Thor VS

This picture is the cover for AVX: VS #4, so here is the question, who do you think is going to be fighting Thor? By the image it seems as though it will be a female character. I'm actually starting to think that it might be the Scarlet Witch for some reason, thought I think she is siding with the avengers.

Posted by Aeroman

I'm gonna say storm

Posted by telepathic666

i doubt it will be storm

Posted by V1ctorAugusto

hope...with phoenix? maybe...

Posted by DATNIGGA

Jean?... is that you?

Posted by darkwolverine

@V1ctorAugusto: No, it is issue four after all. I don't think that marvel would show that fight that early.

Posted by sonny1

It's probably Ms. Marvel, the last issue of secret avengers hints at this.

Posted by darkwolverine

@sonny1: I think you might be right since one of the future issues of new avengers where rougue is fighting ms marvel it says that at the end of the fight one of them will switch sides.

Posted by broo1232

Emma as one of the Phoenix five.