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I posted a comment on CBR's Superman and Wonder Woman pairing thread in the Superman forum. What I typed and what I thought were two different things, apparently. What I though was a good critism of the pairing apparently looked it I was trolling WW. In retrospect It kind of does but that wasnt my intent. Here is what I typed:

I hate the pairing. To me it sends the wrong message.

Here you have a successful career woman. Not just a successful career, who is

so successful at such a young age. She is a prize winning reporter and a

producer of an award winning show all before the age of 30. In the real world

she would be called Wonder Woman. And not only had that she married the prefect

man. A Superman. But now she is going to lose him to a woman with big breasts,

who wears skimpy outfits, and just all style no substance. That is sending a bad


I was trying to say that the pairing is a bad

idea because to the noncomicbook fan it states that a successful career woman

like Lois Lane is not good enough for Superman a prefect man. That only a woman

like Wonder Woman deserves of a prefect man a prefect woman. A prefect woman

who in my honest opinion is overly sexualized for a character that is supposed

to represent feminism. But I just what I thought and what typed was different.

Because it came out according to other posters that I just bashed Wonder Woman. The all style no substance remark is how I think a) how she is written in JL and most stories in which the pairing is shown in, b) how the GP see her as.

Any way please respond.


the JL in Batman?

Does anybody think that the Justice League will appear in Batman's solo series? I think would be interesting to see them in it. Maybe helping him fight Ra's.


Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who hates those Channel 52 segments in DC's comics? To me they the most annoying piece of garabage I have ever read. All they seem to function as a way to push the power couple. They also ruin great characters and to them into self pardoies like Calender man. Instead they should use those pages for as a preview or somthing else.


Batman's Daughter

In the DCAU, one of it's most interesting characters was Ace of the Royal Flush gang. She a lot depth and her relationship with Batman was great. She was the most powerful meta on the planet but still was sweet. I think that she should appear in the DCu ,the Comics. And she should be Batman biological daughter. It would be ironic and interesting if that Batman a normal human fathered the most powerful being on Earth. She would also could the Batman's plan to stop Superman's and Wonder Woman's kids as she would be more powerful than them. (I for the record hate the power couple so I dont want them to have kids but if they do than she is their weakness.) Oh by the way Ace's powers were reality manupuation and she cause people to go insane.


plot for a WW prequel movie?

I had this idea for a WW prequel to the live-action WW movie. It centers around Hippolyta and the Amazons over 3000 years ago. I also took some liberties with Wonder Woman and the Amazons origins:

Thousands of years ago, Hera the Queen of the Gods ,angered by her husband's Zeus many affairs, had one herself with a mortal man. She gave birth to two girls. She named them Hippolyta and Antiope. Zeus, ever a hypocrite, got angered by this and killed the man. Hera then left her daughters to a nymph who raised them. 19 years later the girls were grown women. Hippolyta was the strongest in both body and heart. Antiope while skilled in the art of fighting, tagalong on her sister's adventures. During their travels, the two sisters across an army traveling towards a shrine to Ares the God of War. Traveling with them was ten thousand women who capured by the army. The women came all sorts of places. Hippolyta angered by the women's treatment decides to free them. So during the night as the wicked army slept, the sisters snuck ito their camp and freed the women. They then stole the army's weapons and killed them in a firece battle. After the battle, the women decided to call themselves Amazons and named Hippolyta their leader.

The Amazons contuined to travel, adding more women to their army. One day they came across another army, numbering around 15000. The army led by a man named Anacles was on its way to attack a stronghold of an army loyal to Ares. They are at war with him because the God of Wars armies attacked their homeland and destoryed it. The dark army then killed most of the women including Anacles's wife and daughter. Some of the women were taking as slaves. it turns out that some of the Amazons are those women and are reunited with their husbands. Hippolyta decides to join with them. The army of men and women sucessfully attack and take the stronghold. They contuine to wage a war against Ares and are successfull at everybattle. Hippolyta then falls in love with Anacles and he falls in love with her. As a token of love Analces gives Hippolyta a magic crystal necklace with some his blood in preseved forever. In fact most of the Amazons have taken husbands. Antiope and a few other Amazons refuse to. They still dont trust men.

Hippolyta and Anacles turn the stronghold they captured into a city. They name it Themyscira. One day a messaged came that a group of Ares men are attacking a small village loyal to Themyscira. Anacles decides to take this men to battle them. When they arrive they that Ares's men are numering much greater than Anacles expected. Plus Ares is leading them himself. Anacles and his men fight bravely but are defeated. Ares then marches on to Themyscira under diguse of being Anacles's men. They take the city and imprison the Amazons. He thens kills all the men and boys including Hippolyta's son with Anacles. The stress of this also causes Hippolyta to miscarry her second child.

Hippolyta prayes to her mother begging for help. Hera does just that. She gives the Amazons greater strength which allows the to break their bonds. They defeat Ares and his army. Ares is than imprisoned a tomb for all time. Hera then creates Paradise Island where can live protected from Man's world. The movie ends in the Late 20th century with Hippolyta mixing up some clay on the shore. She adds her blood and Anacles's blood from the necklace into the clay. She then makes a baby from it which and brings to life. She names the child Diana.


Crisis on Infinte Earths? problems

Where there any problems that DC had with COIE like they had now with the New 52? I been reading a lot of complaints towards the the New 52. Like constant creative team changes or titles being canceled left and right or writers leaving DC and trashing it. I wasnt born yet. So I would know if this is common with a reboot or is this a sign that the New 52 is not as successfull as COIE?



It is getting close to Vday I been about different ficitonal romances that I would like to see. One of of them is a Superman/Catwoman romance. It is a pairing that has not been explored at. I am getting tired of the BatCat thing so I figured DC should try something new. It is a much more exciting pairing than the SM/WW one. So your thoughts.


The Fate of the DCCU is in the Man of steel's Hands.

According to articule on, the president of Warner Bros. studios stated that the DC Cinematic Universe depends on the success of the Man of steel. So if flops a Justice League film will not likey happen this decade or any other heroes other than maybe another Batman film. This shows how cautious DC and WB are. They took a risk with Green Lantern and it failed. And they are now cautious with their characters other than Batman.

I disagree with that thinking. If MoS does flop, WB should just try again to launch a DC Cinematic Universe. However use Batman, their tried and true character to launch it.

Any way here is the articule:

what do you think?


Is It me or is DC going to do another Time Jump.

I got this feeling that DC is going to do another time jump after Trinity War. There are things in the comics that I think are a setup for it. Look at the Batman series, Alfred might be dead, Daiman was shown to be as Batman of the future, and Batman might kill the the Joker. It not just Batman that I get this. It is the pace of the stories one big storyline after another. Also look at the power couple, it is developing pretty fast, eh. It is a setup for a time jump everthing is.

But what will the future hold? Will the child of Lois Lane and Jon Carroll be the love of the child of Superman and Wonder Woman?(Which would a smack in the face to SM/WW shippers.) Will Daiman be an outcast in the superhero world? Will he have a sibling? Or how far will it go?

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