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This thread is disgusting. Violence against women is a serious problem, it's not something to brag about.

Violence against anyone regardless of gender is wrong.

Its not the gender but the situation that determines when violence against someone is wrong or right.



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This thread is disgusting. Violence against women is a serious problem, it's not something to brag about.

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Not much interest in the non-F4 characters but I do really like Allred's style. It seems people are very torn on it. I like it, It's clean and has personality. Some of the movements seem a little stiff I guess but at least it's all very anatomically correct and the women are drawn like human beings not sex dolls.

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Wow! This thread is bonkers!

Totally loved the review too

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Also, I think the people saying that NEW 52 Teen Titans sucks just because these characters aren't there. Wally and Donna weren't in the last team and if they were just before Flashpoint they probably would've been replaced anyway.

So, what you mean to say is "New 52 sucks" not "New 52 TEEN TITANS sucks", the book is good so don't hate on it just because of these things being absent from the WHOLE UNIVERSE.

No...I think what a lot of people are saying is thtat New 52 Teent Titans sucks. Because they don't like it. And people are angry that instead of trying to write pre-existing characters that we liked, we have new and unlikable characters pretending to be the characters we knew.

This is a good article! It made me a little sad thinking about all the friends that we've lost.

RIP Teen Titans

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Love McKone's Batman!! Best of the bunch

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The scar is interesting. I thought the Dr. Veritas flirting was really strange.

Jimmy in the shower? Dumb. I mean good for Jimmy I guess but I'm guessing we'll never see this girl again and it's just to show that Jimmy has game. But he's just coming off as the obnoxious roommate.

Superman abusing his powers to creep on Lois Lane? Is this Super-dick silver age superman again? Wasn't this the same issue when he had been ranting about morality and honesty? Hypocritical. I disapprove.

Quitting? I don't know, it's not totally off base because there's some real worldness in the fact that print media is dying, but the Daily Planet was always supposed to be the newspaper that upheld honesty and stuff. I'd prefer to see the real Perry and the real Lois stick to their guns and fight this corporate infestation. But I'll try to reserve judgement because I hope that Clark, Lois, and the gang are able to save the Planet. If they've written the Planet off completely and he never goes back then i'll have a problem with that. The Daily Planet is an integral part of the Superman mythology.

New Powers. It's interesting, just confusing. I thought New 52 Superman was supposed to be less powerful? That's the only confusing thing, the new power is a little intriguing.

I didn't enjoy the issue, the dialogue was excessive and hard to get through. I think it's really hard to do thought balloons well, and I thought they were too cheesy. I have grown fond of Rocafort's art though. I'd be angrier about all the changes if it were actually Superman. This new character feels nothing like the real Man of Steel or who he's supposed to be. Hopefully Scott Snyder's title will be good.

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My knee jerk reaction was blinding fury, but then I realized that the real Superman is gone and that this Superman lite is all that remains. He's basically just a different character at this point so I'm not going to waste my energy complaining. I'll just keep not buying my favorite character.

Maybe Scott Snyder will be able to do a decent Superman story.

I think my problem with Lobdell isn't his writing ability (though i don't love the wordy adolescent dialogue) it's the same problem I have with a lot of the New 52, it's the fact that instead of building on what's come before and then doing something new, they're recreating the characters into something totally different and calling them the same name just to fit the writer's fancy.

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Oh god. This page. My heart is breaking and I may actually cry. I think Dick and Barbara should end up together, but I did always like his relationship with Starfire too. Oh my god you can feel the heartbreak. Poor Kory :(

Such a loving and warm hearted girl, i miss her. But I think Kory does need to find a man besides Dick since he has Babs. I like the idea of Starfire/Roy in theory but only as a temporary thing. I could see Starfire with Capt Comet or a Space-themed superhero.

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Ugh the butthurt.