My Recent Round at Emerald City Comic-Con 2012

Yesterday was my ninth year of attending Emerald City Comic-Con, Seattle's biggest comic convention. There were some highlights, and there were lowlights, decent cosplayers, and ones who didn't exactly work out for me. My friend entered the costume contest dressed as movie director Tommy Wiseau (only 12 people recognized him), while I wandered about the con floor as a character of my own devising: Anyschnauss, ze nose of a thousaand fay-cez. I ended up getting three decent autographs out of the entire thing--Adam Baldwin (of Firefly, Chuck, Full Metal Jacket and Justice League Unlimited fame), and Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche: Pinky and the Brain themselves. What really made my day was while I was getting LaMarche's autograph--while speaking with him of his work on the animated sitcom The Critic, I asked him if it was either he or Jon Lovitz who did the voice of Marlon Brando on the show. He revealed (while impersonating said Brando) that it was him, and I in turn OUT-BRANDO'D him. That's right, an experienced veteran VA admitted that I did a better Brando than him--but there weren't any hard feelings (I still consider him a master). Those, my friends, were the highlights. The lowlights, on the other hand....for some strange reason (due to the fact that there weren't many old toy dealers at the con this year), I couldn't find a decent Transformers/G.I. Joe bargain at all. The only bargain I did manage to find were three carded Marvel Universe figures (Astonishing Wolverine, Patriot, and Ultron) for $5 each--WAY better than retail. And of course, I was unfortunate to run into long lines or was out of time for snagging the autographs of Wil Wheaton and the other voice actor guests (Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Jess Harnell, Billy West, and John DiMaggio). High-profile actors weren't the only autographs I hounded for. At the expense of my feet (which were killing me by the time I was done), I had gotten the autographs of the following comics talent:

-Mike Allred (who convinced his wife Laura to sign too)

-Ed Brubaker (finally!)

-Alan Burnett

-Clayton Crain

-Kelly Sue DeConnick (which also resulted in my getting a second autograph from her hubby Matt Fraction and the inker both worked with)

-Mark Dos Santos (who also did a small sketch of Hellboy--his idea, not mine)

-Nathan Edmondson

-Jay Faerber

-Adi Granov

-Barry Kitson (finally!)

-Erik Larsen (who also autographed my copy of Savage Dragon #1)

-Clay Mann

-Phil Noto (who did a free head shot sketch of GI Joe's Snake Eyes)

-Michael Avon Oeming (who also included "Bruce Timm Fan")

-Ryan Ottley

-Jeff Parker

-Rick Remender (who did a little doodle next to his signature)

-Greg Rucka

-Tim Sale

-Bill Sienkiewicz (who also autographed my copy of New Mutants #18)

-Marc Silvestri

-Gail Simone

-Dan Slott

-Phillip Tan

-Jim Valentino (who also signed my copy of Guardians of the Galaxy #1)

-Dexter Vines

-Scott Wegener (who also signed the inside of my copy of Atomic Robo vol. 1, and also did a small doodle of Robo's head)

In addition to spots in my album, Paulsen signed an extra I had of the filecard of Tripwire (the GI Joe member he voiced in the old show), while LaMarche signed the inside cover of NOW's first issue of The Real Ghostbusters and a pic of Pinky and the Brain for my aunt, a huge fan of the show. I asked a couple of questions to each writer/artist as I went about this autograph hunt:

-What were their top literary/artistic influences

-If given the chance, what famous painting would they want to render in their signature style (both Sienkiewicz and Allred wanted to do the Sistine Chapel ceiling)

-If given the chance, what kind of Saturday Night Live sketch would they want to write (Valentino wanted to do one with John Belushi)

By the time I was finished with the general con walkabout, I had ended up with the following additions to my collection:

-The three aforementioned Marvel Universe figures.

-Dark Horse's Godzilla Color Special

-Hawkman (2002 series) #1 (which I swapped for Legion of Superheroes #306 from 1983)

-A copy of Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm vol. 1 (for $3.00!).

-And some custom fodder for GI Joe figures.

All and all, I had a good time--but hopefully there will be better TF/GI Joe deals next year, AND I'll get Wheaton's autograph.

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