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I'll read these when the run is over, since I don't want to have to wait.

I can't get past his eyes though...Batman without white eyes just seems wrong to me. Creepy kind of.

Agreed, but just so you know, they're white in the comic.

Isn't that odd though, since from what I remember he never has white eyes in the games?

His eyes are white when he has detective vision on, but that's about it.

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I was thinking that maybe the Arkham Knight could have something to do with Protocol 11. The old Arkham Asylum facility became the base of operations for Tyger Guards who watched over Arkham City. It was also believed that Hugo Strange controlled his Tyger Guards using mind control techniques he stole from Jervis Tetch. Perhaps when he activated Protocol 11 before his death, he activated a set of orders hidden in the subconscious of his Tyger Guards and now they are carrying out his vengeance. How they end up working for the Scarecrow is still a mystery, but it's possible it's nothing more than a partnership of convenience since they both want the same thing. The Scarecrow forces Batman out in the open and the Arkham Knight uses the opportunity to hunt him down.

What I really want to know is how are the League of Assassins going to come into play? If you collect every piece of information hidden through all the games, you start to see who the true villain of the series is and that is Ra's al Ghul. He became addicted to Lazarus and was experimenting below Wonder City in an attempt to find a cure for his addiction. In Arkham Origins we discover that Bane was also trying to find a cure for his own addiction to Venom, which Lady Shiva contacts him about. She tells him that her Master, Ra's al Ghul is interested in his research in TN-1, which is a precursor to Titan. After the events of that game we learn that Ra's al Ghul has manipulated Quincy Sharp into opening Arkham Asylum, which was closed at the time, and this is where research on Titan was carried out. It's also worth noting that Doctor Young, who developed the Titan formula, had Ra's al Ghul's body stored in her officer and in Arkham City we learn that his DNA is a key ingredient in creating a cure for Titan.

After Batman defeated Ra's al Ghul in Arkham City, his body was recovered by the League. I would expect them to return at some point in Arkham Knight, especially since Talia was also killed in Arkham City. Ra's al Ghul cannot be happy at all with Batman.

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I'm glad they reference Arkham Origins in this story. That games gets so much hate, but I just recently replayed it and it's not as bad as everyone says. I understand a lot of the criticism, such as the game bugs and the Joker being the main enemy when everyone was excited to see Black Mask, but it still wasn't that bad. I blame the problem on Joker fatigue. Had this been the first game in the series, people would have enjoyed the twist, but since this was the third game in the series people were eager to see a villain that wasn't the Joker for once.

As far as the story goes, it's nice to know it's still considered canon. I was worried it would be ignored because Rocksteady considers their story a "trilogy" but it appears references to Origins are still going to be made. I like that a lot.

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DC/WB have a pretty amazing set up which will most likely never actually go anywhere and it saddens me. They actually have the opportunity to combine their TV and Cinematic universes by doing a Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline. Geoff Johns has been quoted as saying, "We look at it as the multiverse. We have our TV universe and our film universe, but they all co-exist." This is perfect because it allows all the series to do their own thing, but if they so choose they can do a cross over with each other by introducing alternate universes within the multiverse.

We already have Crisis being teased in the CW's Arrow/Flash universe because we've seen the future news paper article stating "Flash Missing. Vanishes in Crisis". On NBC's, Constantine we have this mysterious darkness which continues to rise, which is most likely the Great Darkness from Swamp Thing. In that series, the Brujeria attempted to waken the Greater Darkness during DC's Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline. That's already two shows on two different networks which are working towards one of the biggest multiverse stories in DC.

DC Comics has the perfect opportunity to work their way towards doing a massive Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline which connects their TV universe with the Cinematic universe, but still allowing them to remain their own thing afterwards. Stephen Amell himself was very excited about the possibility and mentioned how neat it would be to cross over with Constantine, since they are starting to move into the magic territory on Arrow. I have to agree with the man. I would absolutely love to see this happen. Like I said, it probably won't ever go anywhere, (lots of legal reasons), but it would blow everyone away if they could make it work. Marvel recently made peace with Sony to get Spider-Man, so I say there is still hope for DC.

