Super Frites - Frites of steel

Does anyone else had eaten some "Super Frites" tonight? No? I love Superman and now i can eat something from him, Kryptonian Frites.

They were delicious, no amazing, no wait spectacular, no now i got it, ultimate superior!

The little bottom lines say:

super long

super crispy

super delicious

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Possible return of Legacy of Kain??? Yeah Baby :D

So, a few Minutes ago, i've read that Square Enix recently registered the domain, which possibly hints at Plans for a new Legacy of Kain Title.

And that would be AWSOME!!!! I freakin love the whole Legacy of Kain Series. Remember it? No? I do. I remember playing all the Titles over and over again, i remember how shocked i was when Raziel killed himself, or as he sacrificed himself for the greater good. I remember hunting my way through Nosgoth as Kain, defeating the Saraphan. I remember the Gameseries that featured the best Storyline and Characters ever in a Videogame. (The only Games that where as good as LoK were MGS or Silent Hill.)


Days of Future Past and Santa gets killed....

At last, i read X-Men Days of Future Past. Wow, one of the best Storys i've ever read. I know, it's old and bla bla bla, but you know what? Screw you, i've read it the first time. Got it to Christmas as a Gift.

Besides Days of Future Past, i've read the same Comicbook i read every Christmas, Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special. I love the old Lobo, before Lefield fucked him up in the new 52, thanks for that Rob ( <-- SARCASM!). I really hope that the Main Man can get back to his old Strength, bloody and an first class Asshole.

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Christmas present - SPOILER :D

I know what i get to Christmas. :D Yeah i know it allready, X-Men Days of Future Past, the old Paperback, finally, after so many Years i can read it. The two (i guess, not? whatever) Episodes from the 90's X-Men Animated Series are my Favorites.

Thanks my Roxxmachine aka the Girlfriend for that. Thank Jacob she's not on this Site, i can tell everybody what she gets. As a huge Fangirl of everything Symbiote related, she gets the whole Venom the Hunger Series.

Good Christmas this Year i would say. :D