Kamen Rider: Hibiki ( a kitten review)

Hello and welcome, to the first review in a series of reviews that I will be attempting to do in the upcoming months. This series is called Henshin!

A look at my favorite (or maybe my least favorite) Kamen Rider and Super Sentai shows. I know these appeal to a specific audience, so don't worry I plan on doing other Kitten reviews as well. But, I'm doing these because I like sharing my interests with others along with maybe giving people something new to fall in love with. Feedback is encouraged. Even if you just want to make fun of me for not watching shows about meth : P

Back story:

Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) one of Japan’s most popular and longest running “super hero” properties. Kamen Rider Hibiki is the Fifteenth series in the Rider family; it is its “Artsy” member.


As odd as this may sound but, depending on how you look at it, the superhero stuff is secondary, centered around Asumu Adachi, a young boy entering High school, unsure about himself as he enters the adult realm, turning to the main character, Hibiki, on how to better himself as a person.

Now back to the hero stuff, in this world, peace is upheld by the Kamen Riders refered to as "Oni". Japan and subsequently the World is being threatened by Makamou, giant Kanjiu monsters. The Oni battle the Makamou with "Pure sound." (Yep they kill monsters by rocking out. : D)


My favorite part of the show is the Father/Son, mentor dynamic between Hibiki and Asumu, Hibiki, a hero that’s worth idolizing, giving advice and then beating up giant crabs with drum sticks. Asumu learns from the other oni riders as well as they train and hone their skills along with their own personal growth. Asumu's development is gradual and believable.


Odd that I pick the series that is so unlike the others Kamen riders, it moves away from the norm and tries bold ideas (Yeah, I’ll admit, it took me a bit to get fully into it), trading in belts and cell phone morphers for tone forks and whistles, downplaying cgi and focusing on other visuals, stunning music and heart to carry it, but that’s the beauty of Hibiki. Like I said it’s the Judy Funny from Doug of Kamen Rider.

If you’re not the artsy type, you may not dig it, and if you are they flip the script and turned into more like the other Rider series, which you may not like. :D

But with show many other Rider series out there is bound to be one for you ^-^

I’d suggest to someone looking for a hero that follows a different drum beat, giving it a 7.9 out of 10 on the Henshin scale.

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Posted by lykopis

I am so excited you reviewed this!

Nice rundown about the series and reasons why you enjoy this particular run. I like the idea of music-derived attacks, it's the kind of out of the box thinking that catches me.

I am watching your link now.

Posted by Darling_Luna
Edited by kyrees

@darling_luna: what's your rating on its movie version, kamen rider hibiki and the seven senki ? have you watched it ?

sad note though, the actress playing hinaka tachibana has passed away 5 years ago. sad for someone to pass away that young

Posted by Darling_Luna

@kyrees: Sadly haven't seen it yet V-V

and I didn't know that, very sad V-V

Edited by lykopis

@darling_luna: Apparently, Hibiki works out and likes to sing about whatever he is doing. I shall love him.

@kyrees: That's really sad. :(

Posted by Darling_Luna
Posted by _Zombie_

Hibiki's been making the rounds on tumblr lately. Oughta check it out sometime.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Gaim so far, if you're watching it.

Posted by Darling_Luna

@_zombie_: Only the first one, but it's out there, even for Toei. From what I've seen it's like samurai clan war/ dancing street gang war. But it's fruit samurai and this thing with locks hehe. Like it or not, you only have to wait a couple months to the new one : D

Posted by dccomicsrule2011

xP Nice reveiw. I will be checking this out later today for sure. =D

Edited by dccomicsrule2011

xP Nice reveiw. I will be checking this out later today for sure. =D

Posted by Darling_Luna
Posted by dccomicsrule2011
Posted by Samimista

D'aw! This is adorable. Really nice to see kitty back! <3

Posted by Joygirl

Lmao, epic! Fighting evil through rock, pretty hilarious and cool at the same time. Cool character designs too -- nice review! <3

Posted by Darling_Luna