My Top 25 DC Villains

Hey Everyone!  This is my list of 25 favorite DC Villains, in order from my least favorite to my most favorite.  I also put quotes for some of the villains but it may be a little hard to tell.  Enjoy!
Note: My knowledge of DC is rather limited.  If I make any mistakes, please let me know. 

List items

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This is the list of sources for the villain's quotes: 
Agent Orange: Green Lantern Volume 5 Issue 39  
Captain Cold: Unknown
Doctor Polaris: JLU Season 3, Episode 1 
Harley Quinn: N/a
Doomsday: N/a 
Two-Face: The Dark Knight 
 Superwoman: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths 
Ultraman: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths   
General Zod: Common demand to enemies
Bane: Batman Issue 497
Owlman: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths 
Cyborg Superman: N/a 
Black Adam: Unknown 
Riddler: Unknown
Zoom: Infinite Crisis Issue 1  
Scarecrow: Batman Begins
Sinestro: Blackest Night Issue 7 
Darkseid: Justice League Season 2, Episode 1 
Deathstroke: Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe 
Parallax: N/a 
Jason Todd: Batman: Under the Hood 
Superman Prime: Infinite Crisis Issue 4
Hush: Batman Issue 618
Lex Luthor: Superman Batman: Public Enemies 
The Joker: The Dark Knight

Posted by Bat-God

Nice list! I agree with a lot of it. Except the crime syndicate. they're no where near my top 25.
Posted by arrowfan237

I like it.    
Posted by JLegend

Umm... I think you forgot someone, someone you probably shouldn't have overlooked. Does the name Anti-Monitor ring any bells? I wouldn't put him at #1 i think luthor, joker, brainiac or darkseid deserve that spot, but a top 10 nay a top 25 without the being who on multiple occasions has nearly destroyed existence? I think you need to reevaluate your list. Half o these characters are based on power, influence and destruction and the others on popularity with the fans. If your list was based on their potential for destruction, joker, two face, deathstroke and many others should be booted out to make way for more deserving foes. If it is fan based, I think you forgot a couple names. Idk, Grod, Al Ghul, and Amanda Waller (although I'm not sure if she is actually a villain or an ally). Just saying, you should stick to one determining factor because this list is offset and jumbled ad makes little sense. Sorry, just being honest. In closing, Anti Monitor. 'Nuf said.

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I'm guessing the list goes number 1 is the 25th best & number 25 is the best villain? If so, good list, if not, terrible. But I think Darkseid should be ranked a little higher & Ra's al-Ghul is definitely one of the top 10 best villains of all times, why did you not include him? (I'm just interested as to why)

Posted by MTHammer

@darth_spidey: The Captain Cold quote is from Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge

Posted by Black_Manta

Why you no like black manta?

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@darth_spidey: The Riddler quote was from the 1995 movie Batman Forever, but most fans wish that movie was never made so I can see why you left it out/ didn't know.

@jlegend: He didn't make the list on how powerful they are. Obviously Batman villans wouldn't be on the just because they don't have god-like powers. He based the list on what his favorites are hence the title "My Top 25 DC Villans", not everyone bases their favorite on power. Many people (myself included) prefer superheroes that don't have powers, yet can still stand among Gods. In my opinion most superheroes/villans are just too over the top powerful. i mean some of them can destroy the universe for crying out loud.