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there were two times that she used it in the issue. one was like an energy sphere. the other was too broad to be an energy sphere. the one were she hit Lois lane with the energy blast.

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i hope they they won't mix characters to form different new teams.

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I just read superman wonderwoman 10. does she really have energy blasts?

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where in the panel did it say that scarlet witch made an illusion of jean?

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in wollverine and the x-men cartoons, emma said that the phoenix host can control even the weather

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maddie hooked up with alex before scott and jean got together , right? i think its not fair that she is still mad at jean for no reason.

I must admit, her goblin queen costume stomps even white queen's costume. I just think, it's the sexiest costume ever. oh wait, i think its a tie with Jean's Black phoenix from the future costume

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in inferno rachel got out of that situation, you only posted some of the panels. in what if the x-men lost inferno, it was Rachel who saved the world.


1. All are veteran fighters and tacticians.

2. Two telepaths trained by emma herself, one by jean.

3. Rachel is currently the most powerful telepath in the planet.

4.M, Karima and jubes move really fast

5. storm can summon lightning in a blink

6. Rachel can do psi burst powerful enough to knock down everyone in a blink( this would include her team mates too since it is a psi burst)

7. Rachel and Psylocke are immune to warping of reality time and space.

8. Rachel can chronoskim


EMMA's Team advantage

1. Eva's powers can freeze her enemies (at least most of them)

2. emma and the cuckoos can be immune to psychic attacks

3. Dazzler can blind them with her light giving time for tempus to freeze them

4. Darckchilde could be really powerful and destroy everyone IF she'd be able to bring everyone to LIMBO.

5. Magik can teleport



I think it would also be interesting to have psi katana vs soul sword fight.

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and to think she's known for her bad temper

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I'm happy that the story is now over. The fights between the x-ladies and the broodskrulls was just annoying! The art made it worse too. There were 2 pencilers and the one who did the rachel/monet /psylocke panels was GRRRRR! I'm not sure if it's just me or i just didn't like his style but i can't help but compare his artwork to the one who did the jubes/storm/brand/reyes panels.

There's nothing much really interesting in the story. It was like a half baked/mediocre story of trying to give Rachel some limelight. I mean she's done so much already in terms of not going for vengeance against the shiar. She helped in restoring lilandra back to her throne, could have killed many shiar people in different opportunities and yet she ends up saving them.

I wish marvel would give the x-men fresh stories that are not tied to past stories. Also, recent stories have ended BADLY.

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emma has accessed the power of the cuckoos. Can't she just use their powers to fix hers? I think i read somewhere that she can unlock powers like jean does and she is one of few who can fix minds.