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For legality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NLrjVnMO7k     

We open into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just as they corner a group of Foot Ninjas. Fighting ensues (along with some bits of dialogue from the Turtles) for a few minutes, until someone shouts "Pikachu, thunderbolt!", and a few of the Foot are struck by lightning unexpectedly. The Turtles turn to see Ash Ketchum from Pokemon arrive on the scene with his Pikachu. This is what follows: 
Ash: Nice one, buddy! 
Pikachu: Pika! Pika! 
Leonardo: Hey! Ash, what are you doing here? 
Michaelangelo: Yeah, dude, we WERE kinda in the middle of something...
Ash: Oh, it's alright. The guys at 4Kids! love it when we do stuff like this. After all, Pokemon IS their favorite show... 
Raphael (sarcastically): Really, now? Izzat so? 
Donatello: Well, sorry to break it to you two, but if I'm not mistaken, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is their favorite. (Holds up an ad for the TMNT 25th Anniversary.) WE have a longer fan following than you guys. 
(The sound of Yugi Moto (as Yami Yugi) clearing his throat is heard as they turn to see him walk in.)

Yugi: I'm afraid the two of you are incorrect. It is the deep, unique, dramatic, and increased-stakes storytelling of Yu-Gi-Oh! that has won the hearts of the 4Kids! group. Not to mention made it one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. 
Raphael: Well, why don't we just go to the big guys right now and find out?!?!? 
The scene shifts to one of the upper-floor meeting rooms at 4Kids! Entertainment HQ on 6th Avenue in New York City, where the sound of arguing is heard. We go into that meeting room to see the Turtles arguing on one side while Ash and Pikachu arguing on the other and Yugi arguing in the middle. They argue until a loud "ENOUGH!" is heard from one of the 4Kids! executives, out of a group of them who are in the meeting room. The parties then cease arguing.
Female Executive: Now, what did you call us in here for? 
Donatello: First of all, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for taking the time out to see us on such short notice. We all realize you have pretty busy schedules, and- 
Raphael: ASK them, already!! 
Michaelangelo: We're just wondering-who's your favorite???? 
(All three parties smile expectantly.) 
Young male executive:.....Uh, yeah, who are you guys again? 
(All three parties look at them, dumbfounded.) 
The scene shifts back to the New York alley where the Turtles were fighting the Foot Ninjas, with the Turtles back and the Foot Ninjas standing. 
Leonardo: Okay, where were we?

Bit ends.

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After posting my first "fanfic" (the Earth-2 Robin and Huntress survival theory), I figured I would share my take on the cartoon currently on the airwaves. Think of this as something of a series of 'lost episodes' in which the dark knight teams up with both second-tier DC and Marvel characters. The over-arching plot would be that of Galactus's approaching arrival towards Earth, culminating in the last two episodes (which would be partially-based on the "Galactus Trilogy"). Without further ado: 

1. "School of Hard Knocks!"

Teaser: Batman, Paladin (Seth MacFarlane), and Ravager (Rachael MacFarlane) join together to keep her father, Deathstroke (Hugh Laurie), from making off with the sword Excalibur, which he was hired by Black Mask to steal. 
Plot: Batman recruits Christopher Chance, aka the Human Target (Jeffery Donovan) to go undercover at a secret underground training school run by the Taskmaster (Frank Langella) to bring it down from the inside. Along the way, they encounter a disguised Silver Sable (Mariska Hargitay), who is there to aprehend two of the students-Crossbones (Seth MacFarlane) and Sin (Rachael MacFarlane).

2. "Dusk at Castle Dracula!" 
Teaser: Batman teams up with Union Jack (Hugh Laurie) and Spitfire (Sarah Douglas) to bring in Baron Blood (John Cleese), who is stalking London's streets at midnight.

Plot: Batman and Blade (Khary Payton) head off to take out the Count (Peter Stormare) after he tries to take root in a small German village. 
3. "Legacy of HYDRA!" 
Teaser: Batman and Dominic Fortune (Fred Willard) end up in the clutches of Madame Hydra (Susan Blakeslee) (after Fortune mistook her for a woman he met at a party) and try to escape. 
Plot: Batman is recruited by Nick Fury (Kurtwood Smith) to assist SHIELD in taking out a HYDRA operation in the South Pacific, which brings them face to face with both Baron Von Strucker (Terrence Stamp) and his twin children, Fenris (Justin Hartley and Erica Durance). 
4. "Rumble in the Concrete Jungle!" 
Teaser: Batman and Jesse Quick (Allison Mack) try to catch up with and bring down Savitar (James Patrick Stuart). 
Plot: Batman investigates a series of thefts of mystic African artifacts from the New York Museum of Natural history, which lead him to the Wakandan embassy. He then joins up with Black Panther (Keith David) to capture the thief-a power-mad Man-Ape (Khary Payton).
5. "Escape from Murderworld!" 
Teaser: Batman has been captured by the Inner Circle, consisting of Sebastian Shaw (Maurice LaMarche), Harry Leland (Tom Kane), Donald Pierce (Tim Curry) and Selene (Colleen O'Shaughnessey), who try to turn him into their assassin. He is freed by the New Mutants, consisting of Cannonball (David Faustino), Danielle Moonstar (Kate Higgins), Sunspot (Freddy Rodriguez), Wolfsbane, Karma, and Magik, who also take out a group of Hellfire Club troopers.

