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my plans are to not watch the teen titans show at all. maybe to see if it's like the dc shorts. if they are, then i know it won't spark my interest at all.

i will check out the first show of batman. not that i don't like seeing new villains, but i think it may be a mistake not including batman's more popular ones. plus the villains they chose have very adult like gimicks. how will the make it a kid show without makinging it stupid and juvenile. will prof. pyg be his insane self trying to drug people or will he be running around making pig noises and doing swine themed crimes? i'm worried.

if i end up not liking either, i honestly won't watch CN at all. call it a boycott or whatever you want, i don't think not watching will automatically bring back YJ, but i do think if ratings are worse, they will bring in a show worth watching.

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Manta vs Beetle...

can we please stop the Black on Black violence

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@cattlebattle said:

@srk12 said:

I thought overall that the episode was quite good. Jaime's talkback to the scarab and the Reach was pretty funny. The action scenes were pretty cool. Also, it was really nice to see Zatanna's power. It was also the first time since 'Satisfaction' that we saw Rocket so that was good. However, it did seem to me that the pulled the beetle cure out of thin air. Maybe my memory is failing me but I don't remember Batgirl taking holographic images of the temple walls in 'Beneath'. It did feel like a quick fix solution and just seemed a bit too easy for my liking. Unfortunately, I'm not that surprised. There is still a ton of plotlines to be resolved with only about 45 minutes of the show left so you can be sure that there will be aspects of the last two episodes that will feel very rushed.

PS: Can someone explain why Black Beetle is so much more powerful that Blue or Green Beetle? The team took out Blue and Green fairly easily but they were completely outmatched by Black Beetle before.

We have seen Rocket several times since Satisfaction....she protected Dr. Fate in the episode "War" There is not a "ton of plotlines"....why do you keep saying that?? There is only the Reach story and Aqualad and Artemis undercover mission...which seems like its going to be wrapped up... They used the weaknesses of Green and Blue to overcome them, whenever the team battled Black Beetle, they didn't have the adequate members or abilities to take him. Plus, its very possible he was extremely strong and durable before he had a scarab

don't forget about the huge plotline with the league on trial. but yeah i just made myself believe that Black beetle is stronger because it's a Reach body working with the Reach tech. maybe they work better together. i do however agree that this did seem rushed though. still loved the episode.

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i'm so lost now. lol.

ok... so the Reach and the Light aren't together anymore? Cool I'm fine with that, but did anyone else get the feeling the "color beetles" are working together aside from the Reach? If Green Beetle was able to reprogram the Blue, why didn't they have him do it when the Reach had him captured?

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i've been reading these post for the last 20 min. the more i read the more new post pop up. never made it to the end. but if this is true, how many are with me on banning CN from their household? petitions are nice to sign, but to get results, you have to hit them in their pockets. low ratings will do this.

i am in my early 30's and i don't watch many cartoon shows, but i love the ones that take me back to my childhood. gets me away from the hussle and bussle of adult life. the He-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men, Spectacular Spiderman and this YJ all did this. if this is true, all i have left is Transformers Prime. i will watch YJ until it's cancelled then no more CN in my home.

join me in this

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@JohnnyGat said:

In cases like this I want the twist to be that there is no twist.

yeah it is nice when the twist is there is no twist, but i think the team is spread out so thin as it is that we do not need more members, especially one that duplicates two members we already have. we have a beetle and a martian so why have a Martian beetle? in this case, i do think a twist is the better option.

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It would be cool if it were actually Ma'alefa'ak and he sort of works as a segue to Darkseid in season 3. I think Black Beetle truly was caught off by him, I don't think this "Green Beetle" is an agent of The Reach or The Light. Maybe an Apokoliptian agent put into the mix... interesting theory.

yeah i agree that black beetle was not in on it. meaning the Reach probably has no knowledge of this either, but i wouldn't put it pass the Light trying to double cross the Reach. when the Alpha team was found to be in the lab, Lex stopped Mercy from calling backup. led us to believe it was because of Black Beetle, but it could've been because he knew Green Beetle was coming to "save" the team.

if there is a next season, imagine the cliffhanger at the end of this one with Gordon G. and Green Beetle/Ma'alefa'ak telling Darkseid that Earth is ready for his arrival.

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i don't know about the killing him part, but i'm fine with him leaving the team. maybe Miss Martian breaks up with him, he gets depressed and leaves the team. i do get tired of his neptune beard phrase every other line or two. and something about when he grows in size, i can't stand those skinny legs. can they at least grow in size too

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hello, i must admit, i have been looking through your forum for a while now, but haven't joined due to intimidation. i grew up a Marvel fan, so don't know much about the DC Nation. i love the young justice show, so i am slowly coming to the DC side. bare with me if i am not as informed with the characters as most of you are.

this leads to my topic. who is this green beetle? like most of you, i believe he isn't as helpful as he seems to be. i don't believe he is one of the good guys either. i think he was planted as a spy to gain trust and info. this leads me to think he is Ma'alefa'ak. this allows him to still be Martian with all of their powers. plus he is a follower of Darkseid and would help introduce his character in the future. and we've seen villians of the other league members, but not Martian Manhunter.

what do you guys/gals think of this theory