Thoughest fights in the marvel universe!

Finally finished!

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Posted by Sebastian Dark

great list
Posted by adamwarner42

great list but you forgot Juggernaut

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This is one helluva list, man! 
The character selection was excellent, but what really sets this list apart is the fact that you wrote a little something up for each character listed.  Way to make an exceptional list.  Good job.
Posted by doublezeroduck

Good list. Finally one with a few comments on why!

Posted by Taylove

Real good list i don't see a few of my boy's on here but still it's a cool list.
Posted by AssertingValor

good list mate!.....
Posted by jakeeboi17

Good list! But Sinister isn't a mutant ;) Haha

Posted by GR2Blackout

LOL about the Big Bertha thing.

Posted by namorSUPRMEME

no namor?

Posted by mightiness

Cool list.

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Notice how there are a bunch of people who Spiderman has taken down are here but there is no Spiderman on the list... hhhmmmmmm

Otherwise, great list. Exept that you missed phoenix