The Superman Lois Lane Appreciation Thread

Lois Lane's romance with Superman is one of the most iconic parts of the Superman Legend. She has been there since Superman's debut. To not have them become a couple is an act against the very foundation of the characters. They will always be the real power couple.

This romance with Wonder Woman should only be a temporary thing. She is a character whose similarities with Superman make the romance boring and possibly damaging to her independence.

So fans of the classic couple please support it.

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This is what someone who says they saw the movie said about Lois in Man of Steel:“The VFX were very realistic and the music was perfectly correlated to the action. You really sympathized with Clark and saw his character evolved. I will definitely bring my kids to see it. No, it didn’t seem dark at all. Just made Superman feel more like the earth’s first alien. Krypton was the epitome of science gone overboard. Lois is much stronger and heroic and an equal partner, as opposed to a damsel in distress. None of it was scary like Dark Knight or HP.”

This is the link.

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I have no doubt that the pair of Superman and Lois Lane soon resume.Unfair that such a significant figure as Lois was in fact ignored.

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I wonder, if because of Man of Steel, will the comics start reflecting the Superman/Lois relationship.

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@theonea7: Most definitely. Movie adaptations usually have big influences on the comic books.

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Miss the old relationship

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@darkman61288: Thank you for doing the right thing by starting a separate thread. Hopefully, now the SM/WW thread will stop being trolled by some :)

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Did you see who are on the DC Comics Facebook page?

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These is the words from Scott Snyder on Lois and Clark in Superman Unchained:

The comic brings Lois Lane back into the picture. Should Superman/Wonder Woman shippers be concerned?

SS: Without giving anything away, you could read it for the soap opera for the fun of it to see what happens because they do have a connection, Superman and Lois. And that will never go away. But mostly I wanted to do a book where Lois had a big part because she inspires Superman so tremendously. She’s kind of his human counterpart. She’s always trying to do the right thing and pursue the truth even if there is great peril to herself. They have a connection that goes beyond the fact they want to hook-up or get together, which they do want to, but also they have a deep admiration for each other and that’s part of what the story is about. Lois has a big investigative journalism plot which plays a key role in every issue.

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I love Jl8. This moment put a smile on my face after everything that happen

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They have a connection that goes beyond the fact they want to hook-up or get together, which they do want to, but also they have a deep admiration for each other and that’s part of what the story is about.

Did he just take a shot at SM/WW?

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So what do you all think of the character assassination in the last two Superman issues?

First Lois betrays Clark by planning to reveal his identity "as soon as she gets out of the coma" and then Superman betrays Lois by letting Parasite have his way with her in hopes that she'll forget his secret identity. In effect Superman becomes an accessory to Parasite mind-raping Lois.

Sounds like Lobdell and Berganza are trying to completely destroy any relationship Clark and Lois ever had or will have. It's so bad I'm considering dropping Superman altogether at least until Geoff Johns takes over.

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Best Youtube comment-I didn't know Lois Lane was made of b-tchtonite!

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I love Yale Stewart!! This is so cute. Also like the one where he showed Bruce/Alfred's relationship that was good.

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Can we lease let this die out.