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@jimishim12: I think that Silk should be more of a sister to Peter than Jessica Drew. Sometimes, I see Jessica Drew as a person who has deep feelings for Peter as more than just a friend. Just like the Black Cat. And we rarely get to see them interact at all since the whole Superior Spider-Man event began for over a year.

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@squalleon said:

I would like her to be more of a sis o Peter!

The same goes for kaine and venom.Its time the spider family unites!

Agree I see a sibling type of affection when Jessica hangs with Peter, like she is his big sister.

I can't see Jessica as a sibling type with Peter. I see it as more of the type of relationship that Peter used to have with the Black Cat. I think that Silk is more of a sibling type with Peter than Jessica Drew.

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Poison Ivy reminds me of the Red Queen: A woman who was abandoned by her husband for another woman.

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@zarius said:

Silk will be Jessica's new partner in due course, Spidey is just being used as a platform from which to launch her character, same with other failiures like Jackpot and Alpha

For once I would love to see an outside character become a part of Spider-Man's world. I feel that the Black Widow and Jessica Drew should be a part of Spidey's world, as well as Tigra and Jennifer Walters.

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Looks like Silk will be Peter's new heroine partner. Although, the Black Widow and Jessica Drew would have been better.

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@zarius said:

I prefer how it turned out for MC2 Felicia anyway. At some point after (possibly after Peter retired)(, she grew up and had kids with Flash, one of them became Mayday's sidekick and the other became Mayday's jerk-ass boyfriend who she eventually rejected in favor of Wes. It's a shame her and Flash could'nt stay together but at least whenever she appeared she was on very good terms with the Parkers and was likeable, and Felicity is very likeable also.

616 Felicia, like everyone in that joke of a reality, just keeps taking countless steps backwards

The MC2 Felicia's daughter might not be Flash's. Rather Felicity might be Peter's daughter. Remember that the fact that during their relationship, Felicia isn't above the idea of collecting Peter's seeds and storing them at the Sperm Bank until the time was right for the Doctors to do their magic. I think that fact the Felicity and Mayday act like sisters might be an indication that they are biological sisters, despite the fact that she doesn't have Spider-Powers(or lack thereof)...

I would have liked to have seen Tom Defalco took a chance and created a story whereby Felicia tells the Parkers that Felicity is Peter's biological daughter, in addition to coming out of the closet as a lesbian. Otherwise, why else would she buy a house next to the Parkers? She certainly would not have done that to be close to Mary Jane. She did it because she still harbor feelings for Peter, even though she's in a relationship with a woman. But Slott has made the Black Cat so unlikable, which might be what he's counting on so that people will like Silk.

A lot of fan feels that MC2 should be the true future for the Parkers; but that timeline began during the 1990's after Ben Reilly died. That makes it a very different timeline. It might have been cool to see a timeline where Peter and Felicia had a successful relationship and had a daughter named Felicity Parker.

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Oh man anna marie just stole this issue for me i hope she stays apart of the spider family for a good while. No lie even though i have issues with Cat's new super villain role it's weird now all of a sudden her bad luck works and yet against spock it didn't??? Peter's partner took that kidnapping a little too well though lol.

I must say though i am really liking silk.

Anna Maria will be Peter's downfall because:

  1. She'll be able to prove that Peter did not really earn his Ph.D, which would be that his Doctoral Thesis will be cancelled. Thus, Peter will have to make another Ph.D proposal that is based on Otto's work.
  2. Parker Industries will become Oscorp once again.
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I personally liked Betsy better as Lady Britain, her original super hero name. Psylocke is more like a person's mind is under submission.

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Spidey needs to have Betty Brant and Jennifer Walters in his life, along with The Black Widow and Jessica Drew. And there are Tigra and Psylocke....

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@ms-lola: Considering how they have ruined Felicia Hardy's character thus far, the only other heroine who could fit into Spider-Man's world on the Peter Parker side would be Jessica Drew and Natasha Romanov, which are long overdue, in my opinion. Carol Danvers may no longer have the memories and feelings for Peter Parker due to the mindwipe; Silver Sable is dead, according to Slott.