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I really wish the MCU would start including more from 2008's The Incredible Hulk. It is canon to the franchise but other than having the Hulk in the Avenger's, they haven't done much else with it. I would like to see Agent's of Shield tackle some of that. For example they could get William Hurt to come on the show as General Ross. Or maybe they can finally show us what happened to Samuel Sterns and perhaps show him become The Leader. Liv Tyler as Betty Ross would also be a nice character to see return at some point, and I wonder if the Government still has The Abomination secured.

Hell, I think they should just make The Incredible Hulk 2 staring Mark Ruffalo. They can make a good one and maybe we can see Red Hulk?

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It was funny when the show hadn't come out and yet and people were like "OMG A show about Gotham that doesn't have Batman in it? LAME!" and now that the show is out suddenly it's "OMG, stop showing Bruce Wayne! Let's see more of everybody else!" It's like no one is going to be happy with how Bruce/Batman are handled in anyway. But it's the internet so I guess this is par for the course.

Honestly I like what they're doing with Bruce Wayne. Since he is a young kid who spent the first six years of his life oblivious to the real world, he's now interested in how it functions. He didn't just wake up one day and say "That's it I'm going to be Batman". He had to be inspired, but he also had to learn. Like this episode where he sees a vigilante get people's attention and it gives him the idea how such a person can bring out the hope in people, but at the same time there is a line that if crossed can get you into serious trouble. The "Balloonman" killed and that made him no different from any other criminal and Bruce knows this.

Others have pointed out other characters who could help flesh Bruce's character out a bit more and I agree that they should be added. It would be interesting to see Bruce get picked on at school and he gets into a fight, perhaps with a young Roman Sionis who picks on Bruce because he had grown resentful of his dumb parent's wealthy friends? Then Bruce can be saved by a young Thomas Elliot who has been his close friend for years. After getting home Alfred is upset to see what happened to him at school but Bruce says it's all right and asks Alfred to teach him how to fight. He will give Bruce his first taste of combat skill before he's old enough to travel the world and seek out other more experienced fighters in different skills.

I know some people don't like this Alfred much but I think he's good for toughening up the kid who will grow up to be one of the most badass characters in comic book history. He seems more like a street brawler whose has his own beginnings in the more seedy parts of the world, which means he can teach Bruce about the underworld he intends to wage war with someday.

Personally I would love to see more stuff like this.

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He could probably pull off a decent Captain Marvel but I would rather seem him play Black Adam.

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@vitacura: Andrea Beaumont was not living happily ever after at the the end of Mask of the Phantasm. In the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue" she had been shown as an assassin, hired by Amanda Waller to kill Terry McGinnis' parents but she couldn't do it.

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It's a shame so many people are turned off by "bugs". I have the game on the Xbox 360 and I haven't seen any of these game breaking bugs myself. Personally I thought the game was pretty sweet and I hope Warner Bros. makes another one, since Rocksteady is done after Arkham Knight.

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Well sure he effects the multiverse. Q has taken Captain Picard to alternate realities before.

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Well this trailer certainly sets up the basic plot of the game. It's good to finally see the Scarecrow's revenge plan in motion since it was teased in Arkham City. With the trailer being narrated by Thomas Wayne and the inevitable "Nightmare sequences" Batman will probably be forced to endure by Scarecrow, hopefully we will get to hear Batman say "I am Vengeance. I am the Knight. I. Am. BATMAN!" at some point lol. There are also a few loose threads which weren't addressed in the trailer however and that would be Azreal's prophecy and Ra's al Ghul.

If you've been paying attention to all the data packets and extortion files, you know that Ra's al Ghul is the true main villain of the series. He is the one who manipulated Quincy Sharp into reopening the closed Arkham Asylum. He is the one who hires Hugo Strange and uses him to manipulate Sharp further, eventually opening Arkham City. He may even have some connection to the Titan formula. Batman defeated Ra's al Ghul in Arkham City but his body mysteriously disappears once the game is beaten. We all know as long as he has access to a Lazarus Pit, he will still cause problems. I believe he will play into Azreal's prophecy as well.

Azreal gave Batman a prophecy stating that he would play a major role in the end of the world. I've been wonder what this could be and rewatching Batman Beyond got me thinking. During the run of Batman Beyond, they would make reference to a historical event known as "The Near-Apocalypse of 09" but they never went into very much detail. All we know is it was an apocalyptic event which the original Batman participated in, (I would assume the Justice League was there as well), and it involved Ra's al Ghul. Considering that Paul Dini was the lead writer for the first two Arkham Games as well as Batman Beyond, I wonder if this is deliberate.

If Ra's al Ghul's body was taken by the League of Assassins and rejuvenated, then perhaps he will tie into Azreal's apocalypse.

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I always thought they should make Faran Tahir's character from the first Iron Man the real Mandarin. Last time we saw him he was temporarily paralyzed by Obadiah Stane and although his men are executed, we never actually see him die. So I figure once his paralyses wore off he found himself wandering the desert, where he eventually stumbles upon a crashed Makluan ship. After studying the ship's technology for a time he returns to the world where he learns about the events of Iron Man 3. He sees how psychologically damaging the Mandarin was for Tony Stark and so returning to the Ten Rings he takes up the Mandarin name and begins a new campaign of terror against Tony.

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Considering their weakness to the Yellow Crystals, is it possible Parallax is involved in some way? I thought Parallax was trapped inside the Central Power Battery which is why they have a weakness to it to begin with? Aya may be made from Parallax or at least influenced by it.

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Despero's ships is totally a Jem'Hadar Attack Fighter from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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