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Fall of the Green Lantern Corps 0

Where to begin?  Oh, yeah, Spoiler Warning.  With that out of the way, I guess I'll start with the art, and how it is MUCH better then the art in the last issue.  As far as the story, well, things are heating up.  Just as the the GLC start to push the Black Lanterns back, the undead baddies suddenly turn around and become hellbent on destroying the central power battery.  They fail.  But they do kill Kyle Rayner.  Ouch.  On a side note, I was mildly disappointed that Kyle wasn't a little more......

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Wipe them out...all of them 0

Sorry, that was a little Star Wars.  Anyway, moving right along.  First off, I thought the art here was, in comparison to some of the other issues in the Blackest Night miniseries, a little mediocre.  I've seen much worse, but I've also seen much better.  As far as the story, well....  Basically the GLC are going up against EVERY SINGLE GREEN LANTERN THAT HAS DIED brought back as Black Lanterns.  So, it's a war of Green Vs. Black, and the BLC are beginning to gain the upper hand.  Among other th...

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Wilson Family Woes 0

SPOILER WARNING! First off, with this, I like how we got to focus on Deathstroke and Ravager instead of the Teen Titans because we already have the Blackest Night Titans 3-part mini-series so I like how we get something different here.  Getting to learn about Deathstroke's past was really neat, as he is one of my favorite DC villains.  Getting to learn about Jericho's past...not so much.  That was my ONE problem with this issue.  Too. Much. Jericho.  I've never liked Jericho.  Frankly, I agree w...

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They kiss! Oh and, God help us all 0

SPOILER WARNING! First off, I can't believe that this is Jim Lee's artwork.  After seeing him work his magic in Batman: Hush and All-Star Batman and Robin, I find it hard to believe that he did this.  Not saying that this isn't good, it is.  It's just I've seen him do better.  Anyway, moving along.  First off, I just want to say that I love the idea of the Deputy Lanterns.  So much, in fact, that I really think that Barry Allen should remain a Blue Lantern and Scarecrow a Sinestro Corps Officer....

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Move on...and move out 0

Taking a quick detour from the action, the story shifts to Green Lantern John Stewart, who stumbles upon an army of Black Lanterns led by his now very nasty undead wife Katma Tui.  Overwhelmed, outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched; John finally comes to terms with his failure to save Xanshi and pulls off a truly badass move of creating an army of green energy soldiers before making a run for it.  It's also worth mentioning that we get to see John's past as a Marine (which was an idea they firs...

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The Lanterns Unite 0

Note: This is my first review, so be kind.   Oh, and Spoiler Warning.  By the start of the issue, the Blackest Night is in full force, and Hal, Sinestro, Indigo-1, Saint-Walker, and Carol Ferris have all united against the common enemy.  That just leaves Attrocitus and Agent Orange.  Neither one is really in any mood to cooperate but Sinestro basically tells Agent Orange that he doesn't have a choice in one of my favorite parts of the story.  The group gets teleported to sector 666 where Attroci...

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