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Michael Brown was an ok student had a b average,didn't get bullied because of his older brother had his back,didn't get any girls because he was shy,then the day that changed his life forever,when his brother was sick,bullies rushed to torture Michael,but then David Henderson the top bully through a rock with many colors,when lightning came down it reacted with the magic rock and the rock surged right into Michael stomach.Therefore Michael was in the hospital,but when he woke back up he discovered he had powers.He had super strength class 20,energy projection,and mad combat skills between batman and black panther.He had asked Chung Lin best martial artist in the world to train him,however after 5 years of training he discovered Chung Lin was evil,and trying to take away Michael's powers,so when Chung Lin challenged him to a death match Michael used a special kick that ko'd Chung Lin after a long fight.Michael left him alive but then made a promise that he would stop every villain that he saw,to bring justice and liberty,so he would disguise as a villain then defeat them as a hero,Therefore his superhero/villain name was Dark Tiger.This is my Super Biography.

Name:Michael Brown


Weight:198 Pounds

State:New York

Occupation:College student, Business Man,Superhero/villain,Martial arts Teacher

Education:From The Gifted Teenagers of the Future

Abilities:Has Class 25 super strength,Can leap from far away distances,Energy Projection breaks steel,can also break gold,Also a Master at armed and unarmed combat.

Weapons of Choice:An Adamantium Broadsword,A Promethium staff,2 batons and ,and a desert eagle,ak-47

My Hero:Dark Tiger