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@sesquipedalophobe said:

I don't see an issue with Spider-Man and Silk.

The issue stems from the fact that it might be Spider-Sense induced on both sides since the same spider bite both of them. And the way that the character was initially introduced by Slott seemed forced as it was between Carlie Cooper and Peter Parker's relationship which was at times making out.

To think that the same was with Hawkeye and Spider-Woman's relationship until Jessica assume that Clint was cheating on her. Thus her relationship with him ended very badly as a result.

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@dernman said:

Just noticed the lack of boob size. I don't care she lost her bust but I thought it was funny they thought it necessary to make the effort to change.

Just like making Felicia Hardy into a Catwoman crime boss.

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What I want to see is the return of Avenging Spider-Man or Spectacular Spider-Man where a writer could finally integrate Jessica Drew, Jennifer Walters(human persona), Felicia Hardy(Crime Boss or not), and Natasha Romanov into Peter's social circles. And I meant by saying that each one knows that Peter's dual persona as Spider-Man.

What would also be fun is for Betty Brant to have her memories of Peter Parker as Spider-Man restored to her as well as I want to see her as part of Peter's social circles once again.

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@kaine_17 said:

@darthfury78: I have it. Read it twice. Dont see what your saying except the characters are there. I'll read it again when im less frustrated about how there might not be a continuance to tasm movie. Like wtf is wrong with Andrew Garfield. He thought he was pretty good im sorry just read some movie reports, im infuriated right know

I think that Sony should just let a good writer like Chris Yost create a ASM movie script. There is nothing wrong with Andrew Garfield as he was just doing his job. To replace him is just plain dumb. As for the Black Widow and Spider-Man, the potential for a very good team-up adventure is there. It needs to have a good writer who could make as compelling as Spider-Man and Wolverine, which was an unlikely partnership as well.

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@kaine_17 said:

@darthfury78: I really wouldn't like black widow for peter, they just seem way to different. What are these feelings for pete u say sable shows in ends of earth.?

The Black Widow and Peter do have a lot in common. Silver Sable feelings for Spider-Man was that on a potential romantic side. Just read the Ends of the Earth storyline as it features both the Black Widow and Silver Sable working with Spider-Man against Dr. Octopus.

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@JetiiMitra said:

@rubear said:

I found very ridiculous how people accuse accusers of new "Thor", how they are telling 'em that they are old-minded and even chauvinists, but are ok with hating Silk. Double standarts, no?)))

No. If Silk was getting hate purely for being a female, you might have a point. But she gets hate for being a Mary Sue and forced love interest. The new Thor was ripped on before she'd appeared in a single issue, because she was a woman.

This happens all the time, when they start blaming MJ, they decide to bring bunch of replacement girlfriends, trying to force the gooh ol spaidy, it has failed every single time, fans didnt liked any of this replacements, because all of them were made to be better that MJ, for the same they will never go any place and never evolve.

Silk hasnt gone any place, because she was made to be a marketing gimmick more that a character.

And the women who would work very well with Peter Parker like Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, Felicia Hardy/Black Widow, or Betty Brant/Jennifer Walters(Human side only) the writers do not want to use as an alternate to Mary Jane. Had Marvel had used Betty Brant and Peter Parker for a time, or even Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy, it might not have been so bad during the BND era. But all we get are all of these forgettable relationships with Peter Parker.

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@rubear said:

I found very ridiculous how people accuse accusers of new "Thor", how they are telling 'em that they are old-minded and even chauvinists, but are ok with hating Silk. Double standarts, no?)))

It's the way Silk was setup to replace the Black Cat as Spider-Man's partner, just as Carlie Cooper replaced Mary Jane as Peter's love interest. Silk comes out as just another generic character, just like Mattie Franklyn's Spider-Woman or Ultimate Universe Spider-Woman. In other words, Silk is just a female version of Peter Parker...

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I hope it ends with all the dead Spiders coming back to life.

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@kaine_17 said:

@darthfury78: I see. But to be honest, I dont really know anything about jessica drew, or jennifer Walters. I do miss the Spider-Man/Black Cat fling

I too miss the Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy vibe. Ever since Slott took over the reins as sole writer of ASM, we have seen very little of Felicia. One thing that I miss about the Spider-Man satellite titles was the fact that most of Black Cat's development was featured outside of the Amazing Spider-Man, such as Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, etc. If those titles were still around perhaps Slott would not have been able to use Felicia in the same manner as DC is doing with Catwoman as there would have been another writer who would have used her in their stories. Originally, The Ends of the Earth storyline was to have featured the Black Cat instead of Silver Sable. Considering that Sable had apparently died in that storyline, I will assume that Slott intended to kill Felicia off as well. One the other hand, I was happy that Slott used both Silver Sable and the Black Widow in that storyline because it finally acknowledged Silver's feelings for Spider-Man as well as the renewed friendship of the Black Widow.

As far as non-Spider-Man created characters goes, I feel that the Natasha Romanov and Jessica Drew would make for a good alternate to the Black Cat as Peter's partner in a guest spot on a reoccurring basis as they used to with Felicia. I certainly would love to see Peter's friendship with both Natasha and Jessica flushed out as we rarely get to see that sort of potential unfold.