Deathstroke and Prometheus(Top Mercenaries/Asassins)Who is Better

Deathstroke aka Slade - New 52
Deathstroke. Always prepared - Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special

Lobo - New 52

Prometheus Vs Deathstroke(Top Mercenary/Assassin)

Who is the better Fighter?

Who is the better Mercenary?

Who is the better Character?

Who is the better Strategist?

Who is the better Batman Villain?

These Are My Questions


Batman Vs Captain America

Batman Vs Captain America

Both are trying to prove who is the better fighter

Fight takes places in a Gladiator arena

Round 1:Hand to Hand,Moral Off

Round 2:Bat has swords and cap has his shield,Morals on

First person who gets knocked out wins