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The lost Jabba lectures would defiantly be worth a listen to. I heard that his lectures consist of emotional outburst of how hard it was growing up obese on Nal Hutta and how his addiction to chocolate ladybabies caused him to join the criminal lifestyle to support his habit.

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@htb106: have you found out why she isn't going to be included in the Court of Owls arc? She should be, right? Or is she too far removed from Batman's world? I think she should be.

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Desolation Jones or Casanova....Casanova would be a better tv series....

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What part of the chicken do buffalo wings come from? Why is it that Dark Matter and Dark Energy control 86% of the Universe and yet it is so hot outside!

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It is unbelievable to me, that there are so many negative reviews about the people in this documentary. I think, first and foremost some of you are missing the point. Isn't it more about standing up for what you believe in and about making a difference in a world that is rather complacent? About caring for people when they are in need? Most of these people did not actually intervene when crimes were committed or even come in contact with criminals, but more so, brought attention to criminals and the issues in their city ie. homelessness. Were some of them eccentric? Yes. But all of them were people who saw something wrong in the world around them and chose to do something about it. Also, the case that they are getting in the way of police and the like, is absurd. I'm from Los Angeles, (you know, that one place where a man was almost beaten to death on video, you know Rodney) and most people I know are disillusioned by the police department and do not trust the majority of them. I don't know, It is very disconcerting that people who rely on super hero escapism would not appreciate that there are people out there who are trying to make a difference. Compassion, Hope, Love, and Will Power. These are the emotions that these people had. Kudos to them.

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I hate to be "Debbie Downer" on this one, but SDCC needs to rethink their program access. Now I am all for a democratic process, but it occurred to me (after being one of the people waiting in line for hours and not getting to see the Walking Dead or Big Bang Theory) that the SDCC has not considered the leaches known as "The Squatter". I'm sure there were a lot of fans there for Walking Dead, but most of them probably didn't get to see that panel, because, say a True Blood fan, which their panel shows at 5pm, will wait all day in order to see it! You don't have to leave once you sit in your seat. This seems unfair to people who are the fans of certain panels. May I suggest changing this system? For the life of me I cannot think of one, since there are so many people, but given some time I think I could think of something. Does anyone think that they should change this system? If so, what would you suggest?

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I want to say it will be fine...there is way too much money to be made and best believe that that is what the network wants. I also was one of the broken hearted gents, waiting, foolishly in line....My goal was to watch the Walking Dead Panel and then the Big Bang Panel....hah! That was a cruel joke....Instead I waited around the ocean for an hour. Then sweated as I climbed the stairs to wait another hour....The lady in front was waiting for the True Blood panel....they didn't have one until 5pm! Damn squatters! I missed both!

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Scott Snyder was great at the American Vampire panel and I got to see Babs!

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Getting packed to go to San Diego and cannot wait to be a part of this......