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Out of the comics that I buy consistently DC out numbers Marvel at an almost 1:4 ratio.

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@SHAZAM117: Funny thing is, back in high school I would hang out a a local library after school a bunch and they had EVERY trade paperback of Civil War so I actually know what went down with that. Thanks for the other suggestions I'm gonna pick up some Young Avengers stuff today since I also read the first two trades of that series at the library as well. For the record the library also had the first trade of the 2006 Blue Beetle, the first two for Runaways, Watchmen and a ton of Marvel essentials, man did that library have a good comic section.

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I'm still fairly new to comics in general having only just started with the new 52 and I have not read much of anything from Marvel yet so I was wondering what you guys would recommend I start with. The only thing I have started reading in Marvel so far is Deadpool so nothing is to obvious of an answer. I don't want to go to far back and was thinking about starting with the issues from around January of this year but that is not set in stone.

I haven't been reading comics long enough to be very specific about my tastes but I can say that I tend to not like anything that is overly violent and self serious unless it is really well done. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I got into comics less than a year ago and I have been digital from day one, it has been so easy to to catch up on series or brows for new ones. The other benefit is that I don't even know of any nearby comic shops.

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I don't read Super Hero comics at all, but I was thinking about checking out some of the DC stuff in September. As I was looking at what is going to be put out I noticed that there will be four Batman comics. I'm pretty sure this is not a new thing, what relationship do the multiple Batman books have with each other and the rest of the universe?