Is it time for DC's New Age?

I recently had a great realization of a great truth that DC needs new heroes. They need them because Marvel, their biggest rival, is being so successful because their heroes are newer. This is most true in film, where Marvel is being extremely successful. People are seeing their movies because of the fact they are newer.

What DC should do is have heroes be the stars if you will. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman , Flash and others need to be puton the backburner. This would allow new stories and ideas to enter the readers minds. The New 52 is nothing a reuse of old ideas and storylines from past. Hell, Thrones of Altantis is basiclly adapting a JL episode called " Enemy Below." The so called power couple is not original and is an act of desperation. It is a novelty that is going to wear off. Other stories like H'el on Earth, and Nightof the Owls are just generic Superman and Batman stories. DotF is a reuse of ADitF.

What new heroes DC should do? Well for one how bout a series about cops in a city without a superhero who battle supervillans. Another idea is take allready exsisting character like Lois Lane and her or them into spies.

I dont mean to make waves but DC has to innovate. Nothing they have done is an innovation. Now dont get me wrong I still love Batman and Wonder Woman but they should pushed a litle to the side. Tell me what you think.