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I dropped "the terminator" part of my name a while back... now it's just Deathstroke.

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Crowbar+bomb=apparent death?
I was a kid... I thought he was really dead...
After not reading comics for almost 10 years - Hearing that Connor then Kal-L were killed by a Super got me back in the game
I love when Hulk gets his ass kicked

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That cover looks like "Cyclops - Space Dentist"

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Umm, yeah dude I've seen the show.. both of them. I added the bold to highlight things I would say out-loud in a very sarcastic and condescending tone that would accompany a lost, confused and angry face with hands raised in the air. As if it was really bright out yet possibly raining on only me. I 100% understand that Robbie Amell is from 'The Tomorrow People' (American Version) and that he is Stephen Amell's real life cousin and that he is portraying Ronnie Raymond (1/2 of The Firestorm Matrix) on The Flash. I also 100% understand that Peyton List is also from 'The Tomorrow People' (American Version) just like Robbie, and is now going to be on The Flash as well. If we're just splitting hairs here I would like to mention that Peyton List was also on Smallville as Lucy Lane, Lois' little sister. And since the role of Ray Palmer is already taken by former Superman/Clark Kent actor Brandon Routh, I guess former Superman/Clark Kent actor Tom Welling can't be The Atom on The Flash or Arrow... maybe they'll have him play Bernhard "Buddy" Baker?

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@darkseid_prime: I don´t know if you missed it or what, but they have the male lead from tomorrow people as firestorm. As for casting more people from that show? I really wouldn´t want that. It would just remind me how god damn dissapointing it was. And I don´t think Tom Welling would be a good fit for this show. Beside, what role would you have him play?

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...what about the rest of the cast from The Tomorrow People? And while recycling casts from cancelled/ended shows can we just go ahead and give Tom Welling a job again? For sentimental reasons of course.

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@nightfang: YUP. Blast from the past... Joe Chill is a a definite curve-ball. Joker really is stepping up his game for this one.

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I will contribute to this, LoL

@squalleon: penultimate - pe·nul·ti·matepəˈnəltəmət/adjective

  1. last but one in a series of things; second to the last."the penultimate chapter of the book"
    synonyms:next-to-last, second-to-last, second-last"the penultimate movie on my top-ten list is an animated feature"
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DD & Elektra vs Batman & Catwoman would have been a more interesting match up.. but I think that's already been done on an older BoTW

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First Carol now Jessica? WHY MARVEL!? WHYYYYYYY?

(It's rhetorical.. I think we all know why)

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The shows problem is that it lacks any and all depth in it's characters. It adds nothing new and reminds everyone what isn't going to happen. The creators forget that we actually don't want to see Bruce in this story. Mayyybe once every 3-4 episodes to show us his progression but not every week... he's a fkn kid who isn't Batman or a vigilante. Take out Selena for the same reason. Focus solely on Gordon and Bullock and the Gotham Underworld, don't make Penguin an every episode character (we won't forget about him), kill off Fish Mooney, stop with the dead-end easter eggs (WE KNOW!) and then the show may thrive as original. Make it dark, not fake "gritty" or "realistic" but dark.

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LOBO's face on the cover is what actually gives it away.. and the description given is also a red flag..