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@The_Roman: IF Radar (Sk) doesn't post in 30 minutes just post okay.

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Charles stopped greeting everybody when he heard, "Now introducing our wonderful host and the leader of all this Charles St. Cloud." Charles walked onto the stage shaking the woman announcer's hand. He waited for a minute or two smiling at the men and women in the crowd. Finally after the applause died down, he began to speak, "Ladies and Gentlemen, if I haven't already told you Welcome." He took the microphone off the stand so he could walk around the stage, getting and keeping everybody's eyes on him. "We all know why we're here, we're here for an idea, the idea that we can move forward and leave this violent and sad pass behind. Your generous donations are going to a great cause you see, each single donation adds up and we all know money is power." Charles joked. "I have several ideas for what the donations will go to. One of the ideas is for better schools because we know the children are the future and we all want the future to be great. Another idea is...." Charles held the mike as a hologram arose in front of him.


"....To destroy all those rundown buildings where criminals and other things happen and make room for new ones, so new businesses can come in and we can prosper even more. Finally the idea I'm most excited for is a city-wide railroad that will reach various districts of New Haven and bring us together as a whole." Charles smile was so wide and it showed how ready for all this. "Questions?" People rose their hands for responses and Charles smiled even more, seeing as everyone else was just as happy.

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@Active_Adaptation: Nice post.

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Street levelers should check out New Haven Ball rpg

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@shadowknight666: Awesome Post man.

Is anyone else interested if not I will continue on.

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Charles sits in his limousine as his driver takes a left turn. Charles was excited and filled with joy, even though his body or face didn’t show it. He knew that if this ball, dance event was to go right it would be the first step to a new beginning for New Haven. No more gangs, no more fear of the darkness, and no more corruption. Oh was this city filled with corruption, from countless thefts to murders to even suicides. It’s as if no one lasted in this place for ever either they left or they were ‘forced’ out. All of that was going to change though, with this ball people would fund for a better city, a better world. Charles had many plans one being a city-wide rail system that would reach to various districts in the city. A smile came upon Charles face as the driver rolled down the window and said, “Sir, we’re here.”

“Thank you Jay.” Charles exited the limo to be greeted with a long red carpet to the city building and a paparazzi with question after question. “People, people all questions will be answered inside, enjoy yourselves.” He entered the building, welcoming the common man to even the mayor telling them all thank you for coming and have fun.

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Lock this one por favor