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Mirri Maz Duur, because she speaks in an epic fashion and took vengeance for her people in a deceptive and effective manner.

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I can't list my favorite Harbinger issues, they're too good, so whatever the most popular Harbinger comics have been.

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I need issue 16 like I've never needed a comic before.

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Why is this ending? I was so, so devastated when they announced the cancellation. I've been dreading this. A genuinely amazing team made up of characters I didn't even know before I began reading it but now deeply care about. It's way better than any of the other group books DC is publishing at the moment; each character has distinct personality, voice, motivation, history, and interpersonal relationships. They're all awesome and interesting and well written. As much as I enjoy Justice League Dark, this book is far and away the best. I think it's a problem this is better than all of the Justice Leagues - shouldn't DC's flagship books be better than the 'obscure' one they're canceling? Ugh. Sorry for the rant, but I'm so angry and upset. Boo on you for this one, DC. Boo on you.

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For anyone who wants the amazing Triptych cover as a full picture.

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I think I'm a little bit in love with Joshua Dysart. Harbinger/Harbinger Wars is a book I look forward to every single month, and after this interview he's definitely one of my favorite authors.

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As a whole, I think it's an alright idea. Pairings with different characters could be much more interesting (either with Batman is awesome, for example, as evidenced by Justice League Unlimited and Apollo/Midnighter). But two of the most powerful superheroes hooking up could lead to some interesting events, so I do my best to keep an open mind.

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Like Pete, I would awaken other people's powers. I could never predict the outcome of doing this, but this world would be so much exciting with super powered humans in it!

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I love the current run. People bash it for Catwoman seeming immature, but she's supposed to be. This is a new Selina Kyle who is still learning. When she does grow up, it'll make the development much more meaningful. I hope that learning curve isn't just tossed aside.