a factor Spiderman. He made friends with Loki when he saved one of his children. The embodiment of chaos designated him the avatar of chaos as he has no plans with his power and he seem foils everyone's plans good or bad.

Posted by Top Flight Security

During the Dark Ages, science was considered to be magic so in a sense, one can actually conclude that it was both science and magic that created Spiderman.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

@RedK: Well said. Sweet combination!

Posted by Kiddevil

Hmm I think hes created by science but the "accident" that gave him his powers was created by magic. Sooooooo... half and half.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I really do not care for the mystical aspect of his origin. The characters associated with it are cool, but I really prefer the more scientific approach.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Wasn't a huge fan but science was a reasonable outcome to lean upon 50 years ago but they I didn't mind the way they went about explaining it in Grim Hunt.