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@k4tzm4n there's actually two trailers out there. You posted the international, but the domestic one is out there too:

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Okay. I'm sold.

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I understand not wanting to spoil things, but I was a little frustrated listening to this podcast. This is mostly because one of your opening lines this week was essentially "there are going to be spoilers, you've been warned." As someone that had read the issue before listening, I was pretty stoked to hear Kyle and you talk rather unchained about this issue and the possible ramifications down the road.

Don't get me wrong, if this podcast had come out the week prior, I'd fully understand the spoiler free stance. But considering the issue itself was on stands (or available digitally) when this podcast went up, you could have made good on your opening statement about discussing what actually happened in the issue. It's not like spoilers haven't been discussed on the podcast before.

Aside from that gripe, I still really liked the podcast; it's always fun to listen to these creators. Maybe you could get Andy Diggle on one day to discuss what happened with Action Comics?

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@bob808 said:

I can't believe that Dick Grayson wasted money on a video game for someone that is dead.

I think he got ripped off too. I don't know anyone that owns an X-Bax480. What an idiot.

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I agree with almost everything in this review - the only difference being the art. It didn't bother me that much, but that's largely because I was expecting Ryp's style this month. It totally threw me for a loop last month though. That said, I'm excited to see what Brett Booth brings to this book. Overall, I really did love this issue - especially the twist at the end.

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I would buy this book just for the covers. Every one has been gorgeous. It helps that the book is equally amazing.

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the cover is really powerful damn you dc why why

This cover was a better story than the issue itself.

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I can't wait for James to complain about this "low" score from on the podcast.

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@TheRobberBarron: You have to be delusional if you ever thought the Batman #666 universe was ever going to come to pass as the status quo. But even with Damian now dead, there's nothing that can stop DC from putting out an Elseworlds-style miniseries about that possible future.

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Agree 100% with the review...

I am fairly new to comics (Jumped on board with the New 52)... I have recently finished the Batman RIP story line... this issue makes me want to read the Dick and Damian team up in Batman and Robin!

RIP Damian

Morrison's "Batman & Robin," with Dick and Damian as the dynamic duo, is one of the most fun reads I've ever had. You're in for a real treat.