Top 20 Batman Villains

This here is my list of my 20 favorite Batman villains in order of least favorite to most favorite.  Note that this list ONLY includes people that are mainly Batman villains, so guys like Deadshot and Lex Luthor, who Batman has fought but aren't Batman villains, are not on the list.

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For those who are wondering why the following villains are NOT on my list.... 
Catwoman: I don't really consider Catwoman a Batman villain anymore and I like her better as a hero anyway (see my Top 25 DC Heroes list for proof of that) 
Ras al Ghul: I HATE Ras al Ghul and it annoys me that everyone seems to love him.  He's stupid.  OK, he was pretty cool in Batman Begins, but he sucks in the comics for the most part.  He's just way overrated and overused.  So many cooler Batman villains like Mr. Freeze and Bane don't feature in ENOUGH stories while Ras keeps getting to be in more and more.  Well screw that, I'm SICK of Ras al Ghul.   
Mad Hatter: Mad Hatter sucks.  With his stupid mind-control hats and his pathetic obsession with Alice in Wonderland, he is easily one of the worst Batman villains ever.  He was OK in Batman the Animated Series, but again, sucks in the comics.

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I like it.    
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Why do you love Talia so much but hate her dad? Also, why is the Joker so low? I know he's overused, but not # 20 on a top 20 list overused.

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Why is poison ivy the second best?