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@zarius said:

Darth, give it a rest already. You post this same exact nonsense all the time. Even Dan told you to cut it out.

It's not nonsense at all. And while Dan Slott will never do it, whose to say another writer wouldn't?

I enjoyed the way that Gerry Conway had done this story. Makes me wish that he had written The Cat mini series and integrated Greer into Spider-Man's world as one of Peter's friends at ESU(Transfered from University of Chicago), followed by her inclusion into the NYPD CSI Unit.

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@punyparker, @zarius

Just read The Amazing Spider-Man #18.1, Now I really to wish that Conway had written Black Cat instead of Slott. and from the looks of it, things could be getting better between her and spidey, while it might take a while it seems to be going in that direction, but that could be just me being wishful. As for wraith, oh boy, things do not look good.

But I'll say, Conway has completely convinced that he should take over the book.

I would love to see Gerry Conway doing ASM once again. But I hope he could incorporate Greer Grant into Spider-Man's world as a Crime Scene Investigator who knows that Peter is Spider-Man. I say this because when Conway paired Spider-Man up with The Cat, their chemistry was as interesting as it was with his relationship with the Black Cat. Imagine if we had Tigra working as a Police Officer while Black Cat works as an anti-hero once again? One who has to work within the law while the other works outside of it? But the one thing that Tigra and Black Cat can agree on is their respective interest with Spider-Man.

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I do not think that Slott's leaving ASM until his finish up his remaining plotlines that includes Anna Maria hologram storyplot; The Evil Black Cat Story line, as well as Alchemex storyline.

The only storyline that could be Slott's final ASM story is Doc Ock vs Spider-Man!!

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I think that whole new Marvel Universe is just another short term pop that is designed to upstage DC Comics. I wish that they focus less on changing things that doesn't need changing at at except the writers assigned to the comic book titles.

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@zarius said:

At least that tumblr seems to be recommending the newspaper strip (where Peter and MJ have spent twenty-eight years together, and will probably be enjoying a lot more than that in the future)


Not unless Dan Slott takes over the comic strip.

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@celebhol said:

Seriously who the hell is that woman?! She's not acting like Black Cat.

Doc Ock in Felicia's body....LOL

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Chris Yost.

Yost made his run on both Scarlett Spider and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up so bland.

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@punyparker: It looks like it. It seems that Slott doesn't like 616 Peter Parker at all.

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Spidey gets taken advantaged all the time most of time he gets kissed, he's getting freebies from women who want to use him for their own agenda's. Sick of this beta male stuff.

Like Evil Black Cat(Post-OMD)? From what we now know, Felicia was using Spider-Man prior to him revealing his secret identity to her. While Felicia may have dated Spider-Man, it was Peter Parker who she fell in love with. It was Peter Parker who cause her to self reform; not Spider-Man.

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I think the ultimate universe screwed it's self when they started murdering characters left and right, I loved the take on it, but half the time they had character that reminded me of 616.

I do agree that Marvel ruined UU when they allowed the writers to kill everyone off, leaving it a shell of its former self. It was initially geared at teens. I think that UU should have ended long before the madness had started. And to kill off UU Peter Parker for Miles Morales was a huge mistake as Marvel could have gotten another writer to work on UU Peter while Bendis focus on Miles.