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@deathpoolthet1000: And to think that the people who created OMD are in charge at the moment. I think that when Felicia's memories of Peter as Spider-Man are restored, she'll be very angry at him for not revealing it to her sooner. That way, Spock would not have pawned her so easily.

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I support Spidey x Carol Danvers, the Marvel equvilent of Big Barda and Mister Scott Free.

But wouldn't you support the alternates like

Spidey x Jessica Drew

Spidey x Black Widow

Spidey x Tigra(as Greer Nelson's human side as NYPD Crime Scene Investigator)

Spidey x Psylocke

Spidey x Jennifer Walters(her human form)

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Parker Industries: Too fast. Too soon.

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@a_a_a said:

No... horrible idea

And War Machine is the perfect match for Carol?

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@squares: That's just one aspect. The other is that both are outcast from their respective peers. Both have a love for junk food...

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@powerherc said:

No, I wouldn't support it.

Spidey doesn't deserve a woman like Ms. Marvel.

Look I know you don't like Spider-Man, but to say he doen't deserve someone like Carol is all sorts of BS, Spidey is everything a woman would would want in a man. Funny, Handsome, loyal, caring, heroic, responsible, bold(at times), and compassionate. He's more pure than Steve Rogers and funnier than Clint Barton.

Yeah compared to the countless men in the marvel universe that are womanizing sleezebags, Peter is the only guy I see Carol hooking up as a mate and wifu material. Plus it would be somewhatlike Big Barda and Mister Miracle, the woman is the manly role and the man is the supporting one.

Speaking of Big Barda, I think that Jennifer Walters could be both Marvel's Big Barda(The She-Hulk) and Lois Lane(Human form) rolled up into one interchangeable package like a transformer toy..

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@jimishim12: I think that Silk should be more of a sister to Peter than Jessica Drew. Sometimes, I see Jessica Drew as a person who has deep feelings for Peter as more than just a friend. Just like the Black Cat. And we rarely get to see them interact at all since the whole Superior Spider-Man event began for over a year.

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@squalleon said:

I would like her to be more of a sis o Peter!

The same goes for kaine and venom.Its time the spider family unites!

Agree I see a sibling type of affection when Jessica hangs with Peter, like she is his big sister.

I can't see Jessica as a sibling type with Peter. I see it as more of the type of relationship that Peter used to have with the Black Cat. I think that Silk is more of a sibling type with Peter than Jessica Drew.

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Poison Ivy reminds me of the Red Queen: A woman who was abandoned by her husband for another woman.