Is Hawkeye the new Ultimate Spider-Man!?

WARNING - The  following theory is Insane! 
Ulitmate Spider-Man is dead. Long live Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel has Announced the death of Spider-Man story arc and It seems that time dear Peter is really going to die (not like ULTIMATUM...When he was only MIA for a few days or less)
 A few days later, Marvel announced a new running series and show us a new look for the Spider-Man.  

"People will see from the very first page, 'Oh, this is different from what I had before,'" Bendis said, explaining that all of the stories in 'Spider-Man' and the other Ultimate titles would stress inventiveness and the new"
Alonso also stressed the "cohesive, tight universe," and that the titles will "be able to take chances you can't take in the universe."
  The new Spider-Man's relationship with Captain America will be quite different from Peter Parker's, given the events of "Death of Spider-Man."

Another  few days  later,  Marvel  has released  the  following image - 
Love these cover things...  
Here we can  see all the key players in the ultimate universe...But wait! is there 2 Spider-Men!? and where the hell is Hawkeye?

Then we got -  
Mr. Hickman is going to wirte a new Ultimate Hawkeye   four-issue mini series. 
Does whatever a spider can?  

The writer revealed a bit about the new costume for the hero, saying "He gets into costume at the end of the first issue, and it's none of the ones you've seen so far. It's probably more like the Hitch one than the other incarnations."
What do you think on my mad theory? 
Is it possble ? Can it be any good? 
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Posted by GundamHeavyarms

I dont think its hawkeye, the new spider-man looks too skinny to be him.  Then again Ultimate Cable turned out to be Wolverine, so anything is possible.

Posted by ironshadow

I think the new Spidey should be Ben Riley, or maybe Flash.

Posted by War Killer

I like the idea of it being Harry Osborn that some one came up with. But personally I like the idea of it being Spider-Man 2099 (I forget his name...). But It's not Hawkeye because the character is too long, plus I like Spider-Man being a teenager. Personally with Millar leaving Marvel, I kinda wish Bendis would focus more on the Ultimate Universe, maybe start writing Ultimates as well since I actually LIKE most of his writing here and it seems he actually understands these characters WAY better than he does in 616.

Posted by HalfGod

gotta get back into the ultimate comics

Posted by joshmightbe

Its gonna be a big mystery for a few issues then its gonna turn out that it was peter all along 

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I don't think it's Hawkeye either. I still don't think Peter will die, but something will cause him the hang up the suit after Death of Spider-man. I think it's either a new character, or an old character.

Posted by ryanmorey

Whoever it is, it is likely someone of age, since that is one of the main attacks they have had on Peter this whole "death of spider-man" prologue is attacking his age and inexperience. It is probably going to be some lame soldier or something... Im following this story, but not really liking it much at all... I hope duo_forbidden is right about him not dying... but after that gun shot? Who knows....