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Now I'm thinking I should've done a "SDF-1 from Robotech vs. the Nemesis" battle.....

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All right fight fans, this time I give you a clash between vehicles! Pick your side, Viners--who wins?

SHIELD's mobile base of operations, the Helicarrier?


As the Predacon leader Megatron once stated, "the most powerful Decepticon warship in Transformer history", the Nemesis?

All right Viners--WHICH WINS?

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I don't believe the ending is a repeat of Injustice: Gods Among Us. I believe it's more akin to the two-part series finale of "Superman: The Animated Series", titled "Legacy". For those who saw those two episodes, you know what I'm talking about.

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After seeing the Cowboy Bebop anime movie, something clicked in my head that I thought was too funny. Bear with me on this one, I would like your opinions--in the vein of the Family Guy Star Wars specials, I came up with what I think is a hilarious idea, summed up in one title:

"Cowboy Bebop's Naked Gun"

That's right, the characters from Cowboy Bebop in the Leslie Nielsen-starring cop parody, with my idea of a cast being:

-Spike as Lt. Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen)

-Faye Valentine as Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley)

-Vicious as Vincent Ludwing (Ricardo Montalban)

-Jet Black as Capt. Ed Hocken (George Kennedy)

-Julia as a female version of Det. Nordberg (filling in for O.J. Simpson)

-Edward as police scientist Ted Olsen (filling in for Ed Williams)

-Elektra Ovirowa (from the Cowboy Bebop anime movie) as Mayor Barkley

If they actually did something like this complete with an English dub, I would laugh at hearing Steven Blum, as Spike, channeling Leslie Nielsen.

Whaddaya think?

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That was the ODDEST interpretation of Deadman I have ever seen.

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I like the suggestions you came up with, Gregg--I even came up with voice actors who could play them:

1. KGBeast--Peter Stormare (who actually dipped his toe into the Bat-mythos with "The Batman versus Dracula".

2. Calendar Man--Maurice LaMarche (who played the guy in Arkham City, but for this kind of portrayal I'd like to see him use a Truman Capote imitation)

3. Copperhead III--Tia Texada

4. Blockbuster--Ron Perlman (a vet of the DCAU and it'd be a nod to his voicing the Hulk). As for his gang:

-Kari Wahlgren as Lady Vic

-Dave Wittenberg as Shrike

-Rob Paulsen (imitating Pat Buttram of Green Acres fame) as the Trigger Twins

-Robert Davi as Brutale

5. Condiment King--Rob Paulsen (imitating Jim Carrey, as a subtle nod to Batman Forever)

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@guardiandevil83: Maybe, maybe not. Though if DC decided to make a digital-first comics series like this, that would be interesting.

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My favorite event? Answer: NONE. Why? Because, in the words of the honorable Jay Sherman, and if I were to put them all together into one big package, I would say this about it:

These events are nothing more than the comic book industry equivalent of Ed Wood's WORST picture mixed with "Heaven's Gate" (1985). It also gives me an idea for a name of this comic book 'age': THE AGE OF SELL-OUTS, 'cause that's what every single character owned by the Big Two, no matter what has been done with them by a fan-favorite team (and yes, that includes Mark Waid and co.), SELL-OUTS are all that they've become. And I HATE sell-outs.

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Sheriff: Sorry to break this to you, but you're actually on the set of a TV show.

Joker: Yes, and I'm one of the actors.

Batman: Robin--since WHEN do we have a TV show?

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