Interesting Day...

Maybe deciding to quit smoking cold turkey whilst in the middle of a creative project was a bad idea.

Let’s think about this for a moment. I’m in the process of working on getting a skeleton frame work for two webcomic ideas and formulating a script for another project. The latter is stressing me out a little; especially since I’m at the phase where I look at everything written for the arc, then scratch me head and go: well… maybe this will produce the desired character change better—which in turn changes EVERYTHING that I could possibly do with the summary as written thus far.

Add to that the quitting smoking thing? Yeah… I am not the happiest camper at the office today.

The most unfortunate problem is that it’s effecting the writing process. Ideas seem shoddy and hastily assembled. Nothing passes inspection. I look at ideas I have forwarded to others to look over and just go: ultimately, all of those are crap.

It’s hilarious; or would be, if it weren’t me. 

Funny part is, I truly like the ideas I have put down so far because I can see the script and dialogue in my mind—almost like a slideshow as I read myself the synopsis. Seems I just need to work on condensing that into something mentally digestible.

Anyway… I wonder…what’re the most annoying obstacles people have had to work around while in the middle of a creative project/endeavor?

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