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I doubt it.

Dark Reign Files - revealed that Simon Stroud discovered Facade's identity and sent information to Norman Osborn. However the part page with his profile it was torn off, so his identity was unrevealed. Also in The Amazing Spider-Man #678 after Facade was defeated, he reged: "(...) you shall know the secret of Facade. That I am really..." but Spider-Man departed before he could finish his sentence. Very fun !!!

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In my opinion Doctor Geist and Nikolaus Geist, they are two different characters.

First: Dr. Geist was a scientific genius, expert in genetics and age radiation, as well as highly knowledgeable in various occulut fields.

Nikolaus Geist was a shrewd negotiator and a valued advisor. But he never showed any scientific skills or knowledge.

Second: Dr. Geist during the last days of the Third Reich, working a scientis in Project Auferstehunge and also working with Thule Society.

Nikolaus Geist was an advisor to Adolf Hitler during the last days of the Third Reich.

Third: Doctor Geist after World War II, worked with Hydra.

Nikolaus Geist after World War II, worked with CIA.

Forth: Doctor Geist was always bald and wrinkled, wears glasses until last issue but his color could be unnatural. In 1944 looking for 50 year old.

Nikolaus Geist in 1936(see X-Men: True Friends) he has black hair and beard, he looking for 30 year old. He also has a beard and eyebrows, while his later appearance.

Fifth: I don't believe that Magneto is able to let go of Nikolaus Geist alive.

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I don't know where you're getting Squid and Nevermind from...

My mistake. I forgot that it was a Serpent Crown.But looks similar to Nevermind.

Squid is number 11. I know diffrent color, but i think it was a mistake.

See Amazing Spider-Man #47 cover. Looks similar.

Masters of Evil by Matteo Scalera

5. ?

Ringer - guy on the platform. Diablo - guy between Princess Python's Python and Python's Python.

Black Talon - Avengers enemy, Lethal Legion

Punisher didn't kill him?

Torpedo? Blackwing?

Squid. He have a tentacles.

18. Thundra?

19. ?

Lascivious and Letha.

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From left; Great White Shark (Croc doesn't wear clothing the upper part), The Key (I can see pendant with small keys on his neck), Mortician, Fright, Mr. Freeze, probably Zebra Man ( Jake Baker?), Clayface (Karlo?), Rag Doll (original or one of his sons) and Reaper ( Gruener or Rachel Caspian).