Crisis on Infinte Earths? problems

Where there any problems that DC had with COIE like they had now with the New 52? I been reading a lot of complaints towards the the New 52. Like constant creative team changes or titles being canceled left and right or writers leaving DC and trashing it. I wasnt born yet. So I would know if this is common with a reboot or is this a sign that the New 52 is not as successfull as COIE?

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Titles are launched and titles die and reboots abound whether there are universe reboots like coie or not. Coie reboot was pretty successful and led to solo titles for less popular characters Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Hawk and Dove, Spectre, Dr Fate, Starman, Atom, etc. The New 52 reboots also created momentum to launch solo titles for less popular characters like Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Hawk and Dove, Mr Terrific, Static, Omac, I Vampire, Blackhawks, Diah H, plus some Wildstorm properties like Stormwatch, Grifter, etc. Problems created by reboots are easily fixed by more reboots or retcons.

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The biggest problems that came out of the Crisis on Infinite Earths regarded characters that no creative team had laid immediate claim to, resulting in inconsistencies in usage once the new continuity was established. No character suffered worse from this than Hawkman. Hawkman and Hawkwoman joined Justice League International , with their pre-crisis history and continuity intact. Then Tim Truman wrote Hawkworld, which changed everything. From that point on, Hawkman and Hawkwoman followed the Hawkword continuity, despite the fact that it completely conflicted with their characterization and earlier post-crisis appearances in Justice League International. In general, though, DC had a clear plan for their main characters, which they stuck to until they tweaked it with the Zero Hour changes.

The "New" 52 reboot has been astonishingly unstable. It's unfathomable that a publishing company like DC would would follow such a scattershot approach to their entire line of titles... yet they are.

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New 52 reboots are great bec. it is adventurous and dc used the momentum to launch titles in other genres like Western, Men of War, G I Combat, Sword of Sorcery, Threshold, etc. Whatever continuity problems created were worth it and easy to fix.

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This is the worst reboot so far. DC has won the Superman lawsuit and could "undo" the New 52 right now if they chose.

My guess is they fear appeals and won't undo it and will forge ahead with the new 52.

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@chalkshark: @colonyofcells: Ok but a lot of those titles that you mentioned in the new 52 got or is getting canceled. Also I think DC is being too adventurous and fast which will lead to another reboot early. Examples include the Superman/Wonder Woman how it is going to greatly impact the DCu, the WTF thing they doing in Apirl, the Trinity War, and things like possibly killing the Joker and Alfred for good. This will force another reboot. Especially if they are viewed negativily.

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@turoksonofstone: I hate it too. They should of started everybody at the start of their careers like Post Crisis. No crossovers between heroes till after the JL forms which would after 5 years after reboot. What else i dont like about it? Oh if you have ever read my other posts than you know I dont like the power couple. So many things I dont like about it.

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I hear you. I agree that a true reboot would have been better Post Crisis.

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Reboots will become uneven as the years go by bec. the cancelled titles or unpopular titles will get reboots earlier than others so you can't really get everyone on the same reboot starting line. Batman tends to get less frequent reboots and less severe reboots and this was true for both post coie and post flashpoint.