Have I ever Read Comic I didn't Like?

A lot of people I've heard about read comics and complain about the story. Some don't like how the character may have changed or how the story went but me I don't recall ever reading a book and than turning away from it. None of the comics I have read or own I would consider trash or boring books. When the day comes that my books are worth a great sum of money even than I will be heartbroken to ever think of letting them go. Even if the character changes his costume, or his mentality or even someone steps in his shoes..I don't get angry it makes me want to read the next title to see if that new suit is hanging around, if a character is really dead or if the replacement will last for a long period of time or even at all.  To put it bluntly I don't get mad at what happens in books or even on tv..I just enjoy the ride that the writers or the actors translate into the media I'm given. 

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Took G-Man's Advice..Well Worth it

So the other day their was a huge buzz on the whole re releasing of the classic X-Men Arcade Game on PSN and XBL. I was skeptical at first because let's face it...90s games were fun back than but they're nothing compared to games made today. I got too used to the new graphics and realistic free flow movement..plus older games hurt my wife's head with the seizure inducing colors and polygons. But regardless I downloaded the X-Men Arcade Game and even with it's flaws compared to the recent comic games it still has it's charm and is really addictive. I have played the game a few times on the US version with Wolverine and Nightcrawler and the Japanese Version with Dazzler and Colossus. Plus if your really into Achievements/Trophies this game has that feature for the consoles so that adds a lot for me, because I like collecting Trophies.


Review of Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Oh yes I finally was able to pick up the game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for PS3. And from the very beginning I was blown away by how different and unique each universe is. Amazing universe is your classic Spider-Man(voiced greatly by Neil Patrick Harris) and in it you have the full arsenal of all of Spidey's amazing abilities, one liners and excellent web combat. in 2009 you take the reigns in a futuristic world with a completely different fighting style and abilities. In Ultimate you have the things that make Amazing such a cool character plus with the added benefits of the Black Costume and Ultimate villains. And Noir is probably the most unique seeing as it is completely in stealth so no quick beat em ups in this universe. The game plays greatly and feels like a truly great experience. I would have to say it is the most addictive Spider-Man game I have ever played right beside of Maximum Carnage for Super NES.


Review of Superman/Batman Apocalypse

DC's sequel to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is another great animated feature for the DC universe. The movie includes Wonder Woman as well and gives people an introduction(Or reintroduction) to Clark Kent's cousin Kara and explains her history as well as establishing her as a big character. I love the animated comic movies, this one is no different. It brings back the original cast once again of Tim Daly as Superman and Kevin Conroy as Batman as well as many other recognizable voice overs. If your a fan of the Dc animated  films you can't miss this one


Some great books my wife bought me

About two weeks ago, my wife Ashley, my Dad and I went to the flea market and my wife was looking for an early birthday gift for me(My birthday is November 12th). And just my luck she came across All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder(Not sure which issue), The Weapon X graphic Novel(from the 80s) and book one of the Dark Knight Strikes Again..all for the fair cost of 13 bucks. I was thrilled to have these books a part of my collection and they were really great reads. Weapon X was a real page turner even though I knew of Logan's past it was very interesting to see it in perspective. Any more good ones you can suggest people?


Finally the weekend is Here

It has been so long since I had the joys of working through the week, getting paid and than having the two days off for fun an excitement. Now that I have been blessed with a job and can support my family again, I have also been making plans...planning and hoping that is. Hopefully with the extra money coming in I can save some back to get Batman Under the Red Hood on dvd..possibly as a birthday present or Christmas gift from a loved one. Yes I have seen that movie but it was so good I have to own it.  I'm not trying to sound like a little kid that doesn' t know how to manage money...trust me I'm a wise investor/spender. But I also like my comics,movies and video games and I will invest in those if I want them bad enough. It is finally weekend...check day...but since it's close to the first of September bill day is also approaching..hmm what a coincidence. Anyways I am ranting but I wanted to share my happiness with finally having a good job and having extra money to support my family, pay bills, eat and sometimes spoil ourselves with


Two more good Elseworld tales

Last week I got the chance to read Superman: Red Son and Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. Those books were amazing, and stayed true to what makes them who they are despite being in a different setting/year/etc. Though it has been years since I read a Superman book(because I'm not a big Superman fan) I still found Red Son to be a great story.  It's not really a new story or anything but if your into elseworlds or alternate takes on heroes I must say pick these two up. Gotham by Gaslight was also very interesting but seemed to be a bit lacking compared to Red Son...but don't take that as a diss on the book. Both were great and now I want to read the Crisis story arc and the Batman 1,000,000 series

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

This game looks to be the answers to our web slinging prayers. Finally an interesting and easily playable Spider-Man game. Not since the PS one games or heck even Maximum Carnage has their been one I could enjoy. Now maybe there is one for the new gen consoles and the new generation of comic readers/video game players. I'm sure you guys are looking forward to it as much as I..but I have been burned before and how it does burn. So this year I will first rent this new game before buying with my hopes up. Not that i have a lack of confidence in this game but because I was pumped for Web of Shadows and it wasnt that great, but I bought it and had to live with it. This year will be different, I am so renting this game next week on its release date and than if it is all I believe it will be...it must be bought.

DC Universe Online..I want it

DC Universe Online is really shaping up to be an awesome game. I want to play it so bad and when November 2nd comes around I just may buy it(pending I have a job and can afford it). I'm just wondering one thing..do you have to have a subscription to play on the servers? Like you do in City of Heroes? I personally hope not because that would mean that like City of Heroes I will have to give up on playing it since I cant in my right mind pay a bill just for the sake of playing a video game(though if I could I would). So does anyone know if its subscription or free to play? Please let me know


Is Multiple costumes for one superhero a good thing?

So many super heroes and villains populate the comic universe and so many of them have so many many outifts. I have learned to enjoy the occasional costume change but the original still has a fondness in my heart. It was before my time but I remember hearing how angry some fans got when Spider-Man wore his Black costume. That to me was awesome reading about and watching on the Spider-man animated series of the 90s. I always liked most costume changes in fact I think it's a great thing. If anyone else wore the same outfit every time they went out to do their job wouldn't they be considered unsanitary? Even firefighters and cops have multiple uniforms(though they all look the same for the most part) so they don't have to wash clothes every single night.  Tell me what you guys think

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