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Deathstroke ftw

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Red Hood Wins more often than not

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Red Hood takes both rounds especially since he has New 52 feats

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Jason pwns both no question , Ftw!!!!!!!!!

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@leonkarlen123 said:

Let's make some Iron Man takers change their mind... I have no idea how durable the Mark 3 Armor is but I know it is not one of his best suits. Cyclops have blasted holes through Giant Sentinels even from a far away range, I doubt Mark 3 is more durable unless someone wants to make an argument. Also he is slouch in the agility department either, he is pretty damn fast actaully.

I second this man

I third this man

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@@ First of all you said Bucky is not capable of doing damage to wolverine but if you look at the two scans I just showed you which I doubted you paid attention too he clearly gets the drop on wolverine and goes toe to toe with him and he is second to cap in combat I've showed you also a bunch of fights where he best caps villains with flying colors look again

Bucky has proven his fighting ability against creditable fighters such as Black Widow, Sin, Crossbones, Batroc the Leaper, Wolverine and more. Although he has doubted himself by comparing his physical ability to Steve's super soldier abilities (Approximately 3 times stronger and faster than himself), with his lack of super soldier formula and ability to go toe to toe against many of Steve’s rogues and win proves that he is on a level close to Steve's fighting ability.

Against Wolverine:

Bucky takes out a group of Ninjas and Wolverine (Without Adamantium).






Bucky with prep outsmarts Wolverine (with Adamantium) and nearly beats him to death if it wasn’t for the Adamantium and healing factor. Good thing he had backup.













Did you feel the last two fights weren't clear enough who was better? Well here Bucky is defeating Batroc soundly. Batroc results to cheap tricks to get away.











Beats Batroc the Leaper a villain who has given cap trouble on several occasions

And Crossbones who has whipped bullseye into shape Bucky has done everything Steve has done and you claim Daredevil is above his level. I say how dare you?(lol, did you get it)


He can also send electrical shocks to another person which can stun batman enough for Bucky to get a kill shot


His metal arm as I've said before stun the likes of wrecker who is class 40 and his metal arm can be detached and be controlled which means he can send his arm at batman as he pleases which can be his opening attack.

Bucky slices AK-47 in half with arm throwing the shield:


Not impressive enough? Lets Bucky cut through Robots Leg using shield, not at the joint area either:


Bucky's Winning Drive:Bucky is gonna first send his arm at bats which hits then they comes shoots with a pistol batman dodges and uppercuts him then they go into a bros feint each other and strike each other but Bucky's metal arm hits batman right across the chin and he drops Bucky shocks batman with his emp on his arm then goes in for the kill with the knife.

Bucky has more weapons get that can set him up for the kill- Cybernetic Arm, Knife and pistol, Emp

More striking power+deadlier fighter= K.O for Batman

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek @cable_extreme @higorm @k4tzm4n @wolverine08 Voting can start now hope you guys enjoyed it

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Captain America Ftw

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Captain America Ftw

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