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Name: Charles St. Cloud


Weight: 225

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Black

Alias:Red Raider


Charles was the son of a millionaire, Richard St. Cloud. At a young age Charles showed his teachers and his parents, that he was very smart. Graduating high school at age 15. He was still naive little boy, but on the summer of his graduation, he spent time in his dad's office. He would have so much free time, he would look down at the city. He saw the city, and thought nothing, until he decided to roam this foreign place. Before, he had been kept away from here, he was usually in his mansion, studying. As he walked around throughout the city, he saw thugs mugging people no one helping, he saw people with signs saying,"Judgement Day is near." He suddenly heard three shots, and out of a store ran a blond haired man running out. Out of shock Charles did nothing, once the man left , he rushed into the store to see a young pregnant woman dead on the floor. Charles couldn't handle it, he began to break down.

After college

Charles decided before he went to college, he would make a difference. He took classes to learn how to run his business once his parents were gone. He took extracurricular classes, like psychology, science, criminology. He finished these things. On his way home, he got a phone call, his parents were found dead this morning, the police were thinking it was murder. Charles grip tightened. He went to their funeral saying nothing to anyone from the reports, to his friends, saw he was a changed man. He was on a mission to stop this. Charles quickly put his mind to work, he realized, to accomplished what he wanted to do, he would need more power, more money. He took over the business, changing it's name starting brand new and making a million dollars into billions. After this, he became one with the people as much as he could. He started projects to make his city better. He also had his own side projects making his own gear and equipment, to finally stop this crime infested city, and possibly even the world. He knew he couldn't just fight crime under Charles St. Cloud, it would cause a lot of problems for him and people around him. He would develop a persona. This persona would be him.

Red Raider

Charles decided on a persona Raider, Red Raider to be exact. Raider meaning he would seize control over this city at all cost. He knew being the Red Raider would allow him to do things that, being just Charles wouldn't. He knew he could escape the law and do things the law wouldn't with this persona. He began developing all kinds of tech to allow him to defeat his enemies. He was already trained physically and mentally. He also had learned fighting techniques, inside and out. He learned to mix these techniques. The world would soon know of the Red Raider, and what he wanted to achieve.


Trained to be physically and mentally tough

High tech

Power influence

Money...lots of it.

Master of multiple fighting techniques