Is It me or is DC going to do another Time Jump.

I got this feeling that DC is going to do another time jump after Trinity War. There are things in the comics that I think are a setup for it. Look at the Batman series, Alfred might be dead, Daiman was shown to be as Batman of the future, and Batman might kill the the Joker. It not just Batman that I get this. It is the pace of the stories one big storyline after another. Also look at the power couple, it is developing pretty fast, eh. It is a setup for a time jump everthing is.

But what will the future hold? Will the child of Lois Lane and Jon Carroll be the love of the child of Superman and Wonder Woman?(Which would a smack in the face to SM/WW shippers.) Will Daiman be an outcast in the superhero world? Will he have a sibling? Or how far will it go?

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