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What is your dream team for the Trinity? In other words who would you like to have write, edit, and draw Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman if you could control who did? And reasons why.

I would like:

Bruce Timm for Batman as Editor and writer with Tony Daniels as artist. Timm headed what probably is the greatest adaption of a superhero ever. ( Batman TAS) And he should have a shot of being Batman's guy in charge.

Brian Q. Miller as writer for Superman with Jae Lee as artist. BQM wrote Smallville Season 11 which is view by many as the best Superman title out there. His treated Superman mythos with create respect and gave many characters their due. For Lee I like his art.

My dream team for WW is funny that we will see part of it soon. I would like to see Morrison be WW head writer. Which will see soon. Morrison is what I think the best writer in comics today would give Diana a great story. Also for writer I would like to see Greg Capullo as WW artist.

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Actually that battery theory is a little outdated. Sure, writers still use it, but its nowhere near close to anything we can call true. Even by comics standards.

There's already two theories to how his powers work. One more known the other mostly shared by close circles of Superman fans. Either way I've already explained both of them in other posts and because they take up a lot of time to explain I'm gonna skip that.

So basically this is how it works for a kryptonian. Once exposed to the light spectrum of a star above M class (red ones) a kryptonian physiology starts a process that makes them gain enhanced abilities. So much so, that in G class star, also know has a yellow-white star, their powers reach almost godlike levels. And in more upper classes of stars not only do their power increase in magnitude but they also gain new abilities.

In previous versions that increase depended on the kryptonian having that type of star to sustain that increase, has soon has they returned to a G class star their any increase would disappear with time. But now in the New 52, with the character H'El we've learned that if a kryptonian his exposed long enough to those more powerful classes of stars, their powers can become permantely increased. Seen when H'El even on Earth he had powers that far surpassed that of Superman or any kryptonian, and when H'El returned to the past when Krypton hadn't still blown up, even tough he was exposed to Krypton's red sun he didn't loose any of his powers. He was just has powerful has before, and no matter how much time passed his powers never disappeared.

Has for Superman how much time he can sustain his powers without the presence of a G class star depends on the version of Superman. In pre-flashpoint he could sustain them for weeks or even months. Again has I said it depended on the version, and of course the fact that he didn't exposed himself to red sunlight. In the New 52, things are a little more tricky. When he was training with Dr. Shay Veritas in her facility close tothe center of the Earth, he was able to use a machine that simulated the entire mass of the Earth for 5 straight days, without taking breaks, and no yellow sunlight. And he only stopped because he had already spent to much time training and had to return to his normal life/duties. After he faced Brainiac when he was infected by the doomsday virus, and sent both of them into a black hole, not only was he able to leave the black hole but it took him two months to return to Earth, from wherever he had exited. That means he spent at least two months without any sunlight ad still had enough power to travel through the stars to reach Earth.

One can theorize that maybe the New 52 Superman has long has he's not exposed to red sunlight he can possibly sustain himself indefinitely in outer space.

The thing about him escaping the black hole that bothered me the most was that due to the black hole's gravity affect on spacetime anywhere between hundreds and thousands of years should of gone by by he time he got out of it.

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I recently re-read the wedding album and now i'm sad :'(


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@papinacho: Well considering that they fucked up Superman/Wonder Woman, I don't think there is a high chance of Batman/Wonder Woman being handled well. Isn't the goal behind Superman/Wonder Woman relationship just to increase sales and attract more readers? also, is it that difficult to write an interesting romance for Superman/Wonder Woman?

Yeah but Batman is more popular than Superman. So it would have a bigger impact.

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@theasteroidfromspace: These are fictional characters. If the writers want to have Clark and Lois have babies then they have babies.

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@farkam said:

I thought Supes was with Diana D:

In the New 52. Anything Prior with Lois.

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It is Batman's solo book.