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DC/WB have a pretty amazing set up which will most likely never actually go anywhere and it saddens me. They actually have the opportunity to combine their TV and Cinematic universes by doing a Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline. We already had Crisis teased in the Arrow/Flash universe because we've seen the future news paper article stating "Flash Missing. Vanishes in Crisis". On Constantine we have this mysterious darkness which continues to rise, which is most likely the Great Darkness. This means that both shows can exist as separate universes but could still possible cross over. DC did say they could acknowledge the Multiverse and I think it would be neat if they used the TV Series to build up this massive Crisis and then see them all cross over with each other, as well as the DCCU, in one big movie.

I'd love to see that and I know I'm not the only one to consider it.

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Bruce is going to personally investigate his parent's murder. I hope that leads to him learning about the Court of Owls and becoming suspicious of his parent's friends. People really hated Bruce on this show but I actually really like him here and I like his interactions with Alfred. I would like to see these two act out the scene where Bruce discovers the Court's meeting place, only to find it empty and he gets trapped inside for several days. The scene were Alfred rescues him would be really good.

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"You're right detective. I am afraid of authority and the things I'm hiding, I'll never tell you."

"Sounds heavy."

"Heavy? Yes and if you know what's good for you, you won't dig any deeper."

I really want to see a Court of Owls storyline presented in Gotham. The show already has an opening for their appearance, considering the mystery surrounding the Wayne's murders and young Bruce Wayne who is interested in finding the truth. There could be a great scene in this show where Bruce tracks the Court to the Harbor House, only to find it empty and he's rescued by Alfred a few days later after being trapped inside. The Court should remain a mystery by the end of the arc however. Perhaps Gordon and Bullock can get close only to have their investigation fall apart, but then we as the audience get a tease showing the Court being real. A problem for the future Batman to clean up when he's ready. This show has all kinds of potential.

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I hope networks take the Internet and on-demand into their equations. I don't often get to watch shows on TV when they come on, but I do get to watch them on Hulu when they become available. If I have to wait in order to watch them on Hulu, I can usually catch them on-demand sooner. Either way, I will watch them and sometimes I watch them more than once throughout the week while I wait for the new one.

They really need to get with the times and realize that literally sitting in front of the TV isn't the only way to watch TV programs anymore.

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I really wish the MCU would start including more from 2008's The Incredible Hulk. It is canon to the franchise but other than having the Hulk in the Avenger's, they haven't done much else with it. I would like to see Agent's of Shield tackle some of that. For example they could get William Hurt to come on the show as General Ross. Or maybe they can finally show us what happened to Samuel Sterns and perhaps show him become The Leader. Liv Tyler as Betty Ross would also be a nice character to see return at some point, and I wonder if the Government still has The Abomination secured.

Hell, I think they should just make The Incredible Hulk 2 staring Mark Ruffalo. They can make a good one and maybe we can see Red Hulk?

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It was funny when the show hadn't come out and yet and people were like "OMG A show about Gotham that doesn't have Batman in it? LAME!" and now that the show is out suddenly it's "OMG, stop showing Bruce Wayne! Let's see more of everybody else!" It's like no one is going to be happy with how Bruce/Batman are handled in anyway. But it's the internet so I guess this is par for the course.

Honestly I like what they're doing with Bruce Wayne. Since he is a young kid who spent the first six years of his life oblivious to the real world, he's now interested in how it functions. He didn't just wake up one day and say "That's it I'm going to be Batman". He had to be inspired, but he also had to learn. Like this episode where he sees a vigilante get people's attention and it gives him the idea how such a person can bring out the hope in people, but at the same time there is a line that if crossed can get you into serious trouble. The "Balloonman" killed and that made him no different from any other criminal and Bruce knows this.

Others have pointed out other characters who could help flesh Bruce's character out a bit more and I agree that they should be added. It would be interesting to see Bruce get picked on at school and he gets into a fight, perhaps with a young Roman Sionis who picks on Bruce because he had grown resentful of his dumb parent's wealthy friends? Then Bruce can be saved by a young Thomas Elliot who has been his close friend for years. After getting home Alfred is upset to see what happened to him at school but Bruce says it's all right and asks Alfred to teach him how to fight. He will give Bruce his first taste of combat skill before he's old enough to travel the world and seek out other more experienced fighters in different skills.

I know some people don't like this Alfred much but I think he's good for toughening up the kid who will grow up to be one of the most badass characters in comic book history. He seems more like a street brawler whose has his own beginnings in the more seedy parts of the world, which means he can teach Bruce about the underworld he intends to wage war with someday.

Personally I would love to see more stuff like this.