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YAWN. Yeah, nice try AXIS. NEXT!!!!

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By George folks--I'VE GOT IT!!! I know two possible means of how AXIS can be resolved AND things can go back to normal without a hitch!

Option 1: We call in SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and have them sing.

"All You Need is Love" managed to drive the Blue Meanies out of Pepperland, so why not do the same to cancel out the inversion effect? And with the inverted X-Men now sporting three blue meanies of their own (one of whom with a big A on his belt), who WOULDN'T want the singing saviors of Pepperland to intervene?

OR, option 2: Optimus Prime is called in and he unleashes the full power and combined wisdom contained in the Matrix of Leadership.

When he did this, he saved the entire universe from an eons-old hate plague. As one of the ancient Primes told him as he ventured into the Matrix, "The only way to fight such madness, is with wisdom." And indeed, with inverted madness fallen upon the Marvel U's heroes and villains, Prime unleashing the power of the Matrix may be the only other way to light their darkest hour.

(.......OR there's always the last resort--plucking Bob Marley from the timestream, teaming him with Cheech and Chong, and getting everyone assembled on Genosha high.........)

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A series showcasing characters I'd started getting to know squaring off against the time-altered nutbars who unintentionally ushered in the most controversial experiment in DC history (in-story)???

.............Pre-DCNu heroes, GO FOR THE EYEBROWS. Get 'em where it REALLY hurts.

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In the words of Jay Sherman, my thoughts on this event are as follows:

1. It stinks!

2. It stinks!


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Ye gods--Kingsley's become Tony Robbins in a cape and mask!

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Man, college-age Felicity is a real dead-ringer for Death.....

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@joygirl: Actually, Freakazoid was voiced by Paul Rugg, while Jeff Bennett (TAS Creeper) played Caveguy, Lord Bravery, Waylon Jeepers, and Candle--you know.....

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@phantom64: I hear ya. Marvel's (and DC's) covered-up lack of better story ideas is a lot like their laundry--https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p1uX6omVhtk

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FEH.This story already stinks. Of all things, THIS CARTOON does a better version, and it was aired years ago, AND everyone was back to normal in three minutes. THREE minutes:


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And THIS is one of the reasons why I despise current comics.