Plot: Batman teams with a group of X-Men, consisting of Banshee (Carlos Alazraqui), Havok (Justin Hartley), Polaris (Erica Durance), Longshot (Aaron Ashmore), Dazzler (Allison Mack), Psylocke (Rachael MacFarlane), Sunfire (Masi Oka), and a stowaway Rockslide (Rino Romano), to take down Arcade (Howie Mandel), who traps them in a Murderworld location in a small Colorado town. 
6. "Let Freedom Ring!" 
Teaser: Batman, General Glory (Ed Asner), and US Agent (Hank Azaria) keep Baron Zemo (Chris Cox) from letting loose a group of re-outfitted War Wheels on the world.

Plot: Batman and Captain America (Daran Norris) team up to foil the Red Skull's (Kerrigan Mahan)  and Arnim Zola's (Tim Curry) plot to set up a disguised Skull as a possible Senate candidate. 
7. "Wrath of the Kree Empire! Part One" 
Teaser: Oliver Queen (James Arnold Taylor) and Dinah Lance (Grey Delisle) are at the circus on a date, unaware it's the Circus of Crime. They, along with the other members of the audience, fall prey to the Ringmaster's (Peter MacNicol) hypnosis while the other carnies, led by Princess Python (Juliet Landau) rob them blind. Batman, Hawkeye (Hank Azaria) and Mockingbird (Lisa Kudrow) thwart them. Later, Ollie and Dinah are invited by Bruce Wayne to salvage their night with a tickets to Pagliacci, along with two other guests of his-Clint and Bobbi Barton. 
Plot: Batman, Kyle Rayner (Ian Ziering), Fire (Grey Delisle), Ice (Jennifer Hale), and the Atom (James Sie) meet at Avengers Mansion. After being let in by Edwin Jarvis (Tom Kane) they meet the current Avengers available: Tigra (Nicholle Tom), Falcon (Phil LaMarr), Wonder Man (Jeremy Piven), Sersi (Colleen O'Shaughnessey), Starfox (Ashton Kutcher, or Paul Rugg, take your pick), and Thunderstrike (Nolan North). Batman and Rayner relate how they intercepted a series of messages from the Kree Empire in regards to plans for an invasion of Earth. The two teams join forces to head to the flagship of the attack fleet to bring the invasion down, and are met with resistance from Kree Officers Captain Att-Lass (Tom Kane) and Doctor Minerva (Tricia Helfer), and ultimately, judgement from the fleet's commander-Ronan the Accuser (Harry Shearer, in a deeper version of Principal Skinner's voice).


8. "Wrath of the Kree Empire! Part Two"

Teaser: A brief history of the Kree Empire and how it came to be opposed by various heroes, including Captain Mar-Vell.

Plot: Ronan sends the heroes to an arena to battle the members of the Kree Star Force (of which he, Att-Lass, and Minerva are members) in a fight to the death. Just as Ronan is about to make the killing blow on Batman, the battle is interrupted by the Supreme Intelligence (also Shearer, in a variation of Mr. Burn's voice) with a startling revelation. 

