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@tyger said:

@darthfury78: disappointing, Spider-Man was basically an onlooker. It had the potential to be as fun as his past team ups with Nightcrawler or Beast, but fell flat.

The story might have turned out better if the writer had the chance to do a full issue.

For Felicia Hardy's sake, stop pairing up Spider-Man with Psylocke! She's too serious for Parker's easy-going wise-cracking attitude...... and FYI, Black Cat is actually coming back in Peter's life.

After what Spock did to felicia, that is extremely unlikely.

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How did you guys feel about their team-up in A+X #16

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@darthfury78: When did this happen? Also do you have scans?

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@keliac said:

I dont mind her keeping the name but is there any chance she will ever go back to something even resembling her iconic black costume? If too much skin/sex appeal is what was wrong with the old costume, it could have been fixed by just covering her legs up so she's not in a bathing suit anymore.

The new costume looks more like a cross between a wetsuit and a star fleet uniform or something and I am just never going to like it.

I doubt that the costume is going to change anytime soon.

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That's the Spider-Man of Earth-10182 featured in Marvel Universe Milennial Visions 2001. It seems to take some variables from 2099 and throws in some corporate intrigue.

Apparently in this world, Peter Parker was an employee at a company ran by Norman Osborn that produced many inventions based on a few manufactured canon villains. The problem was these devices were faulty and crippled a few testers. So, wanting some payback, Parker stole an adhesive called the "Amazing Webs" and soon became that world's Spider-Man.

In response, Norman, believing the hero a corporate spy, hired bounty hunters to capture him. When they failed, he then sen a staff memorandum to his workers and soon became that world's Green Goblin.

Also, the Millennial Edition also featured Galina Tsarfin, daughter of Spider-Man x Black Widow!!!!

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Too early to think of a team up. Peter will have to get back on his feet, and get back the others' trust first..... and for the love of Felicia, no Psylocke involved. :P

Sometimes, one must look beyond what's given. But which of the following would you choose as an alternate of the Black Cat:



She-Hulk(Jennifer Walters' human form)

Black Widow


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Jessica Drew and Psylocke on the team.

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Dan Slott should bring in the Black Widow!!!

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@br_havoc said:

Parker Luck has now become the bane of Spider-man comics. It's pretty much Marvel saying okay back to arrested development we go with Peter, He can never grow or have kids or marry again because he has to stay as a man child so we never have to bring up the fact of super hero mortality ( Even though they do it in every other book).

If Marvel is going to do another brand new day having Peter be depressed for 100 issues people will not stand for it and the book will go back to its old numbers under Slott which where pretty average from a big name hero. I really think that Slott needs to have Peter's life and relationships fixed within a year or people will stop reading. At this point it's time to throw fan's a bone and get Peter and MJ back together, help reestablish her character fighting along side Peter to fix his life like a true soul mate does.

I know Slott is a seeder and MJ has said she loved Peter at the tail end of Spider-Island so it's not a matter of if they get back together but when and that time has to be coming up because with no growth and the constant devolution of Peter Parker it's getting harder and harder to care about the once king of the Super Heroes.

I think that the best thing for Slott to do is not create any love interest for Peter. As well as write MJ x Pedro out of the story for a time and use Betty Brant, Liz Allan, and Jennifer Walter's human form in the series.

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I thought Deathbird was introduced in the X-men comics.

Deathbird made her first appearance in the the original Ms. Marvel series of the 1970's.