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@timelord said:

@superguy1591: you write an exciting story by doing the same thing that has been done for the last 60 years?

DC is still doing that with Superman with him still being from Krypton, wearing red and blue, his powers etc. Those are still exciting.

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Believe me, that all Lois using the Earth stone and gaining powers is the biggest mistake I've seen so far in Superman Unchained. I mean supes that has sun stone tech, was never ever able to use the crystals to influence technology like that, or at least to give him extra powers. But there comes Lois and her earth stone, fully powered.

Its idiocy without end.

Isn't DC already pushing this rope a little too much?! First in the Superman comics, when she gained psychic powers, powers I might add that were killing most of the humans that were exposed to brainiac technology. It seems DC wants to give powers to Lois by any means.

Finnaly we're gonna learn the truth behind Wraith, although I have a idea of what that truth is.

What is wrong with Lois gaining powers? It adds something to their dynamic.

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@agent008 said:

Every superhero's fanbase is fractured. It's just that Wonder Woman has low sales so people assume that's part of the problem.

Look at Superman. Some want him to be the eternal boyscout, some want him to be more "bad ass." Some want the Silver Age era, some want a more stripped down version akin to the Golden Age or Byrne reboot. Some people want the classic costume, some people want an update. Some people get angry when he's depicted as not that strong, some thing he's depicted as too strong. Some say he's unrelatable, etc etc.

You're never going to have a fan base unanimous in their opinions.

Is Batman's?

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I prefer a mix of stories. Diana going against the sci-if, street-level and magical. Just one or the other gets boring. Look at Batman he sometimes does fight the supernatural and sci if. ( Ra's, the Black Hand) Even Superman fights magical and street level. ( la Enchanradora , Toyman)

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He dies. Lex has no one to live for. Lois is Wonder Woman's love interest.

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@redwingx said:

@rustyroy said:

Time for Bruce Wayne/Lois Lane relationship to happen, they're both more interesting than Superman and Wonder Woman :P

Just no. WW would destroy Batman's existent if they got together. She would clean up Gotham lmao

Not really the crime and corruption in Gotham is I think too much for WW. It would drive her crazy.

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@heavenlydarkdragon said:

Well I wouldn't say that it's boring, just outdated.

Superman needed someone that not only could understand what's it like to have powers, to have the responsability that he has, but most important someone that he can be with and not have to be always careful. I honestly in very few ocasions looked at Clark and Lois relatioship and could relate to it. Because he has all of those powers he could never be himself with someone that is just normal. The same way he couldn't be with Lana Lang.

Now. Wonder Woman is more his type, and she adds positive things to his life. Not only has a companion and a lover, but also in how she sees the world. He needs her and she needs him. They balance each other. Something that Lois could never do.

To me the Clark and Lois stuff should stay has it is, they're best friends, and that's enough. They could even in future issues have her discover that Clark is Superman (when she's no longer brainiac controlled, and with those psychic powers). And explore their friendship after that revelation. But those two getting together... Please no!

Clark and Lois are friendzoned and should stay that way for the next years.

It's Kal-El and Diana time to create something new, something we've never seen before.

Do you think Clark and Lois eventually should get together after a long time?

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@highlyevolved said:

While I agree with you, I think it is at least better than Wonder Woman/Clark.

Not really, Superman finally has more of a equal and a contrast to his pacifism with sheer willpower to boot.

Part of what draws a lot of people to Superman is that despite all his power he views humanity as his equal. He is not above them. So him dating a woman on his power level, with attraction based on that fact ruins that part of him.

And a contrast to his pacifism, that is Lois in a nutshell.

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In the Wonder Woman chapter of the game Raven mentions that Superman's actions will lead to Trigon coming to Earth. I think that it will be eventually reveled that Trigon was somehow involved with Lois's death and Metropolis's destruction. That he was in league with the Joker, so that Superman's use of fear will lead to his invasion of Earth. This is how the Joker knew to kidnap Lois and how gained the bomb. Plus the Joker showed Superman no fear when he died. I think Trigon agreed to resurrect him.

Here is the link. Go to 3:37