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I really enjoyed this issue! Giffen's art was fantastic, and the story was simply fun. I'm not sure I agree with the negatives, but not everyone is going to agree on everything. Pretty fair review and score.

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Tuesdays at 8:00? Uh oh! That means unless either NCIS or Agents of SHIELD switches timeslots, I'm either going to have to drop a show or switch back to Comcast, (which I've actually been thinking about) because I can't record three shows at once with Fios.

Aren't NCIS and AOS on at 9:00pm?

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I've already backed and am spreading the word. Joey's comic work has been amazing thus far.

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@xwraith: You won't have to. This is set 5 years ahead of what's currently going on in GA

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I voted Wonder Woman because she's a character that tends to get little exposure compared to the other 4.

However, I'm guessing Spider-man will win thanks to the timing of this poll being the same week as Amazing Spider-Man #1 and the new movie's release in America. Funny how that works out... it's as if it was planned that way...

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I can't disagree with anything in this review - spot on!

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I'm so glad this is available digitally - it's simply fantastic.

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My guess would be Martian Manhunter.

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Had this question been asked who I thought was the "best" Robin, the answer would be Tim Drake. However, Dick Grayson has been, and continues to be, my favorite to don the tunic. He is neither the smartest, nor the strongest, of the Robins (I'd say Tim and Jason, respectively). However, he has an unwavering amount of charisma that makes him instantly likable. He was targeted for death by Dan Didio during Infinite Crisis because it would cause the greatest emotional impact both within the story and for fans. And now that he is again the target of a DC event - Forever Evil - fans have been pretty vocal about their thoughts at the notion of possibly losing Dick.

Like his mentor, he has connections with just about everyone. However, unlike his mentor, everyone seems to like him as a person. I bring up how well liked he is, not because of some wish-fulfillment to be well-liked myself, but because it easily paints a picture of who the character is. It's meaningless for Superman to think someone's an okay dude - he sees the good in everyone. But when Guy Gardner or Hal Jordan also think that, there's some weight behind it.

Dick is easily the most well-adjusted member of the Bat Family. To steal from another's sentiment, he is an everyman who walks among gods. He rose above tragedy to become a hero without losing his sense of what is right and, perhaps most importantly, his optimism. It is that optimism which truly sets him a part from the other Robins. Jason was (and at times continues to be) perpetually angry, Tim started optimistic but eventually fell down the rabbit hole of brooding (thanks to Identity Crisis). Stephanie was Robin for an hour. Damian had a fascinating character arc but was cut down before he could fully embrace the hero he'd become. Dick, meanwhile, has been optimistic from the start, providing a striking contrast to Batman during his tenure as Robin. It has only helped him stand apart from the other Bat Family characters when he struck out on his own. And that's why he's my favorite.