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Brilliant 0

This book is absolutely beautiful, both in terms of art and story. The characterization of the main characters is flawlessly achieved within the first issue and it seems as if all of the exposition has been nicely and very interestingly wrapped up.I can't imagine a person not enjoying this book, it's a true work of art....

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Family Reunions Are Hell 0

When I first saw the cover to this issue, two thoughts came to mind, the first being rather obvious: What the heck is that blue thing, and why is Cliff Chiang's name missing from this cover?As it turns out, Tony Akins is a mighty fine substitute for Cliff Chiang. Either he always draws in this fashion, or he changed his style to match the tone of the previous four issues (I am unfamiliar with his work, unfortunately). The book looks marvelous, and will work wonderfully in the upcoming trade.Ther...

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Awesome Start! 0

Warning! Spoilers!  I will preface this by explaining my history with Stormwatch.  It's non-existant (except I know a little about Martian Manhunter). I read up a bit on the characters that I knew would be in the story, but that was just to get an idea of their powers. So, having said that, I begin... Wow! A lot happened in this issue. And, unfortunately, I'm no expert in art, so all I can really say is that everything looked great. The picture of Apollo thrashing Superman (and the poke at "NO H...

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And So It Begins 0

The World's Greatest Super Heroes are back as The Justice League of America!  Well, sort of. They're beginning to meet each other, at least. The opening arc of the premier issue of DC Comics's New 52 initiative seems to revolve around how they meet, which makes sense - how members interact and why they do so is an essential part of any team! The events in Justice League, at the moment, actually take place 5 years before the streamlined DCnU. At this point, the world doesn't really know about sup...

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Last Panel 0

Last Laugh #1, I must say, disappointed me. It was lots of confusing action without much of anything going on other than the Joker escaping prison, which is an everyday event. The premise of the arc was barely touched upon. #2 seemed to be following the same trend, but Black Mass's powers end up being used in a really epic way.  And the last panel left me with chills.  I can't wait to see how this plays out....

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