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@arthurkerr: yeah he is cool he 's almost the first hero you think of even when you are not into fiction. But make kryptonite, magic usesless towards him. Then there is no story. Just an invicible alien raised on earth .which also removes lex from the equation. I mean it's why doomsday is popular the thing that killed superman. People learn not to take him for granted. Plus it's the reason villans exist to take advantage of weaknesses

Well I think it is time for Lex to be the good guy and other villains step up to the plate. I mean Lex truly shined in Smallville and the team would be pretty good. I just wanted Clark to say hey I am a Alien I came from another planet can we get past that. In Smallville Lex was searching for answers a bad father all the people using him for money and did not trust the Luther name. So here is Johnathan Kent the town good guy and he fails Lex as well does not even put the effort into it he should and always tells Clark he is meant for something better. Clark has a good soul his actions would rat him out on being meant for something better not the idea that you have read the comics and you know he becomes Superman. I mean Johnathan has the ability to save Lex and Clark and if he was that mad with Lionol Luther he would have tried harder and said look what I have done I went and showed Lex the proper way to live. To say grace before a meal to embrace those around you to know right from wrong and when you can lift people up and let them fly.

So maybe the great story that they just barely missed on in Smallville can still happen when they redo the show. I would do it every few years because you can just about go anyplace with it. Say to the fans we took notes we are going back and this time..You will be amazed at what happens when a boy can fly.

Show Clark explore the world , Show Chloe become Lois and show Diana as well and her trials and tribulations on the island. Maybe even show Bruce and they can travel together and learn together and forge a great friendship. The treo doing what they do best.

I mean what could it hurt.

Amazing is not just a word you can use for Spiderman.

Why give Lois the traits from Chloe that you like.

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I say Diana dumps Clark and be with Lois to piss him off XD

I would love that but that would break the internet.

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Women that I know — especially my wife — would not be just fumbling all over themselves because of this guy

His wife is lying to him. 99% of women would **** his **** in public INCLUDING his wife. Hell, i would do it.

Exactly, women are still like that.

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Quotes taken from another site.

Personally, I think that she shouldn’t get into any kind of romantic relationship with Clark Kent ever again. Ever. It’s just too damn easy. Finding out who he is should irritate [her] to no end. I think, to make her different, you have to make her completely independent of any cliché ever written about this female character, because she’s original female heroine. And there is no way of doing anything original with her unless you take what everybody else expects her to do and don’t do it. If she decides to be a bitch, let her be a bitch. That’s her prerogative, because Clark is a doofus. [Laughs] She should call him an “asshole,” when she finds out he’s Superman. And there should be no romantic involvement. She should also be running the Daily Planet. In the 1940s, sure, she could have said, “Ooh. You’re my big, strong superhero.” But screw that. We don’t do that anymore. It’s time for her to say, “You lied to me, you bastard. I should have known. And how come I couldn’t tell it was you with your glasses on?” [Laughs] “I’m so stupid. You look exactly the same.”

She should find somebody else, and Clark should get jealous — and that’s the way it should be. She should have no interest in Clark. Everybody assumes that these two characters are going to get together, and that’s counter to what I think that we should be doing.


Honestly I can't wait went some writer gives this speech when talking about Wonder Woman's relationship with Superman.

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Anyway, I hope not, Yang wrote a story involving Lois Lane where she wasn't forced in and the writer didn't have Superman acting like a girl because he wasn't with Lois.

I'm actually intrigued by Lois Lane, for once.

Turning her: into a cape chaser, again, will ruin Truth's attempt to make her more than just a romantic interest.

By making her into an antagonist?

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@saintwildcard said:

@darkman61288: *sigh*. I'm gonna take it easy one you.

Also Diana still would remember her and Clark dating and would have deal with the fact they are no longer.

What is messed up about this statement?


Let me give you a clue. I don't like Batman, but I wouldn't write him as an idiot to make Superman look better. I don't like Lois, but I wouldn't write her as a *female dog* just because. Get it?

I am not saying she would a psycho ex girlfriend I am thinking more like she be depressed.

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When I saw the title I was thinking something completely different. ; )

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It is hinting more likely that Lois did it to protect Superman. I am still thinking that Lois did it because she felt that the world needed a Superman thus with him Super flaring his powers she felt the world was endanger.

After Superman # 41 i am starting to think the same thing.

Me too. I thought since B/S it was something like that but Romita's interviews made it look like she did it just for the fame.

Romita may have said those things as a marketing tactic, in order to create hype.

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@darkman61288: *sigh*. I'm gonna take it easy one you.

Also Diana still would remember her and Clark dating and would have deal with the fact they are no longer.

What is messed up about this statement?


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My idea is that Pre Flashpoint Superman, Lois, and baby arrive on Earth 0 due to an multidimensional villain attacking Earth 0. The Supermen merge together in order to combat this threat which is defeated. The Lois's also merge. This creates a new history. The new Superman is a composite of both Supermen having New 52's cockiness but Pre 52's experience. Lois and him are married with a baby. Lois is more in line with Smallville season 11's Lois but can be ruthless when it comes to protecting her family. She would kill to protect Clark's id with no regret. Also Diana still would remember her and Clark dating and would have deal with the fact they are no longer.