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For MS Paint, that's pretty good.

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Sorry; seriously unable to read through that block of text right now. Could we have the ten-seconds sale pitch? What's it about, who's involved - that sorta stuff. One sentence answers - brevity is bliss.

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I'd suggest just looking at the anatomy a bit more. Even if you intend to exaggerate features, being able to draw more anatomically accurate can help. At least that's the theory.

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I prefer the One Year Later look myself. I don't mind this, but I just think it could be sleeker - as it is it feels like there are a few too many different design elements (attempts at respecting the classic-50's design, but also implementing the Brightest Day look in addition to making it look more modern and alien simultaneously - I just don't think it meshed too well. The remains of the 'X' particularly I don't think work well, but without them the costume feels incomplete. The OYL design is sleek and the retaining of the 'X' works better IMO). I just have some issues with it - it works, but I think it could be better.

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They will treat the cinematic franchise with as much hesitance as they do Wonder Woman for the foreseeable future. They have no other superhero properties lined up to restore faith in any other franchise other than Batman - their Justice League film plans may even be postponed further because of the backlash against MOS and, earlier, Green Lantern. Needless to say, DC will probably slip even more behind Marvel in the cinematic 8-ball unless Marvel trips over its own success.

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Marvel Re-Imagined: Daredevil #15 - 18

The long-awaited conclusion to 'Drink with the Devil' starts here! Matt Murdock finds himself living a normal life; a life where 'Daredevil' doesn't exist and he's haunted by the sensation of burning and laughter. What's happened to Matt Murdock? Rated 'Teen' for language and themes.

DC Re-Imagined: Hawkman #4-6

Carter Hall finds himself ever more enraptured by the mysterious blade, shown to him by one Anton Hastor, but there are far darker forces at work. DCR: Hawkman continues as Carter Hall begins to discover the secrets of his very existence. Rated 'Teen' for language and themes.

Marvel Re-Imagined: Runaways

The only children of the Yorke's, Minoru's, Wilder's, Stein's, Dean's and Hayes' have known each other their entire lives - and now they find themselves trapped together in a strange trans-dimensional hotel. What's the secret of 'The Hostel'? MR: Runaways starts here; rated 'Teen' for language and themes.

Horror Inc: Dracula #3-6

The stage is set and Jonathon Harker is your humble narrator. After a brief flashback to how Mina and Harker first met, Jonathon finds himself becoming acquaintances with the mysterious 'Van Helsing' and together they unearth a dark and bloodied history of the ancient Hapsburg dynasty. Rated 'Teen' for language and themes.

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Wait - people hate Molly? I've only ever seen love for Molly Hayes.

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@4donkeyjohnson: I'm glad you liked it :)

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The film is rated MA15+ in Australia (restricted to viewers of over 15 years); I recall reading the book myself when I was 15. Should be perfectly okay for a 15 year old to read.

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I was a bit uncertain of the present-tense narration to start with, but this really worked. It really, really worked.It clicked together, there were some bits I wasn't sure of but schiess. This is good.