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Another vote for Riddler right here!

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@veshark: I honestly don't use a lot of the motion controls that are implemented in the Wii version as they're basically just purely optional. Every attack or move that can be executed via a motion control can be done with button presses at the same time so I just pretty much just press the buttons just like in any other version. Moon Knight is a character that I might like to try in a future play through since I'm probably going to stick with the team I choose so as to not have to do a whole lot of trying to level a lot of different characters. Any of the X-Men characters will probably the last ones that I'll play with on this game since I also have X-Men Legends II for my Gamecube and it seems like there are a lot of repeat characters in MUA that were in that game. Even if they play differently in MUA, I'd still like to try out all of the newer character options first you know.

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There are three awesome names I can't believe I have had the good fortune to copyright for a currently in development limited comic series I'm writing. So now they're taken, but they just prove that great names are still out there.

  • Archetype
  • Superb
  • The Superhuman

No, you've copyrighted the ideas behind the concepts of those characters, and the names for those characters of course comes with that, but you can't just copyright the names alone, that's not how copyright works.

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I don't dislike any black characters, in fact I don't have a problem with and pretty much do like all of the most well known ones that are out there and never really much cared or thought about whether or not these characters have been portrayed as just "racial stereotypes" or whatever. I've always just seen them as the characters they are and their race has never been an issue for me. However, I do have to admit that most of my exposure to these characters is from them being in team books, or from other media such as movies and/or TV, and I can't honestly say that I've ever really brought a comic series featuring a black character. I guess it really does go along with the whole "unrelateable" thing as I'm white/hispanic and even though a character's skin color doesn't really have any meaning to me, books featuring black characters solo just don't appeal to me, and it's probably because I'm not black myself. Case in point, I like some of the Milestone characters such as Icon & Static from my exposure to them through other media outside of comics, but back in the 90s when Milestone was selling pretty big, I really had no interest in it because it just seemed like the whole point of that line was to do exactly what this thread is about, make popular black characters that will sell comics, and it worked. However, I just saw it as every character was just a black version of already popular characters. for instance, Icon was/is the "black Superman" and I think wasn't there even a guy called "Hardware" who was basically the "black Iron Man?" Static was probably the most original one of the bunch, and even he's an homage to "Black Lightning" so there really isn't that much originality to him either, and his original look had him looking like some gangsta in a Malcolm X hat, so that didn't appeal to me much either, so there you go.

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Actually, I finally just got this game for my Wii a few months ago and I've been playing with a team of Spidey, Thing, Iron Man, and Spider-Woman, and named my team "The Superfriends."

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You can't copyright names, so it doesn't matter if a name is "taken" or not, you can name a character anything you want.

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Aquaman - "I don't just talk to fish."

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Jedi - Luke, Obi Wan, Yoda

Sith - Maul, Tyrannus (Dooku), Vader

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John for me as well, I've just always thought of Hal as being boring and a lot of that is because in my mind a Lantern should have some imagination in how they use their rings. That's why Kyle has always been my favorite from when he was introduced, as he's the GL who is an artist and has a great imagination to actually make some fantastic constructs with his power. Hal just always makes giant fists and other lame things like baseball bats. My most favorite scene from GL comics was from the Rebirth storyline I think where they compared how John, Kyle and Guy each used their rings and I think that it was from Hal's perspective to show how each of them was unique in their own way, and how each was worthy to be a GL in their own right, and how Hal himself was worthy to come back to life and be a GL again. Basically it showed John that since John is an engineer that his constructs tended to be more mechanical based and were like schematics even down to the tiniest of details like they even have all the working parts! That's really awesome! Then of course Kyle was shown to be the consummate artist sketching out something really cool from his imagination with his ring, and even erasing and redrawing parts of it with a pencil construct, and lastly Guy was shown to be like a leaky faucet with just sparks of green energy just always pouring out of his ring simply because he's just bursting with so much pride to just be a GL that he almost can't contain his sense of willpower. I've never thought of Guy as being all that creative either, but at least from what I've seen of his constructs it seems like he's always played the part of him being the "Warrior" and making various weapons which is still much cooler than lame boxing gloves and baseball bats.