Why does hope have control over the 5 lights?

its odd , creepy & pathetic if your the one who's being controlled by a teenaged girl with control issues lol

there is something different about them and its no secret they share a bond but why are they controlled by hope? its like they have to spend there entire life in servitude to her. well except for Oya hope Let her go. but why? is it due to the fact she awakened there ability's or what?


How weird would it be if... (SPOILERS)

Warren was an actual angel? like a real one lol ive had this thought before but that might actually be the case...

Act: 1 sees dead dog lays & lays hands on it

Act 2 dog gets up and starts walking

Sooo... since he can now perform miracals what else do you think angelic warren can do? is he immortal can he take life like he gives it back?

whatever the life seed did to him he is really something divine


Did science make spiderman? or did magic?

in the original story they kept it scientific but as i read more into it there appears to be alot of mystical aspects of his ability as well

in grim hunt spiderman states that all of the spiders that you see were chosen by some big spider goddess.

at first i didnt really wanna by it cause spidermans orgin was heavily based on science & the fact that all the spider girls the clone & events in his life were predestined by some magic goddess... idk it feels like im reading docter strange

but when you take into account of madame web

the psychic that is connected to ''the web'' & Ezekiel

you get the feeling that spiderman's entire story is magical.

Its interesting but it seems to take away from the story in my opinion what happened to the regular teenaged boy who ACCIDENTALLY got bitten by a radio active spider? now it seems like were left with a warrior chosen by the gods... I believe that's Hercules's story line

what are your feelings on this?


A vs X which side has more power?

there are ALOT of mutants that are X men.. even more before M day b/w

there are ALOT of super humans that consider themselves Avengers.

I mean its literally gotten to the point where there's barley any solo hero's almost every hero you look at in marvel is on one or both of those teams. so in a way the X men & Avengers aren't really teams there more like armys at this point but i have one question are the even power wise?

the only way we could possibly figure this out is by examining there strongest members or both teams...

1) Thor

the wonderful thunder god himself probably the most destructive avenger. strength in excess of the Class 100 and can lift well over 100 tons. can control weather patterns on a global scale , lightning hurricanes , god blasts , invulnerability earth manipulation & more.

Red hulk:

hes can lift in excess of 100 tons & durability to withstand high caliber bullets and hes a hulk... nuff said.


X-Men Legacy #248

Ok.. well omega level mutant that can induce spontaneous mutations in himself. Every mutation/power is governed by a different personality which he can transform into for a few minutes using a device... if you have even watched ben ten you would understand the general concept of how he can use all his powers now.


FI: Uncanny X-Men #542

he can turn his organic flesh into metal. & in normal conditions he can lift 100 tons. this & when he uses the power cytorak hes alot stronger & practically unstoppable.

Ms Marvel


50 tons under normal conditions has been seen hurling cars tanks & tearing through 5 inch steel with her bare hands. she can move at supersonic speeds. super stamina , flight , energy absorption & projection & regeneration.


Magneto Enthroned

Mastery over all forms of magnetism , energy projection


Final Costume

I read the avengers academy is in this as well & thunderstrike is a new student there. slight diminished version thor. he can lift 50 tons & and can absorb re channel energy through his hammer also able to utilize thunderblast .


Civil War #7

Class 100 strength underwater is said to be unmatched superhuman stamina, durability, agility and speed

Emma Frost

Powerful telepathy , indestructible diamond form & a skilled fighter.

she hulk

can easily lift well over 100 tons & has a powerful healing factor.


Hellbound #3

Teleportation , mindcontrol , metamorphing , astral projection , necromancy , generate & release pure magic energy , magical force fields , inter demtional travel , dark force powers , magical constructs , fire manipulation/generation & soul sword... wow thats alot


Art Adams, Fearless cover

superhuman strength she can lift 45 tons skilled in combat. resistance to injury , agility



can lift 100 tons , endurance

Human torch

Heat absorption flight , flight fire control & he can reach nova temperatures.


no matter which side she picks.. shes still in this high level weather control.

Rachel Grey

Omega level mutant powerful telepath , telekinesis , limited time travel abilitys


Mommy witch is involved so her new found son cant be to far away...

Reality manipulation

Earth-58163 House of M

Scarlet witch the Reality warping mutant that got us into this...

