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This has the potential to be Marvel's answer to Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited. My guess is that if the show is super-sucessful, they'll take the "Unlimited" approach, so we may see Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, and others join up as part of what the founders would do-expand the team to cover every inch of the globe.
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Oh, if only you guys could see my collection....it is uncanny. I have 191+ GI Joe figures, 12 GI Joe vehicles, 312+Transformers figures, a very high amount (as yet to be determined) of DCIH and Marvel Universe figures, a ton of Godzilla merchandize, and so much more.  I plan on using most of these guys in a dio-story series I have in development.  Probably the biggest figure in my collection is my Transformers: Cybertron Supreme Class Starscream. 

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Now if only Marvel could do something like this with their animated features: (slightly) big-name cast, good story adaptation, dynamic scores, etc.  Some stories I think should get this kind of treatment: 
-The Kree-Skrull War 
-The Dark Phoenix Saga (in the Bruce Timm art style) 
-The Death of Captain Marvel 
-X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (the heck with X2: X-Men United) 
-Secret Wars (I do like the Spider-Man cartoon's take on it though) 
-Spider-Man: Torment, or Kraven's Last Hunt 
-Thor vs Hercules (the old 60's story) 
-The Galactus saga (the TRUE version, the 90's FF cartoon came close) 
-The Avengers/Defenders War 
-Atlantis Attacks 
-The Thunderbolts 
-Maximum Carnage 
-An Invaders movie 
-Squadron Supreme (based on the 1985 12-issue series)
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War Machine 
Snake Eyes (like something based on the "Master and Apprentice" miniseries) 
Storm Shadow (something like the 7-issue series Devil's Due put out)
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I'm going with these:

-Mainstream Earth Robin (all of them) 
-Earth-Two Robin  
-Super Friends Dick Grayson (voiced by Casey Casem), since I grew up with reruns of the show 
-DCAU Dick Grayson (voiced by Loren Lester) and Tim Drake (Matthew Valencia), grew up when these shows were on 
-Batman: The Brave and the Bold Dick Grayson (voiced by Crawford Wilson) and Damian Wayne (voiced by Patrick Cavanaugh)

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She'll be in the show. They just lifted the legal issues that have been surrounding her.
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Kudos to displaying the robots in disguise! I'm a big fan of them.


Almost everyone I know knows that I'm a fan of the medium, comics and those afforementioned toys.  I have been trying to balance that with regular life, and it's working out for the most part.  People are actually astonished at the logistics of my hobby, with the fact that I have over 300 Transformers figures, and have a lot of knowledge dealing with "useless" trivia.

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I really liked this issue, and I haven't even picked up earlier ones! (Though I have read them as well.)  As a fledgling Crisis historian, Power Girl I've always liked as a character because of her status as one of the two (the other being Superboy-Prime) remaining living survivors of the original DC Multiverse.

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I agree, though I haven't picked up any issues/tpb's yet.  This is the way I see the series-DC finally now has an answer to Marvel's "The Sensational She-Hulk" series from 1989-93?....Well, actually, the first 12 issues are.  From #13 onwards is when things got serious (and began a lack of Atlee in sight) and more like the 2006 "Ms. Marvel" series.
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Hawkeye will join the team in a later episode. Wanda and the Vision haven't been confirmed for any episodes yet.  Yeesh, I can just imagine that we may see the Korvac saga adapted.