*Both episodes reference the 1993 Marvel storyline "Operation Galactic Storm".
9. "Deathmatch in the House!" 
Teaser: Batman and Luke Cage (Greg Eagles) take down Tombstone (Michael Jai White) and Tobias Whale (LaVan Davis), who are trying to set up a protection racket in Suicide Slum. 
Plot: Batman is captured while trying to free Iron Fist (Billy Zane) from the House, an underground gambling room and cage-match arena run by Roulette (Kari Wahlgren). The two end up having to fight her and her reigning champion-Sabertooth (Peter Lurie)!  
*Trivia: This episode references Luke Cage and Iron Fist's partnership as "Heroes for Hire", and Sabertooth's first appearance in Iron Fist's comic book.
10. "Punishing the Guilty!" 
Teaser: Batman, Black Widow (Tricia Helfer), and Peacemaker (Jerry O'Connell) team up to take out an AIM base in Greenland. 
Plot: The Huntress (Tara Strong) ends up crossing paths with the Punisher (Bryan Cranston), and joins with him to try and take out a weapons-smuggling ring run by Jigsaw (John Kassir). Batman ends up in the fight as well. He wants to bring Jigsaw to justice, while the Punisher wants to end his criminal career-permanently. Which path will the Huntress choose? 
11. "Into Evil's Domain!" 
Teaser: Magneto (Brian Cox) arrives in Washington, DC to stop an anti-mutant rally run by Graydon Creed (Fred Willard), and Batman arrives to keep either one from endangering innocents. The Dark Knight and the Master of Magnetism end up having to work together after Creed sends a group of Sentinels on them. 
Plot: Batman and Doctor Strange (Kelsey Grammer) are recruited by Doctor Doom (Callum Blue) to help him in retrieving his mother, Cynthia Von Doom (Sarah Douglas) from Mephisto's Realm, where they encounter the demon himself (Rob Zombie).  
*Trivia: This episode is a nod to the short-lived 1970's Marvel comic book series "Super-Villain Team-Up", and is partially based on the 1989 graphic novel "Triumph and Torment: Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom". 
12. "Deception of the Chameleon!" 
Teaser: Superia (Jane Lynch) and her Femizons prepare a device to fully enslave the male population of the planet, but are defeated by the combined efforts of Batman, Thundra (Lucy Lawless) and the Amazon known as Artemis (Nicole Sullivan). 
Plot: Batman is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, and is assigned She-Hulk (Nicole Sullivan) as his attorney. The two work to clear his name by bringing the real crook to justice-the Chameleon (Chris Cox), and his hired muscle, Titania (Wendie Malick). 
13. "Fall of the Kingpin!" 
Teaser: Batman and Elektra (Gina Gershon) prevent Lady Shiva (Lauren Tom) from killing a high-ranking Chinese diplomat at the UN. 
Plot: Kate Spencer (Tara Platt) and Matt Murdock (Brandon Routh) bump into one another at a law school reunion, which is then attacked by the goons of the Kingpin (Harry Shearer). The two meet up again as Manhunter and Daredevil, and enlist Batman's help in finding out why the attack occurred, which leads them to confront the Kingpin and his bodyguards: Bullseye (Dwight Schultz), Lady Bullseye (Gwendoline Yeo), and Typhoid Mary (Kari Wahlgren).

14. "The Hunt for Stryfe!" 
Teaser: Batman and Ghost Rider (Nolan North) team up on Route 66 to bring down Blackheart (Peter Lurie), who is terrorizing a truck stop. 
Plot: Batman stumbles upon Cable (Adam Baldwin), who is out searching for his enemy, Stryfe (also Baldwin). The two team up (along with Cannonball, Warpath (Greg Rainwater) and Domino (Gina Gershon)) to take him down, as he is planning to enslave humanity with a powerful artifact amplified by his own abilites. They have to go through his troops in the Mutant Liberation Front, consisting of Reaper (Rino Romano), Forearm (Carlos Alazraqui), Dragoness (Susan Blakeslee), Wildside (John  Kassir) and Zero (Khary Payton), in order to take a crack at him. 
15. "Warbird's Might!"

Teaser: Batman, the new Terra, Atlee (Miranda Cosgrove), and the Silver Surfer (Chris Cox) prevent Terrax (James Patrick Stuart) from causing an earthquake on a massive scale to prepare for Galactus's arrival. 
Plot: Batman and Ms. Marvel (Susan Eisenberg) team up to keep Moonstone (April Stewart) from locating a weapon that could increase the abilities of her Kree stone tenfold. 
16. "Lair of the Mandarin!" 
Teaser: The Gremlin (Peter Stormare), Titanium Man (Phil LaMarr), the Valentin Shatalov Crimson Dynamo (Dave Wittenberg), and Omega Red (Peter Lurie) try to take command of an abandoned Russian nuclear plant, but are thwarted by Batman, War Machine (Michael Jai White), Rocket Red (Jim Cummings), and Darkstar (Nicholle Tom).

Plot: Batman and Iron Man (Mark Valley), along with SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo (Gedde Watanabe) and Doctor Light (Tia Carerre), team up to dismantle an army of Ultimo robots created by the Mandarin (Sab Shimono), who is also aided by Lady Shiva.