&.... the star of the show thats gonna get us out (Epic music plays)

the mutant messiah herself the one this entire war is based around. omega level mutant skilled fighter & with guns & its speculated that she has all the powers of the mutant race but her full power has yet to be shown.

now i probably missed a few other powerful members of both teams but this is a good few of them to understand were at here. there are a few unforeseen things that could happen such as moonstone & hella = Hel Valkyrie to help the x men out or captin america calling sentential's.... but im sure that wont happen :)

anyway which team has more power? which side do you think is stronger?


So Apocalypse Joined the X men

Uncanny X-Force #7

Genesis this child is a clone of Apocalypse & now hes at wolverines school so basically Apocalypse is a X man.... what kind of what long term problems or solutions do you for see from this?


I mean apoc has caused massive damage over the time hes been alive & has even managed to take over the world in certain timelines so this kid who's a clone of him is a good guy now or at least hes being raised that way. what do you think he'll do in the future? is this gonna lead to another mutant messiah story? or possibly just another coming of Apoc?


Thor is replaced by some random god & only loki remebers?

ok... at the end of the hole fear itself thing we see thor's body being burned everyone is sad & then randomly....

Fear Itself 7.2 - Thor

.... um this guy pops up out of no where.

& to my surprise.. everyone excepts him like they've known him for years

Journey Into Mystery #631

it almost as if people forgot what the funeral was about in the first place... THOR!!!

but never the less the only one who seems to remember or at least knows somthing is wrong is loki

now im not sure what this is about i assure you my response to all this was the same as ^ young loki up here but.. i think this might have something to do with the wound he received inside the world tree when he was looking for the seed. a strange wound glowing but didn't hurt & after he died those embers looked alot like the ones coming from his wound earlier...

but my question is why does know one remember thor? & except the fake one? surely someone remembers who he is perhaps it was only those who were near the flame... but someone MUST remember they have him on video , live television , Odin couldn't have forgotten & the government should still have his dna samples that created Ragnarok his clone.

but... one thing is for certain even if the avengers , the x men , FF or even odin himself forgot...

I'm sure they'll remember soon enough :)


Humans Hunt Mutants... But not Vampires?

Ive always had a hard time understanding this i mean

most mutants look just like humans aside from have a x gene & powers & there hunted for being monsters... mean while you have

ACTUAL monsters running around the marvel verse that have existed for centuries but hardly anyone pays attention

Look at all the people who have tried to stop the growth of mutant kind

The Purifiers : who feel mutants are children of the devil... but dont hunt vampires who basically are devils lol

Bastion/operation zero tolerance: Feels mutants are a threat to the growth of humanity so they hunt them... but vampires prey on humans & have been known to kill them for food lol

friends of humanity , trask , the governments with sentential's ect how can they ignore a threat so great?

Now one could say... most of humanity doesn't know very much about the existence of vamps... well during the curse of the mutant storyline there were many vampire attacks on humanity. police were finding bit marks on dead humans ect & this has happened many other times as well. the governments understand mutant & superhuman affairs so its not a stretch to believe that SHEILD or another government branch would know about the existence of vampires & take the threat serious. plus in a world were you have people who can read your mind , summon lightning cause large scale earth quakes bend reality & control time the idea of a vampire shouldn't be to far fetched

You could also say... that these various groups dont wanna get involved with these supernatural monsters because there too strong. that wouldn't make to much sense cause mutant terrorist groups like The Brotherhood or The marauders are severely dangerous with diverse & formidable powers. vamps are strong but have many weaknesses the easiest why to deal with one is to simply cut there head off

X-Men #2

a feat even a human could pull off.

why does the world focus all there attention on mutants? most of which are friendly & human like but ignore the threat that lurks & has been lurking in the shadows?



Spirit Of The Jewel

in the old thor series when took over the world loki imprisoned thor girl due to the fact that she was starting to evolve into something that was beyond asguardian she was turning into the Spirit Of The Jewel.

even though she changed into this during a different time line... she can still evolve into this as a matter of fact on a new part of fear itself...

shes becoming something shes evolving again i think shes evolving into the spirit of the the jewel

if she does what does this mean for the pantheons? such as Zeus , odin osiris? the spirts power far exceeds those of a sky father how do i know this? because in the older series the spirt of the jewel created a servent named desak. Desak was immune to ALL god like powers thats why hes known as a god slayer odin force thor using his full power couldn't damage using his power.

NOW if she can created such a powerful God killing subordinate what power does she wield herself? shes turning into that spirit again so what does those mean for the various pantheons?