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"his and Lady Jaye's status as one of the most successful fictional couples."

Snake Eyes and Scarlett have the status as one of the most successful fictional couples. Counting from the canon story (under Marvel and now IDW) since issue #27 in September 1984 when the team was formed, it’s nearly 30 years (it will be in September 2013).
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@NamelessNoName: Flint and Lady Jaye were a couple throughout the entire run, and when they were married in the Devil's Due run. When Jaye got killed in DD's issue 43, Flint took it really hard.

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SE, Flint, Kamakura, and Shockwave are some of my favorite Joes!!!

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@redhood21: What are your favorite versions of those characters? And I'm talking action figures...

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Ive never had the pleasure of owning a Kamakura, but my friend had his RAH version way back in like jealous. I liked the look of Resolute Flint, but my tiger force (25th anniversary) is my favorite. Snake Eyes original and commando SE are my favorites. My gf bought me Renegades SE and its a cool figure. 25th Shockwave is amazing but i never got to own it or any other incarnation :(

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@redhood21: Kamakura never got released until 2003, so you might be referring to either the '97 Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow figures. Of the characters you mentioned, I've got the following versions:

-Shockwave V1 (1988) and the ROC 'Night Force' repaint of the 25th Anniversary version

-25th Anniversary Tiger Force Flint

-2004 Valor Vs Venom Kamakura (non-action attack version)

-25th Anniversary Snake Eyes V1 (1982), V2 (1985), V3 (1989), both DVD pack versions, the arctic gear version, and three of his Rise of Cobra figures: standard, arctic, and City Strike, plus the Valor Vs. Venom figure from the two-pack with Swamp Rat and the all-black single-carded figure from that same series.

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thats right!!! i severy miscalculated my age at the time.. lol we were young man your SE collection is awesome! you have an 88 shockwave?!! im mad bro. im jelly. >:{

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@redhood21: There is a catch with ol' Shocky--the one I got has a loose arm (at the elbow), so now I've been trying to look for a replacement arm. On the other hand, I've become very fluent in minor forms of 80's GI Joe (or rather, o-ring construction) repair. Painting, on the other hand...

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dude! im so scared to "crack" em open. im so paranoid ill never be able to fix them! ive seen amazing joe customs and collections at

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@redhood21: You mean the newer-style stuff (post-2007)? Because taking care of the older ones that still have the screw in the back is easy: take a small screwdriver, unscrew the screw in the back (use a magnetic screwdriver, they're good for keeping track of the screws), and then gently pull the torso apart. Do it over a somewhat deep tray so all the parts don't go flying about. Next, slide the waist piece off the t-hook where the worn out o-ring is. Yank the o-ring from the hook (if it's old and worn, it'll break easily), and then hook a fresh o-ring onto the t-hook (the best size is 1/2 x 5/15 x 3/32, ask for that size at a local hardware store). Then put the figure back together.

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They are not one of the most successful fictional couple in G.I. Joe or anywhere due to the fact that they were not introduce until 1984, not in the comic book, but in the 80’s cartoon series and Snake Eyes and Scarlett were already a couple by the time of issue #1 in June of 1982 which makes them a 30 year couple with far more emotional movements

The Silent Issue of Snake Eyes rescuing Scarlett

When they first met, she recognized that Snake Eyes was a superior fighter despite the fact that he had allowed her to beat him, allowing her to keep her dignity and respect with the other Joes (mostly males). She was intrigued by his actions and wanted to know more about him, and as a result, they became very close. Then there’s the famous helicopter crash, Snake Eyes chose to stay and get Scarlett out even when his face was on fire. The fact that Scarlett still wanted to be with him after his face was burned and his voice gone… that’s love… real love.

At one point Snake wanted to get his face repaired, Scarlett said that he didn’t have to but he wanted to be able to hold her hand and walk down the street and feel the sun shining down on his own face and not on a rubber mask in issue #93

Snake Eyes has only spoke once since the crash, at that time Scarlett was in a coma when she was shot in the head by the Baroness in issue #94.

He shouted her name in issue #102.

Then there’s all the non-canon stuff

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@LSROTJ: Whoa, whoa, EASY! I meant that they were the only Joe team members to be married in between the end of the Marvel run and through the first Devil's Due Run (until Lady Jaye was killed by a Red Shadows agent towards the end of the series).