17. "Virtual Nightmare!" 
Teaser: Batman, Jade (Kate Higgins), and Obsidian (Nolan North) are cornered by the Wrecking Crew, made up of Wrecker (Maurice LaMarche), Thunderball (Keith David), Bulldozer (Carlos Alazraqui), and Piledriver (Hank Azaria). The tables turn after Batman uses a Norse summoning horn to call in the Valkyrie (Tricia Helfer). 
Plot: Batman and the Scarlet Spider (Josh Keaton) team up to keep Lady Octopus (Wendie Malick) and Mysterio (Robert Englund) from trapping Manhattan in an inescapable illusion. 
18. "Daughters of the Dragon!" 
Teaser: Batman and Elsa Bloodstone (Kari Wahlgren) try to bring Gorgilla (Peter Lurie) under control after he starts running amok in Central Park. 
Plot: Batman joins with Misty Knight (Tia Mowry) and Colleen Wing (Lauren Tom) to bring down Deadly Nightshade's (Crystal Scales) illegal experiments, but run across her hired help-a squad of Hand Ninjas.  
19. "Battle in the Pacific!" 
Teaser: In London, Batman, Captain Britain (Callum Blue), and his wife Meggan (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) fight Slaymaster (James Patrick Stuart) and Lady Vic (Tara Platt) to keep them from assassinating the Queen and the Prime Minister of England. 
Plot: Namor (Mark Hildreth) reluctantly teams with Batman and Aquaman to keep Attuma (Ted Biaselli) and Black Manta from raising an ancient Atlantean Warship from the depths.
20. "The Coming of Galactus, Part One" 
Teaser: Captain Comet (Scott Bakula) and Nova (Scott McCaffee) end up being taken out by Morg, the new herald of Galactus (Michael Ironside), as the world-eater gets closer and closer to Earth. 
Plot: Terrax returns, forcing Batman to call in the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic-Beau Weaver, Invisible Woman-Teri Hatcher, Human Torch-Darryl Sabara, the Thing-Brad Garrett) for back-up. They rout Terrax, but are felled by Morg and a brainwashed Silver Surfer, just as Galactus reaches the planet. 
21. "The Coming of Galactus, Part Two" 
Teaser: A brief history of Galactus and his heralds, including the origin of the Silver Surfer. 
Plot: While Batman and other DC/Marvel heroes fight to stop Galactus and Morg, Silver Surfer breaks free of his brainwashing with help from Alicia Masters (Susan Blakeslee). With the Surfer back on their side, the heroes bide time for the Watcher (Peter Mark Richman) to guide Mr. Fantastic to the Ultimate Nullifier. Will he get it in time? 
Whaddaya think?

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That actually sounds like a good idea. Although I would love to see the big 2 put their petty differences aside and attempt a few crossovers (like the sequel to 'Uncanny X-Men/New Teen Titans', a Teen Titans/Young Avengers team-up, and maybe Dick Grayson Batman/Bucky Barnes Captain America, or current JLA roster meets current Avengers roster), this could be a start. No one's seen hide or hair of Access for years, and I actually like the character.

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I'm sorry, but DC entertainment has got to drop their cowardice for once and maybe follow the Marvel example. Maybe if they hadn't done the last three Superman films, the 1997 JLA Pilot movie, and the two Schumacher Batman films, then maybe we could get the decent JLA movie everyone wants. You want a decent storyline for a movie like that, go with the Appellexian aliens origin from JLA volume 1 #9 (1962) and merge it with some elements of JLA: Year One. Seriously, someone should write to DC Entertainment and tell them to stop being so conservative in their movie offerings.
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I just finished all three books of this story, and it was very, very good.
Does anyone here think that "The Longbow Hunters" would be a good entry for the DC Universe Original Animated Movies?

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Why is it that what DC believes to be storytelling only angers the fans? Same thing with Marvel-Will somebody PLEASE stop them from making contradictory or even STUPID decisions??? A Facebook campaign got Betty White to be the host of SNL, so why can't us comic fans do the same?

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Yeah, I kinda noticed that similarity to Rip's chalkboards in "52". Seriously though, I would like that future to be a bit more brighter (bring back Cable and Nightcrawler, you dips! AND NO MORE KILLINGS!!)
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It comes out after this one. 
Oh yeah, did anybody spot the Kingdom Come reference? 'Cause if you look at one particular still, you'll see who the Metal Men combine into.....
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The way I figure it, she probably does what Jay Garrick does-vibrate her face so no one can make out her features. At least to the civillians.....
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I saw the opening narration of the "hero history" for this episode. Look for appearances by Anthro, Cinnamon, Space Ranger, Captain Comet, and Ultra the Multi-Alien.