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If kids are still reading comics, then these stories are a way to introduce them to how those characters go their start. Do kids still read comics, anyway?  Look at what DC and Marvel did in the mid-70's and early 80's with The Invaders and The All-Star Squadron, respectively.
I happen to like the DC Universe Legacies series, its prospects are really looking good. From what I can tell about #4, it's a Post-COIE retelling of Justice League of America volume 1, #21-22, the very first team-up of the JLA and JSA. I also want to pick up the Marvels Project and Marvels at some point.  
I myself plan to use this kind of storytelling in my fanfic. It has this premise: you know how in old DC continuity, that during WWII, most superheroes couldn't enter Germany because Hitler posessed the Spear of Destiny? Well, I'll expand on that. When the US entered the war, Roosevelt gathered every mystery man and woman together when he learned of the Spear being in Hitler's possesion. He first joined the JSA together with the other DC wartime heroes to form the All-Star Squadron, and assigned them to be the protectors of the home front. To counter the Spear, he then organizes the Invaders, who can withstand the Spear's power, to have them be the mystery men of the front lines. This would be a great way for characters like Captain America and Uncle Sam to interact.

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Hey! I actually thought it was great! I was there last Saturday, and I had a decent time. I sat through a panel hosted by Avery Brooks (he's a good speaker, by the way), and when I asked Adam West and Burt Ward questions at their panel, they called me and my Q's intelligent! THAT, my friends, is an honor like no other!.....And I got some decent autographs.  Sure, the big companies weren't there, but the experience is more important. (Though I wish I had gotten the autographs of Karl Kesel, Mike McKone, Mike Grell, and Michael Golden....)
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I think it's time the fans wrote quite possibly the biggest fan letter in comic book history, something of the level of the Declaration of Independence.
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HA! So much for a "Brightest Day"......Look what's happened so far: Maxwell Lord is running amok and caused quite possibly one of the biggest mindwipes in comics; Lian Harper was killed during "Cry For Justice, causing Roy to inch toward the "dark side"; Ryan Choi was killed; Bruce Wayne's return could wipe out existence; and now PG is in danger of losing the business she built from scratch! DC, what has gotten into you?
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I wonder if the actress Divine might sue........ 
Other than that, she looks like either PG's antimatter counterpart, or a PG from a world where she's an Amazon......
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Yeah, but combined with her unique backstory, characterization, and storytelling, she'd be perfect for an action-sitcom.
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Not super rich. I mean, how much does a CEO of a newly-established software/tech firm make a year after the company is established (or re-established, in PG's case)?


I don't think she'd stoop that low. Look at She-Hulk. She's got an almost amazonesque physique and she never went down the catwalk....down the catwalk....hasn't done that little turn on the cat-walk.

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Not bad, Babs. Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past are definite must-reads and starting points, since according to most historians, they're the two most influential comic book storylines of all time. Identity Crisis is also a good choice. I haven't read Kingdom Come, but it is a good idea.  I'm probably the only one here who absolutely does NOT like Watchmen. It's just me. These are some I actually think you should've added, at least to the superhero part:

  • DC: 
    -Crisis on Infinite Earths-It is one of the most groundbreaking stories in comic history, not only cleaning up DC's then-convoluted continuity, but pioneering the idea of the company-wide crossover.  This would also allow readers to be ready for both "Infinite Crisis" and "Final Crisis", which, according to Geoff Johns, are a part of this sequence of events- 
       COIE=Death of the Multiverse 
      Infinite Crisis=Rebirth of the Multiverse
  •   Final Crisis=Final fate of the Multiverse
     -The first five volumes of "Crisis On Multiple Earths" and the first two of "Crisis On Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups"-These original JLA/JSA teamups were the setup for the eventual COIE, and featured the origin of the the guy who accidentally set the events in motion (Krona), and the story that introduced the multiverse idea to comics, "The Flash of Two Worlds". 
    -Legion of Superheroes: The Great Darkness Saga-One of the Legion's finest stories.

-The Death and Return of Superman-The storylines that made NATIONAL headlines. 
-The Fantastic Four's "Galactus Trilogy"-The story that defined the FF mythos forever. 
-X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills-The story that inspired X2, it conveys a very universal message and could be attributed to anything. 
-Spider-Man: Torment-Todd McFarlane's story whose first issue sold millions and featured a very deep, dark, haunting undertone, making it essentially Spidey's "Apocalypse Now". 
-Wolverine (the 1982 miniseries by Frank Miller)-The series that defined the character of the X-Men's razor-sharp antihero.

-Daredevil: Born Again-The storyline that had Daredevil go "to hell and back" while fighting the Kingpin. This, along with the famous storyline with Bullseye killing Elektra, is a must-read. 
-JLA/Avengers-This was a long time coming after plans for the original story got the shaft in the early 80's. The original story (of which its cover art was salvaged for the 3rd issue) would've had the League and the Avengers go up against Kang the Conqueror and the Lord of Time. It's a story of not only life-and-death, but of differing opinions and how they influence one's ideals. 
And that's my two cents.

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Maybe-if they ever find a way to adapt COIE. I would imagine either Christopher Lee or Christopher Lloyd voicing him.
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I for one hope she gets her company back (but not the way Tony Stark did in the early 90's). She's probably the only member of the Superman family that started her own business.