Wednesday Warrior February 6, 2013

So this wednesday held some interesting issues I didn't expect to be sitting on my desk. I was expecting just to go in and pick up my usual but ended up with a little more. It was a I like this cover week.


I still have not seen the film yet so I came into this with just my impressions from the commercials. After reading this, I wish the movie had just been a comic. First off, what caught my eye about this comic is the cover by Jim Lee. I've never been a fan of second printing covers but this is making me rethink some things. The art is amazing and memorable which is rare for movie comics, and the dialogue just feels so eloquent and natural. Dr. King Schultz was definitely the my favorite with Django trailing behind in his blue "costume". I'm not sure if this is taken straight from film but I can't wait to see the next issue and start seeing Django kicking some ass.


Oh Gillen and Land I can't wait for you to be gone. I've been an Iron Man fan since the nineties with issue #1 of Hero's Return. As of late, I just keep feeling like Marvel just wants to rip me off with this series. Land's artwork was okay at best but god why does he make Tony look like he has an extra chromosome? The whole reason I got this book was because Tony gets rejected for such a ridiculous thing as facial hair but now that I think about it, Gillen may just be writing to make fun of the fact Land can't draw faces unless its traced from a porno.

Batman Detective Comics #17

I was really excited for this issue. The Merry Maker had a cool character design and was looking to be a new intriguing character. Unfortunately, before he can really show us what he can do he gets canned and shipped off to Arkham. Now don't get me wrong, this was a good issue. Batman is being his usual awesome self. There is a neat panel where he showcases some pressure point technique which always brings back memories of that good ole mud hole. The ending does yield to some head scratching in that is it an ending of poetic justice or hopefully a possibility we may see the Merry Maker again? Also the New 52 news things at the end made me laugh especially since the have Calendar Man in it.

Hawkeye #7

Memories of hurricane Katrina came back to me when I opened this one up. Its a hurricane Sandy issue that does touch some of the things that happens during these storms. For instance, old people not wanting to leave or people continuing their daily lives like it was just another day. In the south we don't have snow days we have hurricanes and Sandy made me glad I live here. Sandy did a lot of damage but it wasn't a bad storm compared to what we get down here. Hopefully, northern states will learn from this and better themselves. I haven't been reading Fraction's Hawkeye but this issue made me feel like maybe I should give it a look.

Daredevil # 21

I picked this up for the cover. A lot of people have told me if I like Batman then I should read Daredevil. Just like Hawkeye, I haven't been reading the series so I have no clue what is going on. Of course, I liked the way the art is almost cartoonish. It kinda reminds me of Greg Capullo's drawing in Batman.

Venom # 31

This issue was a bit of a refresher from the last two issues. Flash is getting a fresh start in Philly with new story possibilities. Spoilers, Eddie Brock shows up at end looking for Flash. This issue is really more of a interpersonal reflection for Flash which is okay. There is no problem with fleshing out characters a bit more. I mean, Flash is a disabled war veteran superhero with a demon inside him why wouldn't he spend some time reflecting? His new neighbors and job as a PE teacher will hopefully be used in later issues. I'd love to see Iron Sides Flash Thompson roll around and make some kids climb rope. Who knows maybe he can meet a nice teacher and get over Betty.


Well Hellboy is dealing with some family problems. You would think he'd be kinda shocked that he has two brothers? Just like the last issues this is an artist feast leading to an interesting ending that is making me go back and reread #1 and #2. I picked up this series soley because Mignola was doing it and gotta say I'm not disappointed. When I finally get to see Mr. Mignola this issues will definitely be one of the few I ask him to sign.

Batman #497

My local comic shop usually doesn't carry many back issues but when I saw they had this it was hard to resist. Nightfall isn't my favorite story line but come'on the variant cover with out the flap of Bane breaking Batman's back is too awesome.

My issue of the week: Django Unchained#1

I am surprised by this. It's really got me thinking about looking more out of cape comics.

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